I don't like it. Reminds me of iCarly. Carla is prettier.
This is a stupid movie character name. Carly is white trash and this name makes me think of cars.
Not very pretty.
I don't get how people hate this name, but are obsessed with Charlie. They're pretty similar sounding imo. It's just a one letter difference. Carly is great on its own, but I also like it as a nickname for Caroline/Carolyn/Carolina/Charlotte.
No one's mentioned Carly Fiorina? President of Lucent (formerly Bell Labs, the branch of AT&T that invented the telephone), CEO of HP, first female CEO to lead a Fortune top 20 company, Presidential candidate, CEO of the Fiorina Foundation and the African Leadership Academy, and part of a CIA advisory board. That Carly? Sheesh the dim mob in here.
Stupid soap opera name.
I hate this name. It's so ugly that it's unattractive.
Feels immature, dry and just a boring name. I don't see any appeal about this name. Just one of those boring names that really doesn't give much impression. Uninteresting!
My name is Carlijoy but I've gone by Carli my whole life and personally I love the name but I feel like the spelling is very juvenile. I've gotten all the iCarly jokes, Carly Rae Jepsen, Carli Bybel, Carly Simon etc. They don't bother me but they’re definitely over done. Recently though, I have been going by Arli and when I was a toddler I went by CJ. The name has a lot of possibilities and I honestly think it ages well.
The name Carly and all other spellings are beautiful, mature, and just all around great names. Everyone who says things such as: “It’s just trashy and immature” and “no one will take you seriously with that name” and “imagine a 50 year old named Carly” well news flash, the name Kacey, Stacy, Nancy and so many more used to be youthful and all that, but that’s because they were from that era, in a few years Carly will be a normal, amazing name.
Very dated!
Carly is a very pretty name. I think the Carly spelling is much better than all those trendy spellings like Carlie, Carley, Carleigh, and Carlee.
This name can ALSO be a DIMINUTIVE of Caroline, Carla, Carlotta and Carlene.
I’m sorry, but this is the #1 name I dislike the most. I don’t like anything about it.
I’m a Carly and I personally love the name. Maybe it’s because I live in Ireland so finding another Carly is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I’ve never met another Carly before and I think that’s why I’ve liked the name so much because I never had an issue in school or anything with ten other people in my class having the same name. I don’t think it’s so girlie either as some people have said here and I’m a total tomboy but apparently the name suits me. Also about it being a childish name and a name that will turn employers away, well that’s not been the case for me as most people I meet, the first thing they do is compliment my name. So thanks mum and dad! Hahaha.
Very pretty name! I prefer this over Carla.
So my name is Carly. And my last name is Patterson. No I'm not joking. I am no gymnast. But about the name, I like it. It sounds really feminine. But I know that boys can be named it too. But I have honestly never met another Carly.
Not that bad but a little too youthful for aging.
Fellow Carly here, surprised that in 2019 I just found this site dating back to 2005? Never really liked my name but recently liking it better paired with my middle name. I also like Carlotta instead because I'm part Italian. Y'all are wack for thinking it's more kiddish than new baby names these days. Yes I hated being called iCarly all my life. I've had many nicknames, Car Carl Carls Carlton Carlisle, and also Carly Simon is an idol of mine. Lots of great Carl(y)s.
Carly Rae Jepsen (b. 1985-) is a Canadian singer.
Sounds super childish and a bit trashy. Also reminds me of iCarly..
It just kind of sounds like a kiddish name. I can’t imagine an adult named Carly. Also, Carly, Kylee, Kaylee, etc are all very trendy right now.
Carly Brooks-Spencer is a character in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. She is Sam’s second girlfriend. Portrayed by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.
Not posting this as an insult, but the name Carly sounds a little bit like garlic.
As a joke, this name could be an adverb for a girl who is very athletic and runs quickly, like an adverb for a car.
Maybe as a nickname.
Karlie Kloss, that giant 6 foot model who hovers over your head like a loonie and thinks she is so gorgeous while she is absolutely ugly. And she dresses like a nude pig.
I’ve never met a Carly I liked. I also find this name trashy and childish.
My name is Carly (spelling and everything) I never was a fan of it, especially being that my last name is Katz so I didn't like the alliteration. However, I've grown to like it and appreciate it for I don't know too many Carly's and though it's a known name, I feel like it's not as common as I thought. My full name is Carly Jennifer Katz, and I will say I do love Carly Jennifer. I like it as a stand alone name, not deriving from a longer name. The main "nickname" I get, though not a short version of my name is the generic "car".
I wouldn't like this name if it wasn't for Nickelodeon's show, "ICarly."
My name is Carlee, an alternate version of spelling. Everyone has always told me it was girly so I’ve gone by my middle name, Rose. I think it’s a beautiful name but can be girly at times.
I'm River Hastings Carley. The name's old German which went west to Ireland then on to North America, tend to be nomads. Compound name from car short for cart and ley based on buying of horses and armor back in the day and the rocky lands they lived in at the time. Not feminine form of anything although sometimes confused for the feminine form of Carls which is really Carla and Charlies which is Charlet.
Carly is such a pretty name. Karlie is my favourite alternative spelling.
Carly Rose Sonenclar is an American singer and teen actress. In December 2012, she became the runner-up on the second season of the American version of the The X Factor. Sonenclar was born in New York City and currently resides in Mamaroneck, New York. She began singing at age two, imitating several of the performers on the early years of American Idol. She took numerous singing, dancing, piano and acting classes, and one of her teachers put her in touch with a New York City talent agency, which signed her. She enjoys softball and has an older brother, Russell, who graduated from the University of Delaware. She takes piano lessons and enjoys composing songs.
All you haters, my name is Carly. I have a great job, and I am getting my Phd. So, it's a great name, meanies! Yeah!
My name is Carly. I used to hate it when I was young because it sounded weird when I sounded it out loud. I've grown to love it though. I guess because I've not met many of them. I've known a fair amount of Carley's though. I've never been fond of the other ridiculous spellings of it. It's a simple unique name. My dads name is Carl. Ha. Very creative isn't it? Funny story, my dad hated the name-but the day I was being born he found a slip of paper on the hospital ground with "Carly" written on it. He thought I was meant to be named it. My close friends call me Carls or Car.
Carly is actually a unisex name meaning 'little champion'. In English it is feminine, in Gaelic it is masculine.
My daughter's name is Karlie. I think it is beautiful. I love the meanings: small champion and song of joy. My 13 year old embodies both of these traits. If you take yourself serious in life, others will take you serious as well. Let your character define who you are, your name is just a small part of it.
My 5 month old daughter is named Karlie. She will be taken just as seriously as all the Sophies, Paisleys, and Brynlees that are going to be adults at the same time. A "young sounding name" is completely subjective and dependent on the era. My name used to be a young, popular name and soon it's going to be a grandma name.
This name gets a worse impression than Lucifer does, but I like both names regardless. Anyways, I myself feel proud that I have this name, and I know in some situations it may seem childish. Still, with older generations this name was quite popular. I myself can see a Carly being many things, but a professional surgeon or a teacher is not one of them. The name Carly to me would be more of one for a soldier, nurse, writer, judge, lawyer, etcetera.
Let's see here:

1. Famous Carly: she is a nonverbal girl with autism who inspires many people. Carly Fleischmann
2. My name is Carly and I like it regardless of what many may say. I have a job on tech support and people still take me seriously when fixing their customer support issues
3. Carly Grace is the first and middle name of me.
This has to been one of the funniest things I've read online... I stumbled on it whilst looking up my name meaning. My name is Carly Lewis and never once have I thought it to be girly. I have a high level mgt job and I actually think it sounds quite strong. Maybe this is because of a key chain I had as a child with my name meaning on it (a rare occurrence of finding anything with my name on it), It had stated Carly meant "strong and womanly." Now this wasn't appealing to a child, I wished I had a girly girl name like Lucy, Vanessa or Stacey (it was HUGE in the 80s!

I think I was named with a feminine version of my grandfather, Charlie Lewis. Whom I adored. So I've always loved it. I also liked that I wasn't another of the 15 Lisa's in my class.

I get called 'Carls' a lot by my closest friends, I find this endearing. And is probably part of Australian culture to shorten EVERYTHING! Even things that are already short!

I personally don't care for the name Francesca lol.
Carly is also occasionally used as a masculine diminutive for Carl.
I only like it as a nickname for Carla or something like that. I even think it's alright as a nickname for Carl. But on it's own it's rather boring.
You think Carly won't be taken seriously? Guess again...

1. Carly Simon: Famous singer in the 70's. She had 13 songs reach the U.S. Top 40.
2. Carly Gullickson: A former tennis player who won the 2009 U.S. Open mixed doubles event with her partner Travis Parrott.
3. Carly Melin: A Minnosota politician and a member of the Minnosota House of Representatives. She's also an Attorney.
4. Carly Patterson: the 2004 Olympic All-Around Champion and a member of the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame.

Success shouldn't be limited to your name. Don't give it that power, and don't listen to the rude opinions of others. If they don't answer to the name Carly, then their arguement is fallible.
I was named after Carly Simon. Growing up I really disliked my name because no one had it- I was born in 1976 BTW. Then as I got older, I really started to appreciate how unique it was. Then suddenly, all of these different spellings of my name started becoming popular- which I personally liked. For me, the less people who spell Carly like I do, brings the uniqueness back.

As far as not being taken seriously, I never (not once) in 38 years ever thought that. Why? Because that's just absurd! But hey, freedom of speech is to be respected. I would never judge someone based on their name. Perhaps it's maturity (there's that age thing-God I hate getting older) or just being a nonjudgmental person. But I am a little biased, Carly is my name after all. Seriously!
I didn't used to like it and now its kind of growing on me. I am of two minds.
I love the name Carly. It sounds wonderful, mature and cute. I think the combo Carly Beth works amazingly well! =)
Carly is the English spelling of the Irish surname Carlin(?).
There are a significant number of Irish familes born around Strokestown Roscommon with that surname. In fact some are mentioned on the paque at Strokestown House (the 490 missing persons at the time of the famine)
The name is male, but is now exclusively feminine. This can be very unfortunate if your mother retained the surname (which mine did) and most people think you have a girls name!
My name is karly and I am a 30 odd yr old girl and every one I know takes me seriously, lol. I have friends also named Carly and carlie but I prefer mine as it's a little different. Almost everyone gets my spelling wrong but I get the nickname karla.
My name is Carlee. It was originally supposed to be spelled Karleigh, which I think looks better. But the "Lee" part is after my dad. Personally, I just think it's a weird name. Maybe it's from over thinking. But I do like having it, I haven't met many people with my name. However, there is a girl I know whose name is spelled like this, "Karlee".
Are you serious?!? People think that someone isn't going to be taken seriously or get a successful job because their name is Carly?! Wow... If you think about it, in 60-80 years from now most elders are going to have "childish" names because of how popular they are now.

Carly is a wonderful name and I would even consider using it. The comments on this name and other names like it are just rude.
Hah, my name is Carly, and I guess I should probably change it considering what people are saying about it.

Anyway, I think it's a pretty name, and, yeah, I suppose it's better as a nickname.

Oh, well. I'm fifteen, so I haven't had to get a job yet... Given from the comments, I won't have any luck getting one, though. Wish me luck, haha!

Eh, I'm immature already, so I guess it helps, haha.
My name is Carly, spelled CARLY, but it's short for Caroline. I like the name Caroline, and I personally think "Carly" is a more original nickname for it than "Carrie," although having lived with the name for so long, I've gotten a bit tired of it. Also, I think it confuses substitute teachers when they call out "Caroline" and I say, "I go by Carly."
Anyway, I can understand why people are saying it's too childish I suppose, but I've been "Carly" for so long that it doesn't seem that way to me, and I still haven't decided if I'm going to switch over to "Caroline" or not.
Also, I don't really know any other Carly's, of any spelling. There used to be another Carly at my school, and some of my friends know other Carly's, but it doesn't seem to be very popular where I live.
Carly Rae Jepsen is the singer of Call Me Maybe.
A friend of mine named her daughter Scarlette and called her Carly as a nickname.
I love the name Carly. My name is Karley. I think the spelling is different and awesome. Sure, it can get rather annoying when no one spells my name right, but I'd rather have a different name to spell, than be 1 of the 20 Melissas or Taylors.. I think it's pretty and will make for a lovely name in adulthood.
The only path that I find acceptable when speaking of the 'name' "Carly" is if it is a nickname... no more, no less. I am rather fond of it being a diminutive for the masculine "Carl" (pronounced KAHRL-ee), to add. Otherwise, it is an unprofessional, childish, unintelligent, ugly, attempted ornate, atrocity of a name. Misspelling it makes it "kre8tiv" and even tougher to swallow.
I personally cannot imagine a brain surgeon named Carly Meriwether. Or a lawyer known as Carly Cherry. I urge you not to create barriers in your child's future career success because of the name that you gave her (or him, for that matter).

Personally? I find it very hideous-- written and to the ear.
Someone above said that Carly is not a professional name and they could not imagine a teacher being called Carly, well I am a Maths teacher in a secondary school!
I think this is a very feminine name that works for girls and women. I've only encountered the "Carleigh" spelling.
I love my name Karly; however, I don't like the look of Carly with a "C." It looks masculine and ugly, it angers me when people spell my name wrong. I also do not like the cutesy, illiterate-looking variations like "Carlee."
My name is spelled with a K because of my Hungarian descent and the long line of Karls in my family.
I completely agree that the name doesn't sound professional, but really? Not taking someone with the name seriously? When it comes down to things it doesn't matter -you will judge the person if they are right. Think about it -most people have names like this now. People's names are now young sounding like - isabelle, michaela, ella, stacey ect. Names like that are now normal.

@anoymous, 8/11/2010 - funny you should say that, I think Karly with the K sounds more masculine, it's just personal preference.
The 'Carl' part in the name makes it really ugly and unfeminine I'm sorry to say.
NOTE: before you consider naming your child this, think: a 40 year old woman named Carly. Hmm does that sound right? Name her Carla and use Carly as a nickname and when shes older she will think "Wow thank gosh my parents named me Carla, cute NICKNAME Carly, but now since I'm married and have kids it just sounds better!"
Yeah Carly as a nickname = ADORABLE
First name: no
I hate this name. It is so ugly. If you're gonna name your kid this here are some better spellings.

There are two well-known soap opera characters with this name: Carly Corinthos on General Hospital, as mentioned above, and Carly Tenney on As the World Turns. Both are awesome, tough and spirited, and have made me like this name a lot.
I absolutely loathe this name. Why not go with the nice and classy Carla?
My best friend's name is Carli, and I love her name! I don't know why, but the name always reminds me of a pink flower.
I used to spell my name Carly but I know 3 other Carlys and decided that I didn't want to be like everyone else so now I spell it Carleigh. I also never thought of it but I really like Carliey, that's really cool too, thanks person before me. :P
But if you're naming your kids Carly think of an original way to spell it. It makes it way cooler and think of this, it is next to never that I find Carly things anyway!
Cute name. Prefer 'Carliey' though.
My name is Carly. I am 14. I used to like my name but over the last while I've started to really not like it. A thing that kinda is a bummer about it is that there aren't very many names that come out of Carly. There's Car and that's about it or Carl but that is a guy name. I guess that it would be okay of it was spelt another way like:
but mine isn't so if you are thinking about naming your kid Carly think long and hard about it. This is coming from a girly girl too.
My name is Carly and I actually like my name. I don't think that it is babyish at all.
Carla seems like a lot more mature and grown-up version of Carly, so I prefer it.
On Nickelodeon (NICK) there is a new show called Icarly. Miranda Cosgrove plays Carly, a girl who just started her own web show.
Don't really care for this name, although this spelling is better than all the other crappy variations out there by ten-fold. My pet peeves are people named: Carli, Carlie, Karlie, Carleigh, etc.
My name is Carly. While I agree it isn't a grown up sounding name I find it stupid to say no one will take you seriously, sitting there thinking about it yes but it is artificial, if you were faced in a situation like someone said surgery you wouldn't actually go 'oh no, I'm not having this, her name is Carly'. Also bear in mind everybody's names are like that, it will be normal now, everybody shall we say has a 'young' sounding name now, like - georgia, stacey, ella, daisy, emily - that sound bizarre when thinking of an old person with the name.

Also @gracielou16 - 'Carleigh' was the original spelling.
Carly is cute. Carleigh is a stupid and convoluted made-up combination of two names resulting in the meaning "man meadow." I am quite partial to the spelling Khaarlaei though.
Khaarlei looks like something you'd get in a horror movie. I don't know what that person was thinking of.
I know a girl named Charlotte who goes by the nickname Carly. I think it's so cute.
There is a girl in my school who spells it Karliegh. I think I like that spelling.
I personally think spelling it "Carleigh" is prettier. The other ways look too much like a nickname. Or something you'd name a dog.
Carly Patterson (born Carly Rae Patterson on February 4, 1988) was the 2004 Gold Medalist in Women's All-Around Gymnastics. She also won a Silver medal in both the Balance Beam and the Team competition. In addition, Carly may soon be a well-known singer.
This was so almost my name. I like it better than Lindsey. I know 4 other Lindsey's and only one Carly.
Also spelled Carlea, Carlee, Carleigh and then the same for the "K" spellings. Very pretty name, elegant and dainty.
Carly Patterson is an Olympic gymnast.
I like the name, very pretty. BC vital statistics show the name dropping in popularity quite a bit.
Carly is the title of the 4th book in The Women of Ivy Manor series by Lyn Cote.
I don't know why you would want to spell Carly:
It just looks wierd and you can never find personalized things for them with the name spelled correctly. So what's the point?
Carly is a pretty name, but a little too girly. I don't think it would be taken seriously on an adult. A real adult, not a woman in her twenties.
There is a character on the tv show General Hospital with this name, and personally she has ruined this spelling of the name, Carly, for me. There are actually two Carly's who go to my school. One who spells it Carly and one who spells it Carleigh. I prefer Carleigh.
Carly Simon is a musician known for her song "You're so Vain."
My name is Carly, and I USED to love it because I felt unique and no one else had the name. But now I know 7 other Carly's, so I warn you now... This name is catching on and it's not that unique anymore.
My name is Carleigh, and it is a very original way of spelling Carly. I like it, because I've never met anyone else with the same spelling. Although it is impossible to find any pencils or magnets with my name.
The name Carly also means 'Song of Joy'.

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