I like this name, as well as all the other -den names.
Donkeys bray.
Even uglier than Zayden.
I dislike this name, but I think Brayden is the better spelling.
Braden Laughlin is a player on who naively thought he could become a 2000 rated chess player in just a few months.
I hate this name, and all of the other ones like it. Braylen, Jaylen, Bentley, Braden, Calen, Jayden, Jaden, etc... They're horrible names.
I don't think it's a bad name, but I hate that it's only popular because of the -aden suffix that so many people are obsessed with. It sounds a bit too young and immature for my taste anyway.
This spelling is good, but anything else is ridiculous.
Braden would be my favorite spelling of this name. Brayden's becoming quite popular, and I know someone named Bredan. Anyway, it's a nice name that sounds and fits well no matter how you spell it.
Waaay too trendy and sounds like "Braiding" as in "I'm braiding my hair." Yeah, that's masculine all right.

Sarcasm in case you missed it. Let's put an end to this dreaded aidan\aiden\ayden\aydan\adan and EVERY name that rhymes with it trend. They are all SO juvenile and immature. The first thing that I visualize with any of those types of names is of a modern day brat. The reason for that would be due to the fact that his mother is a young, inexperienced mom who doesn't know how to properly discipline a child or raise one. A type of mom who would yell at her kids in public as though she has no control over them even though they are actually being mindful, yet would baby them when they got into a tantrum.
Don't give your child a name that screams "Stereotypical teen doesn't know what she's doing."
The name Braden, when used as a personal name instead of a surname, means Salmon.
I think this is a God-awful name! D:
I LOVE the name Braden! So handsome and cute! And Brady is a cute nickname while he's younger. I usually don't like the -Aidan names, but I think Hayden, Braden, and Aidan have style and class and seem more "established" then the others, if that makes any sense.

Braden is one of the most hated -Aidan names, but I do still personally like it, and I prefer the spelling "Braden" to the most common spelling, "Brayden".
How desperate are people to come up with yet another name that rhymes with Aidan?

So desperate that after combing desperately through name books to find something that seems vaguely authentic, the best they could come up with is "son of salmon".

The ORIGINAL Bradan was, not a person, but the Salmon of Wisdom in the Finn mac Cumhaill legends of Irish mythology - an ordinary fish who ate nine magical hazelnuts from the Well of Wisdom and became filled with knowledge. By tasting just one drop of the oil the salmon was cooked in, Finn imbibed all the wisdom and was able to become the leader of the Fianna as a result.

So well done for calling your son after a magical fish. Would you have called him Magic Fish if the word didn't sound vaguely like Aidan? No you wouldn't.
Faddish form of Brian. Makes me think of 'braid trim'. When I picture the kind of mother who would name her baby 'Braden' (or any aiden name), I see a platinum blond preppy housewife who can't function without her blackberry and thinks her ford expedition is a 2-person vehicle. Trendy and brainless name, in other words. No offense, just my impression.
This name is the only -aden, -ayden, etc, name I can stand. I think that's because it wasn't completely made up in this century.

And, if you really wanted to name your son Braden, but you were afraid of him being one of the 900 Brayden's, you could always call him Brad, Den, or Denny for short.
This name would be okay if the whole "anything that rhymes with 'maiden'" trend didn't exist.
Nah, I don't get the "ooooh it's fecking Eyerish" love. I seriously doubt there's many Irish (as in BORN and LIVING in Ireland) males named Bradan pronounced BRAY den/din. If I'm wrong, may a beefy Leipreachán beat me around the head with his pot o' gold.

Seriously, Braden would make a great name for a donkey orgy. Braying in the den, braying in the den, hi-ho the derry-o they're braying in the den.
Well to all the negative comments above; this is a great name especially if you knew my brother. He is intelligent and awesome and this is NOT a trendy "another 'adin' name", it's an original from Ireland. This is a great name and it's not overly used which is one of my favorite things about it. Other than that it's a cool name.
There are a lot of -aden/-aidan names, but I love this one. Braden was my grandmother's last name.
I think this name is so cute, but unfortunately it's one of the -aden/-aidan names.
Ugh. I agree about all the *aden names. Each one might seem individual but *aden is just cheap and trendy.
Braydon is also an English placename/surname.
I adore this name, I think it's so cute. This is one name that I don't think I'll ever stop loving.
Braden is an awesome name for a boy. I like this Irish spelling.
Great name for a boy. Also like the spelling Brayden.
My brother was named Braden after my father, Bradford. It's perfect!
Argh! Too many boys have names which rhyme with -aiden. Put all the Aiden, Aidan, Ayden, Aden, Braden, Brayden, Caden, Caiden, Kaedin, Grayden, Hayden, Jaden, Jayden and Jaidens together and what do you get? A teachers' nightmare!
I love this name! There aren't a lot of people named Braden and it isn't so unique that it's overly used.

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