I had a friend named Breanna, and oh lord, I had so much trouble with her and the pronunciation of her name! She told me it was spelled like “Breonna”, but then she told her other friends it was spelled “Breanna”, and pronounced as Breonna. I had so much confusion I moved to another state. Anyways, the name has a lot of variables and I think it’s stupid, in other words, idiotic. Why have so many variants of a damn name when it’s all the same thang? I don’t get it. After all, this name is just a mess. But I think it’s cute. Also, I think “Brianna” and “Breanna” are separated because of race. “Brianna” sounds more of a white name, while “Breanna” is commonly seen in black girls. I prefer Breanna, though….
It's pronounced the same either way. All spelling variations of this name are equally bad. The end.
I think this name sounds polite, refined, and smart, though it is a bit hard to pronounce. I've also never met another person with this name in real life, so maybe it's rare.
I prefer Brianna, it looks way prettier.
Breanna, my name. I used to hate it cause it felt so unnatural. There were a few Brianna and a few Bryanna. I never understood how they could spell it Brianna. It will always be Breanna for me. It will never be Brea Anna either. Whoever says Brea Anna does not deserve to know me. It is only said like Anna, princess Anna. Aw-nah. Nicknames include Bre and Brea. And Bee.
I really don't like that spelling.
Breanna is the BEST NAME EVER. People who spell it with an "i" or only one "n" are blasphemers, and should seriously reconsider their life choices. The only people to spell it Briana or Brianna are snobs who think they are entitled and better than everyone else. As a Breanna, I am personally offended when people spell my name Brianna, Briana, Brienna, Brienne, Bryanna, or any of those disgraceful spellings. I am disrespected also by people who call me Bri"ahn"a. That is not the pronunciation. I have resorted to being called Bre because of all the distress it has caused me.
Another issue I have is that word documents always claim that my name has been misspelled. I think I know how to spell my own name. Please leave me and my name's spelling alone.
In short, Breanna is SUPERIOR to any other spelling. Thank you.
A friend in my band is named Breanna, and here's my opinion.
This name is absolutely great. It's a lot easier to say than most people make it and it sounds feminine.
Breanna Nicole Yde is an actress/singer known for voicing Ronnie Anne on “The Loud House” she also is known for “School of Rock”, and “Haunted Hathaway’s”.
I knew a few girls with this name all spelled differently. I think this spelling is okay, but I would stick with Brianna because that's the more common spelling.
In 2018, 14 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Breanna who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 621st most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
This is my name and I love it because it's unique. But the only thing I don't like about it is my teachers for like 3 weeks can't pronounce my name. I hope people start naming their kids this name because of how unique it is. I spell it Breanna.
The name Breanna was given to 358 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Breanna are female.
I find this name really pretty and nice to listen too. I prefer the spelling "Breannah" though, looks a bit more complete...
I love this name, pronounced just a little different than Brianna. Making it little softer in my opinion.
This is my name, I like this spelling better than Brianna, the i just makes me think of a popular snobby stuck-up shallow girl (although I'm sure there are some nice briannas out there). When I was little everyone called me 'Breanna Banana' which I hated and made an objection whenever people called me it and it eventually stopped. Most people call me Bre now, but my older sister calls me Bananas, Bananers, Naners and various other nicknames that have to do with bananas, so I dislike the fact that my name rhymes with banana. But all in all it's not a bad name and I think it fits me well.
I don't understand why some people don't 'get' the E instead of an I in Breanna. The names Brianna and Breanna are almost the same but the pronunciation is different.

Brian = Br-eye-an / Brianna = Br-eye-anna
Brean = Br-ee-an / Br-ee-anna

Personaly I like the name Breanna the most.
I'm sorry, I just don't like Brianna with an e.
Breanna Conrad was on Laguna Beach and is a sister of Lauren Conrad.
I don't get the e in Breanna and Breana. After all, it's the feminine form of Brian (no e). It just looks weird to me.
I hate the name Breanna, it just gets on my nerves!
I prefer the spelling Breanna as opposed to Brianna. What turns me off the name is someone I know with this name that I don't like too much.
I named my first daughter this name. Breanna Rose is her full name and she loves it, as do I. It bothers me when people pronounce it Breonna like there was an "o" instead of an "a". But to each his own.
To me this name sounds like it would fit a girl that's trendy, popular, but is still smart.

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