I wouldn't use this name because of Tom Brady.
Looks, sounds and smells like a soap opera name.
A little too surname-y for my liking. On a girl it’s pretty awful though.
I like this name because when I was younger me and my dad would watch The Brady Bunch while eating dinner (it really annoyed my mum and sister haha) and now I watch Pair of Kings where Mitchel Musso's character is called King Brady :)
I don't get it, everyone makes fun of my name they push me down lower and lower just so that they can feel more important, I don't like it when the other girls shout when I go into the girl's bathroom at school. I don't like it when the boys call me Brody. I love my name and I don't care if you think that my name is for a boy, I am a girl and my name is Brady.
My sister's name is Brady. It's an Irish girl's name, I hate how much people tease her because they don't understand, it's a beautiful name and she's a beautiful (boisterous) little girl.
I don't know about Brady being a masculine name. In fact my sister's name is Brady and the meaning of her name is spirited child.
Brady Farrar, 14 year old dancer that starred on the 8th season of "Dance Moms".
I like it as a girl name more than a boy name. There’s something about that just sounds kinda pretty but not feminine.
Brady is sexy, smart and cool.
Brady is the sexiest name on earth.
Sounds kind of dumb. Also reminds me of that overrated, cheating athlete that got and is getting way more than he deserves, a.k.a. Tom Brady.
I know 2 Brady's, and they pronounce it "Bray-dee".
Brady is the best name in the world all you haters if you had that name, would you say you hate your name or would you like the name?
I'm a girl named Brady. The only people who have ever made fun of me are old male teachers. It was inappropriate on all occasions. Kids have never made fun of it. I love my name, and I love my namesake, who was also a girl named Brady.
Brady Beeson is an American football placekicker for the Spokane Empire of the Indoor Football League. He grew up playing hockey, cross-country skiing, soccer, and track and field. He graduated from Apple Valley High School in Apple Valley, Minnesota.
Best name in the whole world.
My son's name is Brady and it's adorable. Like one user commented, it sounds like a handsome boy with dirty blonde hair and green eyes and this is my adorable, 14-year-old autistic son. It just rings of the all-American, boy next door.
The Brady Bunch association will never go away. Aside from that, it doesn't sound very nice; more like the name of a dumb teenage jock than a respectable grown man.
I know a female named Brady.
When I think of Brady, I think of an attractive, strong, athletic boy with sandy blond hair and green eyes. I like the name Brady :) haha.
I hate this name. It always makes me think of The Brady Bunch, especially my least-favorite member, the annoying Jan Brady.
My neighbor, who is a a big New England Patriots fan, named his puppy Brady after Tom Brady, the quarterback. The puppy is insanely cute, but now (not that I would ever have named someone this before) I can only think of dogs and the television show, the Brady Bunch.
Ew, this name on females?! It sounds moronic enough on males! When I hear the name Brady, I think of a dimwitted, obnoxious guy. Boy, do I feel sorry for girls with this boyish name, even for the tomboyish ones. They'll grow up, and the name is going to sound ridiculous on them, no matter how androgynous or even masculine they are.
There is a boy in my school named Brady. Everyone teases him by calling him "The Brady Bunch" and "The Brady Loser".
To think the name means "Big Chested", and so many boys are named this! I still find it really cute!
Brady Hobbes is "character" from the TV show "Sex and the City". The parents are Miranda Hobbes and Steve Brady.
Maybe not so "famous", but one of the characters on the show "The Tribe" was named Brady, after her mother Trudy and her uncle Bray.
I don't like this name, I think it sounds whiny and irritating.
It's a surname.
To me when I hear the name Brady I think of some sort of badboy rebel person. Then again, all the Bradys I've known are!
I read somewhere that it means "spirited."
Very boring and becoming too trendy.
Brady Quinn, Heisman nominated quarterback for Notre Dame, has this name.
In the medical field, "brady" -- pronounced just like the name -- is an abbreviation for bradycardia, which is a slowing of the heart rate (common with premature babies).
I've heard it used as a nickname for Braydon too.
Matthew Brady was a famous civil war photographer.
Spunky and cute name!
Brady is a great name for a boy, it sounds smart, fun and handsome.
Not exactly famous, but Brady was the name of Miranda Hobbe's baby in Sex and the City.
Tom Brady is the quarterback for the New England Patriots.
Wayne Brady is a very funny comedian with this surname.
"The Brady Bunch" was a T.V. show from the '70's. Also Brady is the name of a family on the soap "Days of our Lives."

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