My name is Ceara. In the U.S. I have found that the meaning of Ceara is black and of Irish origin, my mother told me when she found the name the meaning it had was spear and strong-willed. My pronunciation is C-AIR-AH (it’s how I explain it to others) many people do mispronounce it with a lot of different variations.
I named my daughter Ceara in 2000. Was a very unique name then and I loved it, but she hates it because so many people mispronounce it. We pronounce it See-Ah-Ra which sounds like it looks I think.
I dislike the spelling.
Okayish to Keara but not Ceara.
Ceará is a state in northeastern Brazil. It isn't used as a name there, though.
Ceara (said a bit like: "chah-rah") means 'wax' in Romanian. It is not used as a name there.

(As a side note, I know someone called Ceara. She spoke a little Romanian, got into the habit of saying that Ceara means 'fog' in Romanian. The word in question is in fact 'ceata' (said a bit like: chah-tah). I don't think this etymology has ever been thrown about for it by anyone else, but just a heads up).
There's an Irish name Céara, pronounced KAY-ra.
I know someone who has this name, but pronounced 'see-AIR-ah' rather than 'kee-AR-ah'.
Ceara is sometimes used as an alternate name for St. Cera, a 7th century Irish abbess.

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