It sounds pretty, like many of the other place names that are given to children as first names. I think of the delicate porcelain- the tea sets and the sweet dolls- rather than the country- when I hear China being used as the name of a person. I like it as a name, but as someone who loves names and has a long list, China's not very high on my list, even though it's nice.
Who wants to name their child after a communist country?
Some middle names:
China Catherine
China Hannah
China Irene
China Nia
China Anne.
I'm Chinese. I wouldn't advise naming your kid this. It sounds like a name parents give their kids because it's "exotic," which is just a terrible way to choose a name for a kid. Even on a kid connected to Chinese culture, it evokes a "You really named your child this?" reaction. Chyna is even worse, it looks like some white couple wanted to name their kid China without the name being written the same way as the country. (It still sounds the same, anyways, and it just looks tacky).
Shouldn't this be in the Place Name site?
David Bowie's song China Girl came out in 1983.
There's a character called China Sorrows in Derek Landy's Skulduggery Pleasant series.
I quite like country names but maybe just alter the spellings a little and I think they all sound nice apart from “America”, “England” & “Hungary” “Japan” “Korea” or others that don’t sound name like.
Lithuania sounds nice as a name. I think I'd better add it as a user submitted name.
Yeah... NOO!
Nah, keep it as a country name.
Love it! China Anne McClain played the role of Uma, daughter of Ursula, in Descendants 2 and Descendants 3. China Anne McClain is also known for playing the role of Chyna Parks in the Disney Channel series A.N.T. Farm.
Tacky as a name.
Seems a little silly as a name, but I’ll gladly accept this for a Chinese girl. After all, she’s from China. Not to be racist...
People seem to forget that China is also a type of clay, as well as a country name. Think of a pretty Victorian teaset or something, that makes it more delicate. If people weren't so immature, maybe they'd appreciate it a bit better. Even as an ordinary word without any meaning, it is still lovely and unique. Also fits with Georgia and India, as Asian country names. The one problem, however, is the fact that it rhymes with vagina, like Regina but with one less syllable.
Extremely tacky and pathetic as a name, this won’t get your child anywhere in life.
Um, what? That's not a name. People are really crazy today.
As a Chinese guy I find this name okay, but I won't use it as an English name for my future daughter (if I ever will have one) though.
China Anne Mcclain from the Disney show A.N.T Farm.
As a person who is named China I quite love my name. It's unique, meaning it fits who I am. I've never met someone with the same name as me and honestly I think that is awesome, it is pronounced the same way as the country. True, I have had some jokes with my name, I am called North Korea and South Korea because apparently it works well with my quick changing emotions.
Unlike the majority here, I really enjoy the name China. I think it sounds adorable for a girl. I understand if one doesn't agree with me and I don't mind. However, people shouldn't insult others on their opinions. Especially on a website such as this. We should respect each other's opinions, whether we like this name or not.
I think it sounds so adorable c:
I don't like this name. I'm part Chinese, and I can't imagine a little girl being named after the country. It just sounds so fake and forced on a child. I'm not a fan of country/state/location names (i.e. India, Asia, Nevada, Africa, Paris, etc…) Also reminds me of China, as in porcelain.
I agree with most, I don't like this name. Not in English. In Japanese, however, it's pronounced "chee-nah", and has a different meaning than the country name.
The name China was given to 33 girls born in the US in 2015.
China doesn't sound like a name to me. I have no problem with place names, as long as they're established names, like Ireland or Paris. China is just strange.
Well, my name is China. I think it is a bit of an odd name, but I knew a girl called America and I've heard the names London, Paris, Atlanta, Asia, Brooklyn, and many more. They may not be usual names, but I think that my name could be referring to something like porcelain, something precious. That may have been mentioned above.
My 12 year old daughter is called China and she was not named after a country. I thought of it as porcelain, something precious and fragile. My other girls have unique names also, some 'boring' people make 'weird name' comments but most of those have put little thought into naming their children's, they just google popular names and go with the masses. My children are special and each of their names reflect that.
China Slick Kantner, daughter of Jefferson Airplane/Starship musicians Grace Slick and Paul Kantner.
I've known one or two women named China. I know some people find it odd to name a person after a country but I would like to point out that the names we have for countries are not always the same name they have for themselves, especially when our languages are quite different.

China is also a form of porcelain and I find it more believable that the origin of the name is due to this prized product. People often name their children after things they find beautiful. An example of this is the universality of flower-based names.
I discovered the use of China as a name when I found out about American singer-songwriter and actress China Anne McClain. I would advise those who consider using this name to spell it this way (not as "Chyna") to make the individual bearer's life easier. I personally think this place name is much better than India, Ireland, London and America. I like how it starts with the "ch" sound and I think the name China sounds cute and pretty. Also, I like the Chinese culture. I have zilch problems with this nice name. :)
A girl in my daughter's nursery is called China and it really suits her, but you would have to be brave to use it. I think it's quite cute.
China Zorrilla is an Uruguayan actress. In her case it's a nickname for Concepción.
I actually can go either way on this one. The the name really does not appeal to me at all but it's not that bad. I think the name China is just blunt. It bores me and reminds me of the country. I don't find it attractive but it still can be just a little pretty... I guess.
Two bearers of this name are China Brezner (Larry Brezner's daughter and Shia LaBeouf's ex girlfriend) and China Anne McClain (from the Disney Channel show ANT Farm).
I know about 7 people named "China" (or Chyna) and they are ALL large black women.
I've never really thought of China as a name for a person, although, I do have a relative who was born in 1916 whose name was China Madge (first and middle).

With that being said, China is not a new concept for a name.
It is of Chinese origin. Geography name. The country got it's name from the Qin dynasty that ruled it in the third century BC. Chynna Phillips. Name meaning: Qin's Dynasty.
This name is horrible. It's a country. And it is a horrible country.
The token Chinese guy who's in most of my classes uses the nickname China as a joke. Even if he didn't, I still can't take this seriously as a name.
I don't see how someone could not like this name? It is so pretty, I know a little Chinese girl named China and it's not weird at all. It sounds just like a name it has just the right amount of uniqueness=) I like this a LOT better than other country names. I also like the names China, India (nn Indy), Israel (Is Ray El).
China is pronounced differently in China so why would they find it disrespectful? I love this name=)
China Arnold (born March 29, 1980) is a convicted murderer who gained notoriety for burning her 3-week-old daughter Paris to death in a microwave oven in August 2005.
I know I'm going against the crowd, but I like this name. Because of the -a ending, I can see China as a person's name, unlike other country names such as Ireland and England. China isn't the prettiest name out there, to be honest with you, but I like it, because I have nothing but positive associations with the country. I have a rose-coloured glasses view of China, because of watching the perfect, heartbreakingly beautiful films of the incomparable Zhang Yimou. And I don't think China is disrespectful to the Chinese as a name; I mean, there are American girls called my country's name (Ireland), but I don't get offended over it. It seems more odd to me than disrespectful. And there are other culture names, such as Maya, Svea, Italia and India. I'd get annoyed if someone chose a culture name superficially, just because they like the sound. The idea is to honour that particular country or culture, to show that that place is special and important to you, that you have a personal connection with it - and I would want to honour China. However, in real life, I personally would rather simply choose a Chinese name. But I do like China a lot. I find it interesting, cool and pretty.
My cat's name is China. We adopted her so I didn't get to choose. While I'm not the greatest fan of this name, it has grown on me a little.
Ridiculous. This is a name of a country, not for a person.
Why would anyone name their child after a country with such horrible human rights?!
Very trashy and inappropriate. The Chinese are probably laughing at it.
I kind of like this name, but I think I prefer it pronounced as "Cheena". I knew a girl once who spelled her name as Chyna, which I personally wasn't very fond of. To reply to a comment above, I think Russia would make a nice name too, for a girl or a boy (kind of makes me think of Sasha).
This is a name only for a country, not a person!
Two famous bearers are musician China Kent, who worked on the soundtrack for the movie Brick, and "weird fiction" writer China Miéville (who is a man).
Author China Miéville's name derives from rhyming slang - "mate" (friend) = "China (plate)."
It might not be too bad if you pronounce it Cheena.
My name is China and I personally like it myself. It's very likeable, unique, and uncommon (which is better than names that you see all the time). Everyone I meet likes my name, and is always like "what an interesting/beautiful name". And unlike my sister Paris, I have only met 2 China's and know no common celebrities that have it. Where I live has a large diversity of people and many are of Asian decent, and none find it funny or insulting that my name is China. In fact I have become friends with many just over the discussion of my name.
Country names are such crap. You shouldn't use this name just because you like the sound. It makes you seem ignorant.
You might as well name all your other kids England and Russia!
China Cup Cameron is the main character in the book Broken China by Lori Aurelia Williams.
Some places sound alright as names. I can see a person named "Ireland", and it won't be too odd. But China doesn't sound like a name, at least not to me.
Okay, I personally think that this name is very weird. This may be that I myself AM Chinese, but still. It just seems odd.
I think it's OK to name your sons and daughters as capital cities, like "Paris" and "London", but it's not OK to name your (future-)kids as countries. It's nasty for your kids, and everyone should know that names are one thing and countries are another.
Paris is an actual name (arguably it was so before the city of Paris was ever called such) so I wouldn't use that as an example.

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