This name is handsome. Many people think it’s an old man's name, but I can imagine it on any age.
Very unattractive.
HATE, HATE, HATE IT! Old man or dog name! Can you imagine a 2 year old named CEDRIC? DON'T RUIN A POOR CHILD LIKE THAT!
Don't you know that kids don't stay kids forever?
It's kind of dumb to put down a name for that reason.
Cedric (the wise old elf) and Millicent (granny thistle) from Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom.
I was born in 1947 and given the name Cedric which seemed fine until I got to school. I was ridiculed for my name incessantly. People sniggered and thought I must be a whimp or gay or something. As a teenager I took on the nickname Sid to save myself from all that and I stuck with that until I got to work. It wasn’t so bad then but I still got occasional comments like “You’re not serious”.
Cedric has been used as a name in films and comedies to portray someone who is a scrounger/alcoholic or some sort of pathetic or degenerate person. It wasn’t until the Harry Potter films came out that things really changed and I haven’t felt ridiculed since.
I think being called Cedric was possibly the worst thing that happened to me in my life if I add up all the embarrassment I suffered.
If you’re called Cedric I’d love to know if you had similar experiences.
I really like the name Cedric. My only drawback to using it would be the strong association with Harry Potter but maybe that wouldn’t be a bad thing. I liked the character Cedric Diggory.
My grandma’s dog is called Cedric, we call him Ceddy for short!
I really like Cedric. It is so simple but dignified. I love its bright and calm vibe. I think that it actually fits an aristocrat very well!
Cedric sounds really cool and looks really cool. An interesting name.
Cedric is a beautiful, unusual and timeless name that should be used more.
I like this name and because of the popularity decline over the past decade, I think this is the one I will go with. I have read in other places that the name means "pattern of generosity; amiable". I was looking for a name that had traits that I would want my son to have. Instead of stereotypical masculine traits, like "warrior" or "strong", I want him to be "generous" and "amiable" first and foremost. Also, I loved Harry Potter as a kid and Cedric was a great character.
I adore Cedric, precisely for the Harry Potter association.
On Gossip Girl, Dan Humphrey has a Cabbage Patch Kid named Cedric who turns up in multiple episodes.
Too old-fashioned.
I like Cedric for a boy. It sounds nice on its own. I like the fact that it's shorter then Frederick, yet still has the same sound. It sounds handsome and more gentle to me, just based on the sound.
The name Cedric was given to 233 boys born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Cedric are male.
You should add Armenian "Sedrak" in related names. We pronounce it as "Sed-RAK" or "Set-RAK"
Cedric is a common name in France, especially among my generation. Please add French usage to the database. Honestly, it's too common here for people to think of Cedric Diggory (I don't care for Harry Potter anyway). [noted -ed]
Cedric is from Cedrych, a Welsh name, meaning bounty or boon. Bounty – generosity in giving.
Boon – a blessing to be thankful for. Bounty’s origin is Old French, middle English. Boon’s origin is Old Norse, middle English.
Cedric is the name of the annoying owl from King's Quest V. He gives Graham advice on his quest to save his family. Cedric has become somewhat of a running gag in later Sierra games due to the fandom's poor reception of him.
I chose this name for my son who will be 5 years old next month. I fell in love with the name when I found it in a baby name book back when I was still pregnant with my son (before we knew he was a boy). I knew that if we had a boy (and we obviously did), that Cedric would be his name. We did get some questions at first about our name choice, but once family members and friends got used to the name, they started to love it. It also helped that we didn't back down and let anyone talk us out of it, and once our son was born everyone fell in love with him AND his name. Now none of us can imagine him with another name. It is a name that isn't so common that there are 3-4 other boys in his class with the same name, and it's not so far out there that it leaves people scratching their heads when they hear it. In my opinion it is a very nice name that will serve a person well through both childhood and adulthood.
Some of the famous bearers of the name Cedric are: Sir Cedric Hardwicke the actor, Cedric Peerman the NFL player, and Cedric Johnson the nationwide model search winner.
The first person I think of when I hear this name is Cedric Diggory, from Harry Potter. I then attempt to think of anyone else, and I can't. It's a shame this isn't used more often. It's really a great name, and a nice nickname would be "Ced". I don't, however, like "Rick" as a nickname.
The name Cedric was really popular in France during the 70's and 80's, but hasn't died out completely. I personally think it's adorable even if it is a little dated. It's never been nearly as popular in the US, so I think it would be a great choice for an American boy if you want something unique but not too out there :)
I love this name! It's adorable, but it can most definitely suit an adult or an old man. I actually know a boy who's about 10, named Cedric :)
Cedric Benson, an American football player.
I've always heard it SED-rik, but I was watching a movie called Love In A Cold Climate, where one of the characters was called SEED-rik. The actors were British.
This is a great name that should be used more. I find it regal and mature, and it sounds like the name of a quiet, kind, poetic type of guy.
I like it. Maybe a little pretentious, but with the everyday name "Rick", it could work.
Famous bearer is Cedric "The Entertainer" Kyles, an American comedic actor.
Despite my immediate association with Cedric the Entertainer, I still think Cedric is way too old-fashioned a name for me to ever use. For a character. Maybe. Definitely not for a person, though.
Sir Cedric Hardwicke, English actor.
For some reason this name brings a picture of a evil, egoistic and extremely intelligent character of a fantasy book to my mind. But as I happen to love both fantasy books and the bad guys in them, I LOVE this name too. It sounds very noble to me.
Cedric Hailey from K-Ci & Jojo.
I have a family member who came from "Sedretch" Hungary. It was a small town. I could not find it on the web. I did however find some families trying to discuss their LAST name or a name in the family that sounds like Cedoric, or CSDoric. They where wondering about the spelling, and about the pronunciation, mentioning someone of Hungarian origin. I have found Sedritz as the name of a black violinist in the US.
Cedric Bixler-Zavala is the lead singer and lyricist of The Mars Volta, and was previously the lead singer and lyricist of At the Drive-In.
In fact the name Cedric is quite usual in France and I think it's a French name.
Cedric Errol is the name of Little Lord Fauntleroy.
In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, a character bearing this name (Cedric Diggory) was the second winner for Hogwarts shool along with Harry Potter. Cedric was famous in the series for being the character who Harry saw die, enabling him to see Thestrals.
Cedric Diggory made his first appearence in the third Harry Potter book, Prisoner of Azkaban. He was the captain and seeker of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team, and therefore one of Potter's main rivals.

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