Only like it for a dog.
Noice! I love Brody, but hate Brodie.
I think Brody is probably the best name in the history of any name ever to be used. I wish my name was Brody. IF only I could legally change it, but I'm too broke. Dang it mom. I hope you see this.
I somewhat like it on boys, except the meaning. Brody is way too masculine for girls.
I hate this name. It's too close to Brobee (a character from Yo Gabba Gabba), rhymes with GRODY and is one letter away from being BROODY.
I have a 51 year old son named Brody! We had never heard the name used other than a dinette company. We loved it and know three people that used it on their sons after meeting him. Today my grandson has a Brody in his preschool class. I believe we started the name many years ago. To all that have enjoyed it... You're welcome.
I know many girls with this name and not one boy. I see the feminine parts but it’s a masculine name.
I think this name sounds rough and too surname-y. I can't really imagine a Brody over the age of 6.
A little story about this name...

I graduated high school in 1991. The same year Point Break with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze debuted. Love that movie! Seen it at least a half dozen times.
Years later my son was born, so obviously, Brody was to be his name!
A couple days later a buddy asked me where I got the name from. Proudly, I replied, (bc he’s a huge P.B. fan to) from the movie Point Break!
To which he replied, “Umm Point Break? Patrick Swayzes’ character name was Bodhi.”

So thanks to my a.d.d., I’m here talking with you fine folks!
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Brody who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 042nd most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
My cousin's name is Micheal. He goes by Brody, because that's his middle name. He's 3 years old. I don't think Brody would be a very nice first name.
Brody means "ditch". Ditch. Let that sink in. The "bro" in it isn't nice either.
I think Brody is an okay name. Sounds kind of cute and cool. I can see why some people think it sounds pretentious though. It also sounds like a surname.
I have a negative association, because of Brody Jenner, and because it starts with "bro" (slang for a certain kind of annoying guy), and because it rhymes with "grody," which was 1980s slang for disgusting. I don't mean this as a commentary on anyone who has the name (except Brody Jenner); you may be a wonderful guy named Brody. I just don't care for the name.
Brody Jenner is an American television personality and model. The son of Caitlyn Jenner and actress Linda Thompson, he was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. In 2005, Jenner appeared in the reality television series, The Princes of Malibu, which additionally featured his eldest brother, Brandon Jenner, and his friend, Spencer Pratt.
We named our first son Brody. We were looking for unique and of Irish/Gaelic decent. At the time(in 2009) I thought it was unique but I was definitely wrong. In my son's 2nd grade class there are 3! Still love it though!
Excuse me everyone who is saying Brody is a boy's name or a cocky name, but I am a girl named Brody and I'm struggling to like my name, but looking on this website has just made me realize how judgemental people can be.
I like this name and if you like\love it as well and are considering using it for your little guy, some combos I have paired with it that you are more than welcome to take a look at are:

Connor Brody
Dallas Brody
Darren Brody
Dominic Brody
Donovan Brody
Ethan Brody
Everett Brody
Hunter Brody
Isaac Brody
Jared Brody
Jeremiah Brody
Jeremy Brody
Sebastian Brody
Theodore Brody
Thomas Brody
Colin Brody
Damian Brody

I don't have Brody paired up as a first name (I personally prefer it better as a middle) so feel free to reverse the combos.
I wouldn't mind naming a son this but I believe I would use Brody as only a middle name potential (:
I absolutely love this name for a boy! It sounds so awesome, trendy and fun. It suits all ages because I can imangine a cute little kid running around called Brody and I can also imagine a handsome man called Brody.
Pronounced "bro-dee".
I like the name Brody. It's such a strong, masculine name that ages well, sounds good and looks nice written down.
I don't know... this name isn't the best for a girl, although it is nice for a boy.
I love this name. It's adorable but I think it will age well.
I find it difficult to take the name "Brody" seriously... it truly does resemble something that owners would dub their new canine.

I suppose that it may be endearing on an infant... but that is the key: it is terribly juvenile, and relatively restricted to childhood. It is 'forever young,' I suppose-- wincingly difficult to imagine on a grown man (at his peak and in old age.)

Never would I weigh it with the same strength as "Benjamin" or "Benedict"... I fear that future employers will potentially have a similar thought-process. It is a name that may also create an extra barrier to demolish as an adult.
"Brody Selby" holds prospect to initially raise a few eyebrows in the professional world, silently questioning the bearer's qualifications and intelligence.
I loathe this name. It reminds me of the word "broiled", and sounds like a new, trendy name that became popular only because it sounds like the name Cody. Unoriginal, uncreative, and boring.
A-dorable. PERFECT name for all ages... or at least I think. It's the name of my little sister's bear. Cute name. :)
This name sounds too rough for me. But it would make a good name for an athlete.
It's strange, but a few seconds ago, when someone in the polls asked about this name, I thought it was terrible and stupid sounding. But then I thought about it, and I realized I thought it was actually really cute. Laughably adorable. I could totally picture a chubby baby, soon to be an awkward teenaged boy, with this name.
Despite the fact that I do know a girl who has a dog named Brody, I would give one of my future sons this name.
Brody was a character in the episode "The Little Kicks" on the TV show Seinfeld. He was played by Neil Giuntoli.
Brody can also be used as a nickname for Broderick.
Funny. I've been using this name on my brother as a nickname - as a portmanteau of 'bro' and '’í' (pronounced 'di' in hanyu pinyin, the character means 'younger brother').

That aside, Brody's quite a strong-sounding name, what with its being trochaic in nature, and its plosive sounds. It doesn't fit its origin. I'd use it more for a story character, I guess, now that I know of its origin (but my brother's nickname stays). But then again, some names never fail to ask the question "what's in a name?" - and this is one of them.
I read a book which had a dog called Brody in it. Brody was my favourite character :). I like it for a dog, but it doesn't sound right for a person. There is no word that sounds like Brody and means "ditch" in Irish anymore, but the meaning is still off-putting.
I don't think it sounds very pleasant. It kind of makes me picture some obnoxious and immature jerk somehow. And it's got that ''BRO'' to it that makes me think of annoying frat boys anyway. I'm afraid that's what the guy would be nicknamed. Bleurgh!
Brody Jenner is well-known for his appearance in the MTV reality show "The Hills". He had a brief courtship with Lauren after being set up with her through Heidi and Spencer.
I named my son Brody, and it should be a boys name, after sheriff Brody from the movie "Jaws". It's a name for a tough guy with brains.
I like this name. I don't think it matters that much that it means ditch, after all, Claudia means "lame."
Yuck. It sounds so trendy and makes me think of somebody who is an obnoxious jerk.
I would have a hard time giving a child a name that means "ditch."
Brody is an awesome name for a boy. I don't like it for a girl.
The actor Adrien Brody is a famous bearer.
Brody is an awesome name for a boy. It sounds strong, rugged and handsome. I have seen girls given this name but myself I wouldn't use it for a girl.
I love this name. It is strong, handsome and mysterious. A real boys name and it isn't over used.
Brody Dalle is the lead singer of the alternative rock band The Distillers (she's a girl!) Also, Brody was the name of Paige's love interest for a few episodes on the supernatural drama "Charmed."
I named my son this. It's Irish, and I'm half Irish and so is my husband. It sounded like a strong, unique name without being quirky.
I like it as a first name also. I think it's attractive, yet mysterious.

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