Bryan is a perfect brilliant name. Absolutely stunning.
Childish and tacky. I knew a lot of mean boys with this name. Brian is a better spelling, and it looks less common to me because I've only met around two people named Brian.
Bryan is a very cool and handsome name. I love it a lot more than the overused Brian which looks like it should be pronounced "Bree-an" (not like the name Brianne, but similar). Bryan Xavier is a combination that I love.
Bryan Williams is a tiktok star.
It's alright. I like it a lot better than Brian.
Cool name.
I like this name :) better than Brian.
Bryan Dechart played Connor (and RK900) in game named Detroit become human.
I like the name no matter how it’s spelled but since mine is with a “Y” also. I feel you have to be very precise to be a Bryan but you have it right back to being a powerhouse of a name by the end of the day and you can do anything else for the rest of the night.
A little bit less boring than Brian.
In 2018, 25 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Bryan who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 141st most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Bryan Lourd is an American talent agent. He has served as partner, managing director and co-chairman of Creative Artists Agency (CAA) since October 1995.
I like it. Both spellings are fine to me.
It's Bree-an.
A famous bearer of this name is actor Bryan Cranston, who is best known for playing Hal from Malcolm in the Middle and Walter White from Breaking Bad.
I've always liked this name. Cool, solid boys' name that you just can't go wrong with. And not just cause it's my boyfriend's. ;)
My friend's name is Brian. I prefer to write Brian, not Bryan, because I think it's too informal and hard to write.
I prefer Bryan, it looks better than Brian, and its actually the original and older spelling. It was used over 100 years ago, whereas Brian was made up more recently and come tell overused in the 70s and 80s.
Although I normally hate alternate spellings of names, I'm definitely fond of Bryan, in fact, I like it better than Brian. The y makes the name look different, but not too different, and still retains the classic charm that the name Brian supplies.
Every Bryan I've known has been good-looking and successful. Great name.
I like this name. It's one of those rare boy names where one can add a Y and still keep the name's masculinity. Plus, nobody will get it mixed up with "Brain."
I like Bryan better than Brian. The Y gives flare and balance to a worn out name.
I like the name Bryan rather than Brian. The name spelled Brian seems to be more popular though.
I like this name, especially this version's spelling, and I'll tell you why. Firstly, it's my dad's name (as you can tell, I am biased, haha), secondly, the "Brian" spelling can be easily misspelled as "Brain", and thirdly, the Y in the centered in the middle just really evens it out and looks really cool.
Famous bearer is Bryan Garza, guitarist and lead singer for San Francisco-based band Scissors for Lefty.
Bryan Adams is a famous rock singer. :)
I like this name as it is my father's name. I like the Y in it.
A famous bearer of this name is Bryan Geoffrey Telfer, a captain in the British Royal Navy. He is very respected by his fellow colleagues such as myself as a down to earth officer and a very capable man after being on many ships. His most famous job being the captain of The "Intrepid" in the Falklands War which he is very rarely attributed to and never heard about but without the Intrepid and Captain Telfer's brainpower, the Falklands war may not have been won by the British. I am writing this because many people have never heard of him due to the "Fearless" being in the driving seat however Fearless wasn't involved in the bombing of San Carlos etc. Bryan has never really been thanked or given any recognition for his very brave fighting. Thank you for reading this and I hope Bryan you will contact me soon. Thank you from Ian Warworthy, first Seaman aboard the "Interpid". Thank you very much for everything you did for disciplining me and others. I wish you the best and please get in touch as I would like to speak with you.
I'm pretty sure that the orginal Celtic name wasn't exactly spelled Bryan, or Brian, and so that leaves a wide variety of spellings. That's basically the same with most names, they all have to start somewhere. Have a Nice Day. ^^)
Oh, and another meaning of the name Bryan is strong. Have a Nice Day, again. ^^)
Bryan Duncan is a Christian music artist.
This is my dad's name; I definitely prefer it spelled Bryan, not Brian. I like it, but it's a pretty common name. I think a Bryan would be popular, funny, and intelligent. And it makes me think of gray hair and a big nose, but that's just my dad.
My brother's name is Bryan, and I think this is a good, strong name for a boy. I prefer this spelling over "Brian".
I prefer the spelling of Brian over this spelling. Very nice name though.
Director Bryan Singer and rockstar Bryan Adams are two famous bearers.

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