I prefer Caden.
I LOVE this name! I do think this is unisex, and is a great variant of Caden! Like, if you are a Cayden, be proud of your name, boy or girl! I really like Cayden! It is a great name for either sex!
I actually really like this name. There’s something about it that really interests me. Better than Jayden.
I’ve already met a Hayden and a Jayden, now I’ve met a Cayden... I’m getting sick of this trend.
I hate ayden names, it’s just too trendy.
I "hayten" (hate) this name.
The name Cayden is mostly hated because it is a “trendy” name and people think this name has no meaning. Just like the names Jayden, Hayden, Jaden, etc.

The name Cayden is a variant of Caden.

Cayden, means the following:

Cayden means “war”, “battle” from the name Cad.

The name is also probably derived from the Old English or Anglo-Saxon name Cade, meaning "strength" "round" or "gentle" in Old English.

Another possible origin for the name is it is derived from the Welsh name Cadell, meaning "loyalty" "resilience" "Warring" or "spirit of battle" and/or "spirit of war". Cad, meaning "war" or "battle" in Welsh.

The name is also probably derived from the Irish names Cathán and Callan, both meaning "battle" in Irish and Scottish, and the surnames Mac Cadáin or McCadden, both meaning "son of Cadán" in Irish and Scottish, names possibly derived from the Old Irish “cath”, from Proto-Celtic “*katus”, meaning “battle”.
In my opinion, Cayden is a boy name. I can’t imagine it on a girl.
Throwing a Y in a boy's name isn't gonna make it sound (or look) any less masculine.
I'm a 31-year-old woman named Cayden. I think it's a good, simple name to bear and it has a positive meaning. The only annoying thing about it are all the different spellings, so I always have to spell it out. It would still be a good choice for a kid, in my opinion.
106 baby GIRLS were given the 'name' Cayden in the US in 2012.

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