Carola is alright.
Since national statistics (1999) in Italy the name Carola has been used for newborns every year. The highest peak of popularity was in 2011 when 426 Carola were born while in 2019 they were 188 (the lowest peak since 1999).
In Italian the given name is pronounced KAH-roh-lah.

When it is read with the -ro stressed it means "carol (a kind of song, dance, music)".
Carola (real name Carola Haggkivist) is a Swedish singer who represented her country three times, 1983 Eurovision with "Framling", 1991 Eurovision with "Fangad Av En Stormvind, and 2006 Eurovision with "Invincible". She was the winner in 1991 bringing the contest to Sweden, the runner up in 1983, and cracked the Top 10 in 2006.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Carola are female.
Also Danish, Finnish and Norwegian.
Uh.. Carola is the name of a car. Don't name your child this.
The name Carola was "first listed" in the 1890's in the U.S. A previous comment states it is the name of a car. Perhaps that user is thinking of the Toyota Corolla?
Carola Grindea (born Carola Rabinovici, 1914-2009) was a renowned Romanian-born British pianist and music educator.
The German pronunciation is kah-RO-lah. [noted -ed]
This name has also been consistently used in The Netherlands and Germany. [noted -ed]
Carola Oman was a famaous English writer of the 20th century, specialising in historical biographies including one of Nelson.
I think Carola is a beautiful, uncommon name that deserves more attention.
Although Carola is undoubtedly the feminine of Carolus (Charles) it might also, for people seeking such, be considered a botanical, ocean-related name. Carola (Callophyllis variegata) is an edible seaweed growing off South America.
In Sweden, it is pronounced as Kah-RAW-lah.
In Sweden this has almost become a "one-person-name" due to schlager queen Carola Häggqvist, who as a singer only goes by her first name.

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