In my opinion Bryana is a name I find disgusting and sounds horrible and mean, it sounds like the name of a snobby, greedy, mean and selfish girl that has no beauty in her at all.
I hate the name Brianna/Briana and Brianne already and spelled with a Y makes it worse.
Ugly. I think Briana is the best spelling.
Terrible spelling of an already terrible name.
I would use this spelling because my grandad is Bryan so it is closer to his name.
If pronounced ''brie-A-na'', this is a plain ugly name. Even pronounced ''bree-A-na'', the name is very bland, unimaginative, and lazily put together.
Blech. This is a revolting way to spell Brianna.
Much prefer Brianna!
Dee Dee Davis plays Bryana "Baby Girl" Thomkins on the Bernie Mac Show. Cute little girl!

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