Nobel Prize Winners: 1 medicine
(medicine) Christiaan Eijkman   1929  
Notable Athletes: 2 soccer, 1 chess
(chess) Kick Langeweg (a.k.a. Christiaan)   1937-  
(soccer) Daan Schrijvers (a.k.a. Christiaan)   1941-2018  
(soccer) Kick van der Vall (a.k.a. Christiaan)   1946-  
Notable Journalists: 1 print
(print) Kick Geudeker (a.k.a. Christiaan)   1901-1977  
Notable Philosophers and Thinkers: 1 mathematician
Christiaan Huygens   1629-1695  
Notable Politicians and Statespeople: 4 politicians
Julius Christiaan van Oven   1881-1963  
Albert Beerman (a.k.a. Christiaan)   1901-1967  
Chris van Veen (a.k.a. Christiaan)   1922-2009  
Onno Ruding (a.k.a. Christiaan)   1939-  
Notable Scientists and Inventors: 1 astronomer/physicist
Christiaan Huygens   1629-1695  
Other Royalty: 2 princes
Friso of Orange-Nassau (a.k.a. Christiaan)   1968-2013   Netherlands  
Pieter-Christiaan of Orange-Nassau   1972-   Netherlands