I think Brandy is a beautiful name, frankly. It's definitely got that appealing southern charm about it, which I love. I don't care at all that it shares its name with an alcoholic drink, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Also, I'm sorry, but anyone calling it a “stripper name” is just straight-up dirty minded. People are going to sexualize anything, but that shouldn't take away the beauty of a gorgeous name, like Brandy.
Hideous millennial name.
I know it's alcohol but it gives me more of a "hobbit sitting in front of the fireplace telling stories and sipping Brandy while the autumn leaves are falling" vibe than a "drunk" vibe. Alcohol is part of many cultures and rituals after all and Brandy seems like more of an armchair and fireplace drink than a getting drunk sort of drink.

I like it and it gives me a warm, autumn vibe.
I don't like Brandy on its own but I like it as a nickname for Brittany.
I am named Brandy, I might be the oldest Brandy in the USA we think. I didn't know another Brandy until 1981. I was born in 1974 Brandy by Looking Glass was my dad's favorite song while he was in the air force during the war. I used to hate the name but I like it better than my middle name and I like the song. Plus mom and dad matched my sister's name to mine. Her name is Bourbon. So we got teased some. But is a nice name.
Who would wanna name their child after an alcoholic drink?! They want their child to get drunk or something? Anyways, that's just my opinion.
The name isn’t the worst name I ever heard as far as alcoholic drinks. Could’ve been worse really. Anyways, Brandy the singer is a good namesake.
Would be legendary. Never be ashamed of your name. It would be like howling at the moon.
I like the name. Amazing and powerful.
Well this ought to be fun. So, my name is Brandi Crystal, Born in the 80s, Florida. My mom and dad both named me. Before I comment on these comments, here's my 2 cents... Let me say this: It is never okay to insult a name or the one bearing it. What does it truly matter whether you find a name appealing or not? Some of the comments I read above mine are just ignorant and it's just degrading. Everyone is entitled to opinions, it's just unfortunate that we weren't all raised to be human, but to be some zombified, keyboard warrior, who has nothing better to do than insult others to make themselves feel better. Funny thing is karma will never allow those who lack empathy or compassion (non humanitarian) to be happy, so who knows why people are so uneducated and mean. Anyhow, my mom loved crystals and my dad loved booze. Almost sounds like some of the ignorance above... My dad never drank Brandy, he just drank to drink. Not really sure, he was never around. My mom raised me. But I do remember comments about my name and ignorance with its meaning, never bothered me too bad. I know that it's an opinion and it only matters if I decide it matters. I just went along with 'well my dad was a drinker, so my first, middle and last name is one drink' because I was smart enough to realize that it ended up that way. Honestly I have no clue exactly why I was named my name, but hella glad they did. Regardless what others think I love my name and I love me. Everyone loved the song Brandy. My granny used to sing it to me along with so many others growing up and still today. Like it or not, the name given at birth is part of you and I must say that being named Brandi is amazing. I am thankful because I was almost named after my Nanny (gm). I love her name. My name does not define me of course. It is who I am though. I never thought of really changing the spelling, but once in awhile I would get bored like anyone else and sign with Brandie in middle and high school... I liked the spelling. I knew a few people named Brandy and I don't know... All I can say is we're human. Be you, be true. I'm no stripper I mean, not saying I couldn't have been... Thankfully I never had a desire to do the dirty work. Lol I did construction, that's seemed a little more my style. My opinion on the name outside of it being my name, I would rate it high and like to see it come back. True definitions verses ignorance/stupid opinions? Your choice. I literally only heard 3 or 4 references of 'Oh it's an alcoholic beverage', well the beverage was named after something else before it even existed and the singer, who I grew up listening to and that it stands for strong, athletic etc. And finally a stripper- that's just dumb. Never met one but maybe it's because she's athletic and had a rough upbringing or maybe she likes to put herself out like that. Jealousy stems here it seems like. No other way to explain it. There is enough insecurity causing jealousy things these days, with girls being fake as F and not letting their true beauty shine. Don't allow yourselves to be insecure about a name given to you because you are you. For sure. Those Brandi's who talk about changing names must have some weak aspects in their natal. Those who don't mind me not getting all upset about it get it. Which is absolutely crazy, because I just so happen to be, lol. Love who you are and learn to if you don't! Peace ✌.
Here's how I got the name Brandy, and how it was spelled until I changed it almost totally. I was named after a stripper in the movie Any Which Way But Loose by the bartender in the movie who was the best friend of Brande who named herself that stage name because "she was as smooth as a glass of Brandy." Only my mom thought she'd be creative and change it up a bit. My original spelling was Bran'Dee Lynnelle. Yeah... That was fun growing up. Kids used the apostrophe as a *hiccup* sound. Now I'm just plain ole Brandee.
Too tacky of a name, and to me, it sounds somewhat masculine. I actually thought this was a boy's name the first time I heard it. Plus, it's the name of an alcoholic drink.

Imagine a 60 year old woman named Brandy.
It is rather amusing to see everyone just associating it with liquor or stripper or a rather younger singer. What some of you don't realize is that in 1972 Looking Glass came out with the song named Brandy. A lot of people named their children after that. There was also a John Wayne movie named Hatari where the lead character was named Brandy... I think maybe before you get negative you should have some common sense to do research on a name.
Seriously, what the heck is wrong with people? So... my name is named after an alcohol. My mom had a sense of humor. 5th kid, served in 5th's. A website to search one's name and folks are so bored with their lives, they want to insult others, and bring them down. It's rather pathetic. What name doesn't have something bad associated with it? Like Kay. When I think of that name, I think of a wimpy girl. Someone that lets guys just walk all over them. See how that seems? Rather childish. We were given the name we were given. Relish in it. Ignore the pathetic folks who feel the need to insult others. Let me redefine the name Brandi... Powerhouse.
I used to be obsessed with this name and swear I was naming my child Brandy when I was little! Because I was obsessed with the singer. It's still a nice name but I'm way over it now.
Yes, it does sound a bit nicknamey but you can't deny it's cute. I find it gorgeous and love the singer Brandy.
Umm, this is the name of an alcoholic drink. Even if it wasn't, it doesn't sound very pretty to me. Brandi is even worse.
I like this name. Something cute about it.
Wow! I didn't know so many people hated this name. I like it.
I wouldn't use this name on my daughter. Not even that some consider it to be a slutty/stripper name, but I wouldn't want to name my daughter after a type of hard liquor. Honestly though, it would make a fine name for a cat or dog, male or female.
I didn't care for my name growing up. My mom had a sense of humor. Brandi (y) is served in 5th's and I was the 5th child born. It's quite funny, because she never drank, nor did my father... However, I grew to really like it. I was the only Brandi in school, from kindergarten through high school. I never have to wear a name tag at reunions. In fact I always joke around about my name, saying I was the original Brandi, as I have never met a Brandi older then myself. I like the uniqueness. I was 12 the first time I ever met another person named Brandi. Many Brandi's I know are smart, funny, athletic, and strong. In fact, my last name gets mixed up quite often with Brandi Chastain... I am Brandi Mastain.. I'm the only one person in the US that has my name, both maiden and married. Pretty cool.

Anyway.. it's not mean to name a person Brandi. I've lived with it for over 50 years.
Did u ever think that maybe parents aren't naming their children after the alcoholic beverage, but instead after the song...!? That's what I was named after, my mother loved Looking Glass, the band that performed the song "Brandy"... you're a fine girl, what a good wife you would be. Maybe some of you should do a little more research before jumping to the obvious conclusion. It also means Greek Goddess and/or Princess in Greek mythology.@Theoriginalbrandi I loved what you had to say! :-)
I think Brandy is a cool name, and not just because it's my name. I really like the name because it isn't commonly used where I live. I like the name Brandy because to me, it seems like someone brave, smart, strong, caring, courageous. I do want to change my name, but not because it sounds like a stripper name or because it's the name of alcohol.
The name Brandy was given to 65 girls born in the US in 2015.
Brandy is an alcoholic beverage.
I'm glad to see that this name isn't on the charts.
I was always told the name Brandy (i, ie, ee) meant: "sweet" and or "foundation"/ "strong". I wish I could find the old book that had documentation on the meaning, but it is out there... my mother found it from a name book from England. So, the name essentially means something more positive than a drink - it actually defines character.
Honestly, I like this name. I've only met one Brandy in real life, known of a couple others. Didn't know it was the name of an alcoholic drink until now. I always thought it was a name suited for a cute, country girl, and it's really not all that common at all. If you happen to meet someone with the same name as you, it could just be a coincidence. Brandy is a fine name. I don't really think calling it a 'stripper' name is fair, like I'm sure there's a few strippers that have your name, and guess what, they're people too. It's not all that bad. And using the word 'slut' is just so overrated, how about guys get a name made up for them too? If you're going to group all Brandy's into one and tell them that they're all the same it's not worth reasoning with you.
I find it funny that so many people leaving comments about this name are experts on trailer parks and strip clubs.
Of all the names my mother had been considering for me before I was born, she decided to saddle me with "Brandy" forever. I really hate this name and have started to go by my middle name (which is only slightly better..) for the past few years. I mean, if I ignore the glaring alcohol/pornstar/white trash associations, maybe "Brandy" becomes kind of a cute sounding name in my head, but something about it is still just cheesy and cheap sounding to me. Funnily, I never met another Brandy growing up, even though I was born in a decade where the name was surging in popularity and lived in a trashy southern town.
My name is Brandy and I used to hate my name because my dad is an alcoholic and named me after his favorite alcohol. My name grew on me though because, well, it's my name. It's who I am. And why should the meaning of a name matter? Im 17 and I'm a straight A student, I was a cheerleader and I have an IQ of 144. If some people don't know how good that is it means I'm welllllllll above average. It means I'm a genius. And no I'm not lying. Still think I'm trailer trash? And just because the Brandy you met happened to be a female dog doesn't mean that all Brandy's are. My name has nothing to do with who I am as a person and that goes for all Brandy's.
Brandy is a probably one of the names that I dislike the most. I've met only one out of many "Brandy"s that I can tolerate. It's such a trashy name. It's up there with Crystal, Cherry, Tammy, and Mandy on my list.
This name is just as bad as Cristal and Chardonnay and it's way too common for my liking.
No offense to Brandy Norwood, but this name sounds trashy and unprofessional. Especially considering that this seems to be common for girls living in the trailer park.
Why not retire Brandy as a girl's name? How about using Brenda, Brianna, Bridget, Britt or Bronwen instead.
I agree that the name Brandy isn't given to their child because their parents were thinking of alcohol. Brandy is a beautiful name for a girl. No one actually names their child after a drink, they choose the name for the way it sounds, but unfortunately there is a really small percentage of strange people that would choose to name their child for the purpose of the alcohol reason but most of the time it's chosen for the way it sounds.
The word "brandy" actually comes from the Dutch word for "burnt". [noted -ed]
The original term for Brandy in English is "brandywine".

Brandywine is one of the major rivers of Middle Earth in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Its real name is Baranduin, which is Sindarin Elvish for "golden-brown river". The Hobbits call it Brandywine, a corruption of the word for "border water" in their own language which is then punningly turned into their word for "heady ale" due the river's colour. The Brandywine River is the border between the known and the unknown for the hobbits.
In Australia, "Brandy" is a ball game which is a form of tag. The person who is It has the ball, which they must then hurl at at another player as hard as possible. If they hit the target, the person they hit then becomes It.

The name is a short form of "branding", as being hit hard with a ball tends to leave a mark on the person as if they've been branded.

(Probably now outlawed in sissified schools as being too dangerous).
My name is Brandy, I like my name. My mother named me with it, to rhyme with hers, which is Mandy. When I was born she spelt it BrandY. But as I got older and got annoyed with my name, I started spelling it Brandee. Brandi, Brandie, and even Brandice. My friends eventually forgot even how I spelled my name originally. My middle name is Lynn so I ended up being nicknamed Brandilyn. I don't think that Brandy is named after just the liquor. Also, being named after a liquor does not make you a slut, stripper, etc. Brandy, is a beautiful name, that has more meaning to it than that. If you look at the name, you're not going to think of the alcohol, you're thinking of the name, they way it's spelled, the way it sounds, and the personality of the person being named it.
All you fools who think Brandy is a bad name are just narrow-minded. I'm sure none of you even ever met or came across a trashy slut named Brandy. The only Brandy I know is the American celebrity, and she is not even close to fitting the description. No one ever says I hate the name Mary or Anna because a famous whore has that name. To me Brandy is a cool name, that if given to a child, would be one the cool kids in school, and later grow up to be a smart, social, mature, sophisticated, proud adult... And for those who have an appreciation for fine wine and alcohol would be impressed with this name, not ridicule it... And those people are usually the classy ones.
Now please don't get the impression of a "classy whore"... Let's not blame the name for a persons upbringing.
I forgot to mention this one important fact: there are plenty of stripper and whores out there having common, non-alcohol related names. Brandy is the least on the list.
Brandy is nothing like a hookers name. Here are some good hooker names. They are: Candy, Star, Trixie, Crystal, Lola, Lusty, Boobarella, and Jiggalina. So how could an expensive beverage suit a cheap HO?
The name "Brandy" was NOT after the alcoholic drink! Most people think so, but it actually means "Big heart" and "Love". I don't know where it came from. (And my name is not Brandy, it's Noreen).
My name is Brandi and I have come to dislike my name when I really think about it. It is kinda trashy. I think most people think of it as a stripper or pornstar name anymore. Which is unfortunate for all of us with this name out there who want to be viewed as classy ladies. I honestly think people (especially employers) view it with someone who's incompetent, unsophisticated, and a second class citizen. Apparently, my mom was going to name me Brandon. But being I turned out to be a girl, she picked Brandi instead. I wish she would have went with Rachel (the other name she thought of giving me). I never really got made fun of for having such a name, but I just don't like it. I have met people from all different socioeconomic backgrounds and with the name as well, so I don't think only trailer trash name their children this. I find it to be fairly uncommon as well. I went to a large school and was the only Brandi, y, ie, in my class and there was one other girl with it out of the entire high school. I did feel sort of special for having such an uncommon name =).
A snobby stripper name, and honestly, who wants to name their child after an alcoholic drink? It's trashy, and it sounds like you actually expected her to be a prostitute.
This is one of those quintessential white trash names, like Amber, Crystal, Jade, and Nevaeh. It's the type of name you give your daughter if you have no high aspirations for her. Spelling it Brandi or Brandee makes it even worse and tackier. I knew three Brandys, and they didn't fit the stereotype of the name, but I can't imagine it's easy to be taken seriously when you have a name that's a staple of the trailer park.
Brandy is a tacky and trashy name, and it should stay on the alcoholic beverage. Why would anyone want to name their kid after a drink?
You all ask why name your daughter after a drink? It is a drink but it is also a very old name. Brandy was first made in 1300. There are worse names like Adolf or Judas.
I think it's cute but I wouldn't name my kid after an alcoholic beverage.
I think it is a good name. I can see people saying, "Why would you name your daughter after an alcoholic drink?" I understand why people think that, but the name has become so prominent that the association with alcohol is hardly even there anymore. And I think it is prettier sounding than Beer or Miller of Corona or something. :P
It's a sweet enough sounding name - but come on, people, SERIOUSLY. You wouldn't call your kids Beer, Wine, Guiness or Cider, would you? Brandy is a horrible curse to force onto your daughter. What if she turns out to be a wino?! That's almost as bad as naming someone who turns out to be emo "Happy"!
This name exploded in popularity in the '70's when "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)" came out.
My name is Brandy. I don't like it when people make fun of my name or insult it would you? I like my name because it's unique and beautiful. I am in school and people laugh at the meaning of my name but I simply just laugh too. Other people have worse names and I don't find Brandy to be a bad name. In fact, I love it. Brandy is actually Dutch. =]
I liked this name when I was 13, but growing up kind of made me realize that the name sounds quite tacky and even flat out trashy. It sounds cute in a way, but it also strikes me as a name trailer park folks and teen parents would saddle their poor daughter with. It doesn't sound very classy or sophisticated. This name could make it dificult for a woman to appear intelligent and competent.
I know six Brandy/Brandi/Brandie's just where I work! I know three others just in my personal life. This name is everywhere! I really dislike this name, it sounds so trashy, and it is so overused.
Brandy is a terrible name. Isn't it like naming your child after an alcholic beverage?
My mom picked out my name Brandy Lee when she was 13. Not because she likes the taste of Brandy. She actually hates Brandy as a drink but she loves the name. Don't dis the name because it's a drink.
I believe this name IS pretty, but I wouldn't pay too much attention to the meaning. I had a friend not too long ago, and her name was TEQUILA. She liked her name and was hardly ever made fun of. If you just drop the meaning for a moment and say the name, such as Brandy or Tequila, a few times, you may learn to like it more than you ever would have suspected. I love the name Brandy, and it is beautiful along with any person who has it.
This name rocks! And I'm not just saying that! No one I know has my same name, and I think it's cool to have a name that's unique. Besides, there are too many people with the same name. I agree, people who say bad things about this name are just jealous. =]
My name is Brandi and I have always loved my name. I think it's unique even if it's named after an alcoholic beverage. In school kids had always called me Beer or Rum to poke fun but I found it hilarious. Brandis should be proud of their name, everyone who hates on it is just jealous. ( ;
In Joan D. Vinge's story TIN SOLDIER, there is a male character called Branduin. Vinge has said that her story was inspired by the Looking Glass song "Brandy."
The song "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)" is about a girl named Brandy who's a bartender in a harbor town. All the sailors tell her she'd make a good wife, but they can't marry her because "my life, my love and my lady is the sea." Sounds about right.
Only a few people actually know who is the real creator and the actual story. The truth is, Brandy is real. She was a waitress in Pensicola Florida. A group of sailers in the navy started a band, playing at the restaurant that Brandy served at. She became good friends with the sailors. One night they were sitting around a fire drinking beer and that was when the song was written. The song was later published.
My name is Brandy and I grew up in Europe where obviously it's far from common, most people who didn't speak English just called me "Brenda". I loved it because it was uncommon. Then I moved back to the US, to the south. Not only were there some versions of Brandy always around, but in fact I graduated highschool with a girl that had the same first, middle and last name as myself and I have met two men with the name. It is too common for my liking and I've come to think of it as quite an ugly name.
I like the name Brandy because my Mom likes it but she never got to name one of her kids it so when I have kids I'm going to at least have my daughter with the middle name Brandy.
I met a girl whose name was Brandilyn. Not kidding. Brandy/Brandi is a horrible name as it is, but adding "lyn" to the end? Child naming has gotten WAY out of control.
Yes, why would you name your daughter after an alcoholic drink? It's like naming your son "Budweiser". Besides that, it's a total slut name in my opinion.
Im a Brandi and I strongly dissagree with hating the name, not just because I am a Brandi.
I have never liked this name whether it is spelt with a "y", "i" or "ie". I agree, why name your daughter after an alcoholic drink?
There's of course Brandy, the singer.
Perhaps the reason I find this etymology limitted is that I am a Brandy; however, numerous name-etymology works I have searched also list Brandy as a feminine of Brandon, which has its roots in the word "prince" (I believe from French, but I could be wrong). Thus, Brandy, in a round-about way would also mean "princess" or "female prince".
I just don't see why anyone would name their daughter after an alcholic drink. I certainly wouldn't.
I think the simple meaning of the name definitely fits my friend. Brandy is an alchoholic drink, I'm not aying that she drinks but the way a person acts when they are drunk, like they don't know what is going on and what not, fits my friend. She is always acting like an old drunk and trying to hide her feelings.

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