Brannon Braga is an American TV producer, director, and screenwriter. Most notable works are for the Star Trek franchise and a number of science-fiction television shows and/or documentaries as either director, producer, and screenwriter OR everything at once. He also had a hand in Mission: Impossible 2.
Since my name IS Brannon, I can definitely say that while it's an interesting one that nobody tends to hear, if you name your child Brannon, expect to be double checking every single piece of official paperwork you ever receive regarding them, for typos. (Like school registration forms and medical information.)

If I had a nickel for every time I'd been mistakenly called Brandon, or had some paperwork incorrectly filled out, in my name, I'd be filthy rich.
I named my son Brannon. I always loved this name, sounds very strong and it's not very common.

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