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Cadence is elegant and flows right off the tongue for me. Overall, a pretty name!
According to the statistic this name is traditionally more often used as a feminine name:

- Cadence (girl) was first used in the US in 1974.
- Cadence (boy) was first used in the US in 1992, 18 years later.

So traditionally it is more of a girls name. It was also way more popular for girls in general.

Of course it can be used for boys but it has no long usage as a boys name and has been used much longer for girls.
I personally think that it sounds very elegant and feminine, along the lines of Coraline, Caroline, Candice or Camille. I can't imagine it on a boy.
I like it a lot. Beautiful and elegant.
My name is Cadence and I love it, I think it sounds very sophisticated, and it’s also great since i’m big into music. My nickname when I was little was Cadie but there was a point in elementary school where Cadence suited me best. It gets spelled and called as “Candace” a lot which annoys me a little bit. My friends call me Cades which I think is cute haha. I really do like my name all in all.
This is actually my name! I love it so much! Although people sometimes accidentally spell it with a k or pronounce it Candence, but otherwise, the name Cadence is great!
This name is beautiful in my opinion, also my name is Cadence and I love it.
Princess Cadence from My Little Pony.
I like the sound of this name but because of how it's spelled it might get confused with Candace.
Very dated!
So ✨pwetty✨.
One of my best friends’ name is Caydence with a Y. I usually hate names that have an additional Y but I really like it on Caydence. I think it looks a little better as a name. Her mom said that she named her that with a Y so it would go with her last name (McCoy). I like it! It’s very beautiful.
Cadence is so elegant and perfect for music-lovers. What about Cadenza as an alternate?
I don't really like it. Also reminds me too much of My Little Pony.
My name's Cadince and yes it's spelt weird but I like my name because it fits my personality but wow, so many people don't like the name Cadince (Cadence).
Sounds masculine. I don’t like it anyway.
Sounds unisex.
We named my daughter Cadence. It was a name my husband liked for a girl before he even met me. The meaning he takes from it is rhythmic, and like in music, it signifies the chords that work together to complete a song. We took the meaning that together and in harmony, we have created this child, and her birth and life is the grand finale of our creation. It was a little too exotic for me to begin with, but the meaning really grew on me.
The name Cadence was given to 87 boys in the US in 2018.
My name is Cadence and I'm a girl, I went by the nickname Cadie when I was younger (a few people thought it was Katie and then found the spelling unique) I find that nicknames for Cadence are really nice for younger kids and then Cadence is a more grown up and formal name (like the name Katherine and the nickname Katie). I've only ever met two other people named Cadence and they were both girls so I think of it as a feminine version for the name Caden or Cade and if I think about word names I think of Hope, Faith, Melody... which are more feminine. However, Cadence could work for a boy especially with the nickname Cade or Caden.
Good usage if you want to be creative. Also a unique name that people will compliment someone for having, or mention someone they know that has the name. Having the name myself, it is fun to get people's reaction to it. I have gotten compliments on it, which is nice, but at this point I've given up on trying to fix mispronouncers. Teachers, especially when I had substitutes, would say Candace. Someone else would correct them because after 7th grade I gave up and would just say "Here." One of my teachers mispronounced my name until like April one year, and kind of was like "Cadence, speak up next time." Another time my lunch lady actually thought my name was Candace for 2 whole years then another lunch lady corrected her and she spent most of the year trying to fix her mistake. At this point I don't really care, so I correct someone on the first day I meet them and then they either memorize it or end up calling me the wrong name.
No thanks.
The name Cadence was given to 75 boys in the US in 2017.
In music, we generally use the word "Cadence" to describe sequences of action at the end of a musical phrase. Although the name has a beautiful feel, some musicians I know are skeptical over the use of Cadence as a name. After all, you wouldn't name your child after a stop sign!
On the TV drama series 'Nashville', the musicians Juliette Barnes and Avery Barkley named their daughter Cadence. They couldn't find a name they both liked and ended up going with something musical, which connects them. I wonder what the next one will be called...
The name Cadence was given to 18 boys born in the US in 2016.
I know a boy with this name. I have to side with others, it's masculine! Messing with the spelling, adding a bunch of k's, y's and I's is weird... Masculine name.
Great name for a boy. To me it sounds masculine and always will. My son has the name Cadence. Nicknames Cade, Caden, Cader. It's a noun/word name and should be listed that way.
I love it for a girl, but it's awful on a boy. I prefer Cade for a boy.
The name Cadence was given to 75 boys in the US in 2016.
79 boys were given the name Cadence in the US in 2015!
I know this thread was started forever ago lol. I have a boy names Cadence. I named him in 1999, long before this became a name anyone named anyone. I named him after the movie Cadence which I absolutely love and is an army movie... definitely not a girl movie, lol. He has never to this day been bothered by anyone about his name. People love it, he even now knows a girl named Cadence and still no one has ever teased him. I don't know who in the world decides what a girl's or boy's name is, but seriously, Cadence is a drum beat... how in the world can a drum beat be either male or female?! :P
Now almost 17 years old, and the type of boy that girls come out of the wood work every time we go anywhere in town... I definitely don't worry about him, lol. He loves his name, the girls love him, and no one has ever told him it's girly. Then again, I have a girl named Dakota, and another girl named Daelyn (which is a boys name Daelan and we just stuck a y in it to make it feminine). The only child I have with an apparently gender proper name is my daughter Kiera. Maybe I just like to take the path less taken :P.
Other than the musical term Cadence this name is nice but because of that musical term I prefer Kaydence, Kadence, Caydence, Caedence or Kaedence.
It's really pretty, but the musician in me can't think of anything but a set of chords when I hear this. I don't think I'd ever use it.
My oldest daughter is named Cadence! Yes, we get a lot of "Candace" when others read it lol, but it fits her perfectly! She loves music and has since inside the womb! She has a little sister named Melody, lol. I wanted them to be connected... call me cheesy but their names fit them well! :)
My name is Cadence. I love my name and feel special because they say it is a beautiful name. But it gets confusing at drill team. And it is more of a girl's name. It is OK for a boy if you want it. But I would name a girl Cadence and not a boy. I love my name so much!
Def sounds better used as a girl's name... It's my niece's name at first we weren't really sure about it but we call her Cadie. I think it's actually somewhat of a pretty name... I can think of many many more names that are ridiculous.
Regardless of spelling, I prefer this name for a boy. It doesn't scream girl to me at all.

If I HAD to use this name, it definitely wouldn't be for a girl.

I mean come on! Even the nicknames of Cade\Kade and Denny are masculine!
This is my favorite name for a girl. I love the sound of Cadence Lydia with "Cade" as a nickname.
My first name is Cadence, and I've met only one other with the name of this. I don't know about others, but my name is still often mistaken with Candace. This name is used so little, honestly I wouldn't be surprised if it's mistaken with other names as well. It's a unique name that slips easily off the tongue. It's elegant, and to myself very feminine. I know the name is currently rare, as it was only achieving popularity around the 90's, but I've never met a male with the name of Cadence. The closest I've seen is Caden. This name fits a feisty, wise, female. Honestly, it has entirely to do with music, but please do not choose the name because of your liking to music. Choose it if you believe it'll fit with your daughter. Choose it because you'll make her live up to the potential of the name. Cadence is a beautiful name, fit for any girl.
A couple that used to attend my church named their second son Cadence. I don't know if this is just a one time use as a masculine name, but we are in Canada, if that's relevant.
We have a kindergartener named Cadence and have received loads of compliments on her name. I'm surprised that some are calling the name "trendy", as we have only encountered a small handful other little girls named Cadence. Also, the current Social Security Ranking is 335 (relatively low) and even at its highest it was ranked 199 in 2007. We are swimming in a sea of boys named Caden who seem intrigued by the seemingly feminized version of their name.

We chose this spelling because this is how the actual word is spelled. At first glance reading, some people do see "Candace" - this does happen sometimes. However, I only have to correct people once and they catch on. I've seen more of the unique spellings than the "proper spelling", from Kadince to Kaidence to Kaydence.

So far, so great :-)
My son's name is Cadence short name Cade. My husband and I used this name not finding it in a baby book. We used it as a word. My husband is a Marine. To march in Cadence and work together. Also our love of music. A Cadence is used in football, the military, and rock-n-roll: all things we love. It is a name we have got many compliments on. Often asking the meaning behind it. He is 19 so the name was given before its popularity. I cannot imagine my son with any other name. For he is truly a young man with the meaning Cadence in his blood. The name Cade is also a dominant name you will find in western American novels.
I have a friend who owns a beautiful, black mare named Kadence. They call her Kady. I think it's a great name for a horse; it fits her perfectly.
On My Little Pony they use this name. Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, or Princess Cadence. Cadenza means Cadence in Spanish. She is the Princess of Love.
I named my daughter Cadence in 2007, she is now 7, and she loves her name! We call her Cady for short, and she went by Cady in preschool and kindergarten, but by the time 1st grade came around, she wanted to go by her actual name, which I loved! After all, I gave her the name for a reason.

I knew what the word, Cadence, meant before ever considering it as a name for my child. However, I first heard the word used as a name in Shallow Hall; the little girl in the burn victim units' name was Cadence. Then I heard it used again in the movie American Wedding; Cadence was the sister of the bride. And I think the meaning of the actual word is perfectly fitting for the name of my child! My first name is Jessica and I always had at least one Jessica in all of my classes. To date, I've only met 3 other little girls named Cadence.

We love it and I would name her Cadence all over again, given the chance.
For all you close-minded folks who don't think a word can be a name, where do you think MOST names come from? And for those of you who feel using a word for a name is lowbrow, what do you think about the names Carol or Melody? REALLY? I first saw Cadence in a baby name book in 1972 (way before the current naming trends) so it isn't new either--maybe new to you but not new in the world outside your closed mind.
We are expecting in April 2015... We don't know the sex, but his or her name will be Cadence Brady.
We have decided on that name...
My name is Cadence and I can't stand the name. First of all, people are always commenting on how "beautiful" it sounds, but it seems really tacky to me. Since I was little my nickname has been "Cadie", but spelling has always been an issue with that. Also, I have been called pretty much every name BUT Cadence. Some of these include: Candace, Candence, Cadace, and Candance. 0_o I'll probably end up legally changing my name to something more simple and/or normal.
I love this name for some reason. I think it's really rad.
Tacky with a capital 't'. Not to mention it's getting super popular.
I think this is a beautiful name. I love how its origin comes from music. I am a DJ so I think this is a great name.
This reminds me of Princess Cadence in My Little Pony, who I really love as a character, so this could make a really great name! However, if I ever were to give somebody this name, I'd probably spell it like the musical term. It sounds more rhythmic that way, and isn't particularly common or atrociously modernized, so this would be a great name for a little girl.
Can be spelled Kadence. Could be nicknamed Kadie (not Katie) or Cadie (not Catie) P.S. Cadence is a REAL word which means beat or rhythm! I believe lololol.
There is a character in the TV show, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic called Cadence. Princess Mi Amore Cadenza is her full name.
I really don't like this name at all for some reason. I know a girl who named her daughter this and it just sounds strange and infantile to me.
I like Cadence, although I prefer Cadenza, and I don't like kre8tyv spellynks such as Kaydynse, Cadance, Keydance, etc.
I have a feeling most people using this name have no idea it's a word, and picked it only because it has a similar sound to other modern horrors such as Jayden and Brayden.

Cadence was a dance school I went to as a little kid, as well as a musical term as others here have pointed out. It also sounds awfully feminine on a boy, which would get him bullied as a child.

I can only imagine a female Cadence being a blonde cheerleader in high school who has NO brains whatsoever but the boys are obsessed with her, and a male Cadence being a vain, self-centered boy who wears women's clothes.

If you only like this name for the nickname Cadie/Cady/Cadi, consider Catherine for a girl. For a boy, I can't suggest anything, because Cody is a surname-turned-first name which I wouldn't suggest unless it's your maiden name or something.
I'm sorry, but this is not a name, just a word and a musical term. It's like "pitch" or "meter." If you wouldn't name your child Pitch or Meter, you shouldn't name him/her Cadence.
This name is stupid trendy crap, why on earth would you call someone Cadence? Even Caden is better, and that name is awful, also, I hate it even more when this name is spelled "Kaidence", that's like naming your child "Kopyrite".

If this was my name I'd change it.
Using this word as a name is in poor taste. It leaves a lower-class impression, one of someone poorly educated. Do not saddle a child with it.
Disagree with every word.

I don't even normally go for "word names," but Cadence is a beautiful concept for a name. We often judge a name by how it "flows"--Cadence is the embodiment of this. Personally, I see this as a feminine name, but since English nouns aren't typically feminine or masculine, I could see this on a boy as well. But on a girl Cadence is simply lovely, and the nickname Cadie/Cady is just cute enough, but not saccharine.

And honestly... I don't think a "poorly educated" person would be apt to use Cadence. The knowledge of what "Cadence" is (as opposed to just saying something "has rhythm"), would apply to someone fairly well-educated, no?
Comes from a Latin root "cadere," meaning "to fall, sink, or drop." This name comes from the same root as such words as "decay," "decadent," or "cascade." The listed meaning of "rhythm, flow," may be due to the fact that rises and falls in meter and beat give music its rhythm and flow, and thus its "Cadence."
My boyfriend absolutely loves this name, I stumbled upon it when I was searching a name that had to do with music. He is in band and plays the drum so he instantly liked it. Well I won't have kids for a while but when I do, that'll probably be her name. :)
This sounds tacky and trashy as a name and it goes along with that stupid -aden trend. It's not even that pretty. There are other names that are much nicer.
I'm sure this could be used as a masculine sort of name; I feel it has a masculine sound to it. It's also really beautiful because of it's affiliation to music and rhythm, I guess, though I've never heard of drum cadences before. I think this should be unisex or whatever the term is. I'm using it for a male character in this novel I'm writing, anyway.
I LOVE this name. I found it by accident on some random name generator on another site and fell in love with it. Plus, as a band geek, I know about drum cadences. I like it spelled Kadence. I think I just like "K"s though. :)
I love Cadence, but on a boy.
My niece is named Cadence, and we usually call her Cady and Cadydid, well, because, Cady usually did it. But I absolutely adore her name. I think this is an absolutely lovely name for a girl!
I don't really like the sound of this name, and I like few names that end in the 's' sound anyway. I'm a little suspicious of the name anyway, as it seems to have surfaced into popularity from nowhere, and I shudder to think what sort of a thing inspired people to start using this as a name. Some insipid person on a TV show? A Christian rock band member who named his daughter Cadence? Whatever it is, it can't be good.
This Cadence name is gorgeous! I wish I had the opportunity to name my little child (daughter) Cadence.
As a drummer, I am quite amused by Cadence! I do think it's pretty, a good choice for musical parents, but please don't name boys this! As endearing as it is to the drummer in me, I wouldn't personally use it because I don't like to use trendy names. I prefer classic, maybe even slightly old fashioned names, especially if the name is associated with a saint. However, if somebody wants to name their child this, more power to 'em! It is very nice. (As long as you stay away from weird spellings.)
Cadence came from the name "Cade".
My daughter's name is Cadence and it suits her beautifully! We are often asked where we found that name and have had mixed reviews on the name from other people. However, I think it's a beautiful name!
I like Cadynce or Kadynce.
My first name is Cadence; in my opinion, it's a very, shall we say, unique name. You can thank my mother for that one. Often, it has been pronounced "Candace", and once in gradeschool I had a teacher question my correction of her saying, "I know what my list says, 'Cadence' is not a name!". Cady is my nickname, and has been for as long as I can remember. However, the spelling has also confused as to its pronunciation, Cody, Caddy, etc. Many people have told me what an interesting and different name it is, but in a family where my brother's name is Gray, which would have been 'Timber' had he been a girl, I guess Cadence is just "the norm". It has definitely been an interesting time for me so far.
Too much like Candace, a name which I also dislike, while it has the ridiculous, tacky feel of names like Melody and Harmony.
The name of a character (portrayed by January Jones) in the movie "American Wedding".
Every time I hear this name my high school marching band's drum Cadence starts playing in my head! I think this name is more feminine. And my friend's flute instructor was going to name her son that, but (luckily, in my opinion) she named him Caden or something similar. If you are big into music, Cadence is a great name to give Harmony a rest.
Nickname can be Cady or Kady. Not a bad name, I have heard worse.
I used this name in my newest story. This is the name I have gotten the most compliments from readers about - beautiful for a boy or girl! And it fits my character perfectly!
Lots of various spellings for this name: Caydence, Kaydence, Caedence, Kaedence, Caydance, Kaydance.
I love the sound of this name, but it is very trendy at the moment, and pretty tacky. Kind of like Nevaeh, another guilty pleasure of mine that is really tacky.
One of the first uses of Cadence as a given name was for the heroine of Armistead Maupin's novel Maybe the Moon, which was originally published in 1992.
I once saw the name Cadence spelt Kaidence. *shudder*
This is also a musical term for the end of a phrase, giving it either a finished or unfinished sound.

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