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This is a very good name and I say that it is a good name to use if you are having a boy.
Anomomomoys  3/20/2019
I know two Brennans. One is very loud and funny, while the other is quiet and kind.
lily_m1102  1/18/2019
There is a girl at my dance class named Brennan and I hate the name.
― Anonymous User  12/31/2018
Brennan, the name of one of the best people I have ever met in my entire life. It is such a unique name, and is a brilliant one.
KaylieOlivia  9/29/2018
Really like Brennan for a boy's name. Just doesn't fit a girl. Best to go with Bree or Breanna.
― Anonymous User  9/11/2018
Brennan Thicke was born on December 17, 1974 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Brennan Todd Thicke. He is an actor, known for Dennis the Menace, MASK and Unusually Thicke.
cutenose  2/25/2017
This is a great alternative to the overused Brandon or Brendan, and I prefer it to those, but on a girl I prefer Brenna or Brynn.
ERK  10/20/2016
I like it very much, and find it much better sounding than the harsher Brendan and Brandon. I don't like it for girls at all, though; Brenna is a better sounding name for a girl.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/10/2016
I like this name for either gender! My fiancé and I are considering naming our future baby Brennan Hollis (Hollis is his middle name as well) for a boy or girl.
― Anonymous User  3/23/2016
A beautiful name with a sad but poetic meaning. So romantic and sexy.
― Anonymous User  11/7/2015
I named my son Brennan (middle name William) when he was born in 2000. It was really the only boy's name I ever wanted. The meanings include "raven-haired" and "little prince" and it has always fit him to a tee. Some other great things about it are it's unusual without being weird, it sounds good for any age, and it"s strong and masculine yet somehow soft also. I've always thought of it as kind of a mixture of Brandon and Shannon. It also doesn't rhyme with anything weird and my son has always been the only Brennan in his school, although we've crossed paths with maybe 3 other Brennans (baseball game, doctor's office and a restaurant) - all boys, by the way. I prefer traditional spellings for names, so we went with the most traditional spelling - Brennan. The only drawback is that the only place we can get things with his name on them (without special ordering) is at an Irish store! Brennan was thrilled when we went to an Irish-themed store and they had tons of things with his name on them - lol! The only other thing is that people sometimes think his name is Brendan. But I really, really love that there aren't a bunch of other kids in his school with the name Brennan. I think that's one of the hardest things about picking a name. You want a great name for your child, but you don't want him to be one of 5 kids in the class named Alex (I LOVE the name Alex!). And spelling a name differently doesn't make a name more unusual either -in my opinion. After all, we don't go around wearing name tags - when the teacher calls a child's name in class, Ashleigh might as well be Ashley. I had a friend in college named Kelley who hated that her name wasn't just spelled Kelly. She said that extra E her parents added to make her name a bit different caused her nothing but aggravation because people always misspelled it. So picking a great name that isn't weird but is still a bit unusual (not just unusually spelled) is not easy. Brennan was it for us and I highly recommend it.
KittyCatarinaKC  10/15/2015
The name Brennan was given to 73 baby girls born in the US in 2012. Yes, girls.
Oohvintage  7/18/2013
Though this name is masculine, it doesn't sound very masculine to me. I prefer it as a girls name. I actually have a friend named Brennan who's a girl and she loves her name.
SakiHeart  2/13/2012
Brennan can also be derived from the Irish given name Branán, meaning "little raven," or from German "Brennen," meaning "to burn."
hagdabah  1/29/2011
I only know one Brennan, a girl, so I think this is a lovely girl name, but an okay boy name.
Dawson  8/31/2010
Brennan Manning is a Christian author who wrote "Tales of a ragamuffin" & "Abba's child."
RooRoo  9/6/2008
I don't know why, as I usually abhor surname-names, but I LOVE this name. It's just got a lovely strong ring to it, and while it's different enough to be notable, it's also easy to pronounce and spell. I love the meaning, too: I've always been drawn to names with melancholy meanings.
vindemiatrix  6/7/2008
This is a great name with a cool sound and everything, but since it sounds a tad surname-y as a first name, I'd rather use it as a middle name. It sounds better in that position somehow.
slight night shiver  5/22/2008
Also the surname of the character Temperance Brennan in Kathy Reichs' books and TV series.
WCSAngel  9/27/2007
It would be a nice name except for the everlasting image of Bishop Brennan from "Father Ted".
lunalovegood  7/10/2007
Another surname in misuse by the Americans. It was once an Irish first name, which became a second name, which was translated to English. Now it is widely recognised as a second name. It is hardly ever used as a first name in it's country of origin.
Clodagh  4/9/2007
Nice name. My friend's nephew has this name and at first I thought it was weird because it's her mother's maiden name and I thought they just used that but the more I say it the more I like it.
Gianna  6/22/2006
Brennan sounds like a rugged, handsome name. The name I had thought of was Joel Brennan.
― Anonymous User  4/26/2006
I love the name Brennan! My nephew was named it and he is the cutest little boy and a strong one as well. He is quite a warrior. His is spelled B-r-e-n-n-e-n which I like better. I would encourage anyone whose thinking of Brennen as the name of their baby boy to go for it.
jenorigin77  1/16/2006

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