Hehehe, any "friends" fan would get this joke. "it's kind of like chandelier, but it's NOT"
I honestly really love the name Chandler. I've been fascinated with it ever since I heard it. I also really appreciate the meaning (“candle seller”), since I've adored candles for as long as I can remember. Candles can be a light in the darkness; it could be a physical flame or it could resemble an ember of faith, hope, love, courage, loyalty and whatever else. Plus, I kind of feel like it gives the name somewhat of a romantic vibe.
Another thing I like about the name is its uniqueness. You definitely don't hear it every day, but it's not completely unheard of, so most people would know how to pronounce it (without having to ask).

Concerning the gender, I don't think it matters that much, and I honestly think a lot of the commenters are bickering too much about it. I mean, to me, Chandler is just a nice name. Period. Neither gender “ruins” the loveliness of it or whatever. It's definitely not “too feminine” for a boy, and I don't think it's “too masculine” for a girl either.

Regarding Chandler Bing, I've only seen a few “Friends” episodes, so I don't really know of much to say about that. However, from what I've seen, Chandler seems like a pretty cool character to me, so I don't think it “ruins” the name or whatever.

Overall, I think Chandler is a beautiful name.
This is my name (The user gives it away) yeah I'm named after the Friend's character, but I don't care. The name has such a nice ring.
I can honestly only see this on a boy.
I don't like Chandler. It's a very rare name and too masculine for a girl.
Chandler from MrBeast.
How in the world is it feminine?
Sounds gentle and affectionate to me.
I hate this name for a creepy kid I knew. Not very mature of a name.
Chandler is for boys. I don't care for it, although I see the appeal. I have a feeling this will rise in popularity because vsco girls are soon going to have children. Vsco girls like the 90's show 'Friends' (which I like to watch sometimes). By the way, I don't like vsco girls.

Skskksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksksk-Shut up!
Sounds kind of pretentious. This name isn't the least bit feminine.
I like the name Chandler for boys. It has a soft, appealing sound.
So my name is "Chandler" and one of my nicknames is "Chandaddy." It was given to me by my school.
Chandler Bing is one of the six main characters appearing in the American TV show series Friends.
Ehh, not really for me.

It’s more on the masculine side.
It literally means “candle seller”
But I kind of like the sound.

Still, not really.
I am a female with this name. It’s always weird meeting or noticing a male with this name to me. I love having a gender neutral name. My name makes me feel unique.
The character Heather Chandler from the film Heather's and its musical counterpart from 1989 and 2014 respectively had this name.
Chandler is a great name.
Candle seller, lol. I dislike occupational names.
I absolutely love the name Chandler! I think Chandler is a great name! Especially for characters on TV shows called friends:)
This can also be a girl's name or unisex. [noted -ed]
This name is pretty cool in a modest way, in my opinion. Personally, it's best to keep it as a male's name, but for the right person I suppose it could work on a girl. It would be nice if this name was more popular, instead of the "-aden/ayden" army and names like Kaycee.
The name Chandler was given to 264 girls born in the US in 2016.
I'm a woman with the name 'Chandler'. It has grown to suit me very well, and today I love it. When I was small, I wanted a more typical or conventional name, but now that I'm older, it's nice to stand out in a crowd. I like that it's gender neutral; it's soft but also strong. I'm glad my mother named me something so unique.
I like this name on a boy, not on a girl.
Sounds like the name of some fancy cat food.
The name gained popularity in the late 1990's due to the television show, Friends, with one of the main characters, Chandler Bing, played by Matthew Perry.
The name Chandler was unfortunately given to 248 girls born in the US in 2015.
I think this name works as a last name. Example, Mr. Chandler (from Penny Dreadful)
It also sounds better pronounced with a British accent. More sophisticated. Slightly pronouncing the -r.
I don't think this name works on a girl, but people can do what ever they want.
Chandler Riggs, plays Car in The Walking Dead.
I know a girl with this name. She's your typical pretty, popular cheerleader type. I personally think this is an awful name for a girl, and I'm not super fond of it for a boy. And it doesn't fit the Chandler I know at all.
Chandler Riggs (born 1999) is an American actor best known for playing Carl Grimes on The Walking Dead.
DEFINITELY a males name. Chandler is a cool and different name- not something you hear often at all but has too much of a strong association with character, 'Chandler Bing' portrayed by Matthew Perry.

So I automatically think of Chandler Bing. How can you not? Lol.
Chandler is also a city in Arizona in the East Valley of the Phoenix metropolitan area, and is the fourth largest city in the state behind Phoenix, Tucson, and Mesa.
Surname only, but on the show Whitechapel Rupert Penry-Jones's character is called Joseph (Joe) Chandler. He's often referred to by his last name, as are most characters on the show.
My name is Chandler, and I am a girl. My dad is a huge Thomas Kinkade fan, and my mom had just always loved the name.
I really like my name. I'm not a huge fan of being called "Miss Chanandler Bong" (Friends fans will get it), but other than that I have no complaints. I was always the only Chandler in my class, which I liked.

Oh, and my nick-name is Chandelier (but with a CH not SH), for the person that said that's what the name reminded them of.
I love Chandler on a boy! Friends brought it to fame, but they also made it "unisex" as one of Phoebe's nieces was named after Chandler. Still, a gorgeous name, and I love Matthew Perry and Chandler Bing!
This name is stupid, sounds rather pretentious, and is also unmasculine (but at the same time unfeminine). Besides, I hated the show where it came from!
This name was very uncommon as a first name and only thought of as a last name until Friends premiered, where one of the main characters is called Chandler Bing.
Could this name BE any more lame?
The name of the painter Thomas Kinkade's daughter.
I have never liked this name. It sounds too boyish, and the sound of it reminds me of 'chandelier'.
Raymond Chandler was a famous crime fiction author.
I know a girl with this name, and she personally ruined it for me. Not to mention Friends!
There are actually two characters on Friends with the name Chandler. Chandler Bing, one of the main characters, and then Pheobe's niece (her brother Frank's daughter) is named Chandler after the original one.
Chandler is a cool name for a boy.
I LOVE Chandler. Especially on a girl.
There's an actor named Jeff Chandler the third.
Chandler is the name of a character on Friends.

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