I think the double n makes it look sooo long. Way too long of a looking name.
I can’t stand this spelling. BROOKLYN is the name. If you want to name your child after the place, go for the proper spelling. Spelling it Brooklynn makes it look like a typo or made up. She will have way less time correcting people if you just called her Brooklyn with one “N”. I’m sorry to say this, but Brooklynn is really bad, almost as bad as “Brooklynne”. I really like this name, but only when it’s spelled correctly. Parents think they are being “unique” with these spellings, but they’re not. No matter how you spell Brooklyn, or any other popular name, they are all the same name really and there will probably be five others in their class.
I don’t even like the name Brooklyn in general, the extra ‘n’ makes it worse.
I never liked the name Brooklyn, but adding another N makes it even worse.
My name is Brooklyn. I love the name Brooklyn!
I used to love the spelling with two n's but honestly I much prefer Brooklyn now. I love the name but the spelling Brooklynn looks made up and just doesn't work lol, Brooklyn will be much easier to age with.
I don't even like this name but this I will say; Brooklyn is the better spelling.
Brooklynn (this spelling) needs to get off of the charts!
I'm not sure if I dislike the double N (because it looks a little cheap and over-done) or like it (because it makes it a compound of Brook and Lynn rather than a placename).
I love the name Brooklynn spealled with the two "n"'s on the end. However, my daughter does get mad when her name is not spelled correctly on anything. However, I battled over this name and Brookleigh and decided on Brooklynn because it was more firm, and would be better for when she is older. For now we call her Brookie.

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