The cup is beautiful but I'm not sure how I feel about this.
So we are drinking from children now?
Weird and pretentious. Just use Alice.
I believe this is one of the Padashah Emperor’s daughters in Dune.
Oh my goodness! What an awesome name! I mean, wow! I can totally name her sister Mug, and her brother Tumbler! Perfect!
Very ugly... like I mean super super ugly!
We named our daughter Chalice. It is a beautiful and rare name that fits her well. It is reminiscent of the cup from which the Lord poured the wine at the Last Supper. Thus, a sanctified vessel of life.
I agree with what mdmaddox said in 2015. I think that this name is very Christian and should be taken at more than face value. The Chalice as a vessel, not necessarily as a modern cup. It's something holy but still accessible. Antique yet eternal. That's why I see merit in the name.
The French translation, "câlice", is used as a sacre (profanity) in Québec. I didn't think this was a great name to begin with, but as a Canadian this basically seals the deal.
There are a lot of words out there that sound pretty, but that doesn't mean they should be used as names. Just because this is so similar to Alice doesn't make it ok to use as a name.
I wouldn't use this, but I think it's beautiful.
What the hell? Who in the right mind would name their child "goblet"?
I like it but I'd probably pronounce it Alice with Cha in front.
I really like this. Although it is a word name with a weirdly neutral meaning, I like the sound and I think it sounds namey enough because of Alice.
Sounds too much like "Malice" for my taste.
Weird. Why would you name your child 'goblet'?
I think it is pretty despite it just being a word.

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