I prefer Bryce since it is balanced and more coordinated.
In 2018, 21 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Brice who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1849th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Brice Hortefeux (born 1958) is a conservative French politician, former minister of the Interior (2009-2011) under President Nicolas Sarkozy.
It's a solid enough name, as it can fit all sorts of boys and doesn't feel too young or too old. However, it's extremely boring. Nothing about it stands out, and it does sound a bit too surname-y.
Isn't Brice from Welsh 'Ap Rhys'?
I prefer Brice because it's the older version of Bryce (it's been used for a longer time and therefore more classic.) it's a cool name... But please, please, please don't name your daughter Brice/bryce!
Brice Marden (born 1938 in Bronxville, New York) is an American painter and artist.
Bryce is much better. Brice just doesn't look like a name to me.
I like Bryce better, I don't really know why but it looks better.
In the book Flipped by Wendelyn Van Draanen one of the main character's names is Brice. Personally, I think this name is adorable.
Brice Guyart is the name of a French fencer who won Gold in the 2004 Olympics.
I prefer the name Bryson, it is much more masculine than Brice.
The rare persons I knew that had this name were terribly shocked by the film "Brice de Nice", lol. Please don't stop calling boys this because girls really like that name! Instead of the pronunciation of the film, Brice = Brees as it was said before.
It is pronounced brees in France.
There's this one singer called Brice de Nice in France... he's just sooo scary! :S

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