Christian is the nicest name in the world. Every Christian I have met has been very nice.
I think Christian is a good name. It's so kind, nice and cool. It maybe has a nickname of Chris.
The English /ˈkɹɪʃ.t͡ʃən/ pronunciation is not phonemic; it should be deleted.
Absolutely handsome :D.
Christian McCaffrey is an NFL running back for the Carolina Panthers.
My name is Christian, and I'm an atheist. I'm very happy with my name, it being associated with a religion I'm not a part of doesn't bother me. I've never met another boy named Christian, but I went to school with a girl named Christian. Hate when people randomly shorten it to Chris though.
Very nice.
I really love Christian Bale, and I would like to name my future baby Christian (no matter boy or girl).
In Medieval England, this name was more often given to women than to men.
Too religious/biblical sounding. I wouldn’t name my child Muslim or Buddhist etc.
Such a handsome name! Love the meaning too.
I don't get the hate for Christian, yet there is love for Genesis? I think it's actually quite a handsome & timeless name. Again, Genesis is popular right now & nobody bats an eye on the meaning. My last name is a variation of Christian & I plan to use it on my son Cristian/Christian or my daughter Cristiana/Christiana since the family last name will end with me.
Spanish pronunciation: KREES-tyan (the same as Cristian).
Doesn't work out if you kid ends up being an atheist though.
I knew a man with the name Christian. But he was an evil Satanist. How hilarious!
I am Christian but I am an atheist.
My son's name is Christian and it has never caused him a problem. Most people tend to love the name, associated as it is with handsome actors and characters. However, he recently turned 18 and I knew he would encounter more bigoted people who make snap judgments (much like the many comments here) and I've told him he could go by the last three letters, Ian, if the name is a problem for him in the future. He likes his name and plans to stick with it and said if anyone judges him for it, they're not worth his time anyway. I couldn't agree more.
Sister Christian is a 1983 song by the band Night Ranger.
Sounds way too religious. Like, let's say, "Claire is Christian, not Jewish".
Very classic and handsome. One of my favorites. You don't have to be a Christian in the strictest sense of the word in order to rock this name.
Wow, it can be feminine too? All Christians I've met were boys, so it doesn't sound feminine to me - not one bit. Use Christine on a girl instead and leave Christian to boys.
This is a really sweet name. I don't find it "pushy" whatsoever, it's just a name for Heaven's sake!
OMG why so much hate on this name? Maybe it's because I'm not American, but neither in Spanish nor in Argentina, where I live, would we ever give so much hate to such a cool name. We sincerely don't care at all about the religion of the bearers. I mean, maybe besides an occasional joke if you'd happen to become Jewish or any other religion, but here we're all basically irreligious (while formally being catholic). Sometimes I don't get English-speakers...
I think Christian is a truly wonderful name. I don't think it's too pushy or forceful at all. I think the meaning “follower of Christ” is absolutely beautiful. Jesus Christ lived an incredibly admirable life, courageously sacrificed Himself and set an amazing example for everyone. That being said, even if someone with the name Christian isn't a follower of Christ, it's still a good name, because Christ is still good. He always has been and always will be.
Overall, I think Christian is a great, strong powerful name.
Christian Krogsvold is a musical artist better known as Waterflame.
I have a crush on a guy named Christian and he met my parents and of course the first thing my dad asked is if he was Christian and he thought he was referring to his name so he said yes but he actually isn’t religious. Still havn’t told my parents yet.
I’d love to meet an atheist named Christian.
Also used in Spanish.
The sound of the name is fine, but the meaning is terrible. Giving this name to your child is placing a burden on him all his life. If he ever decides not to be Christian, he is stuck with a name that doesn't reflect his religion -- and even if he doesn't, everyone will know/assume his religion as soon as they meet him. At least other Biblical names are a bit subtler. If you really want to give your child a religious name, why not pick something a little more inspired?
I'd like to say a notable bearer is Christian Vander, drummer of the French band Magma (the originator of Zeuhl)
I'm a Christian. (Not my first name, it's my religion.)
If I were born a girl, my name would've been Christian Nicole (I don't like Nicole)
I prefer Christine for a girl, and I plan to name my daughter Christine.
For a boy, I think this is better than Christopher.
A strong, masculine name with a wonderful meaning and association.
I chose this name for my first born in '99. I thought the name was masculine yet gentle. It wasn't too heavy like a lot of male names are. It also has a bit of dashing sensuousness to it.
Cool name.
That's basically like saying, "Hi, this is my daughter Catholic and my son Jew. Their cousin Buddhist is staying over tonight as well."
I think Christian is a nice name for a a boy it sounds handsome but I hate it to be short to Chris.
In 2018, 18 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Christian who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 468th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
In 2018, 10 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Christian who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 145th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Too religious for me.
I would never use this name. It sounds a bit tacky to me, plus I'm Jewish. Haha, albeit there are some very hot men who have it... *cough cough* Christian Bale *cough cough*
My crush is named this. He is exactly what the name states.
Christian the Lion! “And I will always love you...”.
Christian de Neuvillete is a character in the play "Cyrano de Bergerac." Handsome, generous, noble-hearted, albeit inarticulate, he falls in love with the beautiful Roxane.Christian Doppler - Austrian physicist and mathematician whom the Doppler Effect is named after.
I love the name. Agree with some users above; it sounds gentle, masculine, handsome and heroic. I wouldn't want it to be shortened to Chris.
Christian is so handsome on a male. One of my favourites. Can’t see it on a girl at all.
No it's not ironic at all. The one that chooses and puts the name of the creature is their parents, therefore there is absolutely nothing ironic.It's a great name.
I'm an atheist myself, but this isn't a bad name like those anti-religious users said above. I wouldn't use it personally, but if another parent wants to name their child this, go right ahead. I wouldn't like it on a female, though.
Having the name Christian and being an atheist is very ironic...
Christian Shephard is the name of Jack's father in LOST.
I'm about to legally change this as my middle name. My family is Christian, but I am not and it's just something that isn't a fit for me to have the name because it was given to me as the intended religious meaning (follower of Christ). So... before you name your child this based on your religious beliefs just consider they may grow up to have different beliefs and it might bother them knowing this is why they bear the name. I have nothing against Christianity, nor anyone who has the beliefs... I just am not one of them and it feels more like a false label for me. Consider if your parents named you Buddha or something you had no belief in. (I get this would be a stretch in the western world for the most part, but still) It would bother you to some extent.
An Aunt of mine recently informed me that when she was expecting her first during the 80's, the name Christian was heavily on her mind. She admitted that she thought for certain that his name was going to be that but changed her mind shortly after his birth because to her, he didn't look like the name, apparently. Not something I would do. I would pick whatever name and have the child "grow" into it if need be.
Anyways, my Aunt is not religious. Her choice of nearly selecting it was out of pure admiration. She just simply liked the name.
I believe anyone can use this name. It doesn't make the parents or the child bible thumpers.
Wow. With so many comments about Christian being a girl's name, I wouldn't be surprised to hear about girls called Albert, Alexander, Jacob, Robert or Matthew. What's wrong with feminine names, I wonder?
Christian Marie Serratos is an American actress who plays Rosita Espinosa in AMC's The Walking Dead TV series, based on the comic book of the same name. She is also known for playing Suzie Crabgrass in the Nickelodeon series Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide and Angela Weber in The Twilight Saga series.
This is an okay name, but I prefer the name Christopher.
Christian. I believe the title Christian was used after Christ (the Anointed) left earth after 40 days following His resurrection. It was likely applied by people who heard Christ Jesus' followers referred to themselves as Christ In... Paul states this fact in the Bible verse Galatians 2:20... it is no longer I who live (spiritually) but Christ Jesus Who lives in me. So as the "believers" were seen, people would refer to them as, "Here come those Christ-ins." Which later became extended to mean all believers in Christ Jesus & what He achieved... thus the word/title Christians.
Unfortunately, today using the title Christian is often incorrect, as Jesus gave a command in John 3:3... You must be born again (spiritually)... a new spiritual creation... unfortunately, many, many "believers" today are not born again (of God's Spirit).
Prince Christian of Denmark, Count of Monpezat is the elder son and eldest child of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary. He is a grandson of Queen Margrethe II and her husband Prince Henrik. He is second in the Danish line of succession, after his father. His sister Isabella is immediately after him in the line of succession.
Christian Büttner known as TheFatRat, is a German record producer and musician. His genre is often described as "glitch-hop".
The name Christian was given to 124 girls born in the US in 2015.
I always find it funny when I meet an atheist or agnostic person named Christian. It's kind of like the name Genesis in that I find most people I meet named Christian come from extremely religious families, but strangely is unlike Genesis in that a lot of people named this don't seem to be religious themselves. I admit I generally feel a bit wary around people called Christian, due to my negative experiences with the Christian religion, but I've met plenty of guys called Christian that have proven me to be wrong in that wariness. Other than the religious connotations, it's not a bad sounding name. I can see it on a grown man or a child, and while I find it kind of boring, it's not as boring as, say, John or Michael. I dislike the nickname Chris, though.
My name is Christian (kris te jahn) and I am male.
It has never been a strange name for me cause we don't have the word Christian in my language. The Swedish word for the religion is "Kristen".
By the way, I am an atheist and it doesn't bother me at all. :)
Great name! Don't listen to any of the anti-Christians above me.
To Gregory: I am far from an anti-Christian. I simply disagree with you/your religion. I just feel like naming a child a religion (even if you are part of that religion) would make them feel pressured or obligated to be part of that religion. If they end up being an atheist, do you think they would appreciate being called Christian? Please don't be so quick to judge two sentences I posted on the Internet.
I have never seen so many fellow atheists on one forum. I agree with most of them. It seems kind of stupid to name your kid the name of a religion.
As an atheist, I think this name is stupid and sounds like the name of the kid of some sexist fundamentalist Christian minister.
Christian Coma (CC) of Black Veil Brides. Godliest drummer. GOD status is real.
Christian is a very handsome name! This name is just as nice as the name Christopher. :) Christian is such a wonderful, strong, classic. :)
I'm not really so sure I like this name, it reminds me way too much of the religion and I'm not very religious at all.
I am a 27 year old female named Christian. I hated my name as a child. They always made me go by Chrissy when a boy had the same name in my class and I was always second guessed on my name. As an older teenager, I grew to love my name. I will always receive lame comments when I give my name such as "are you a Christian" or " hi I'm jewish." I realize people are generic in small talk. I love my name and I have no religion in my heart despite being raised Christian. When asked why she named me a boys name, my mother, who has 8 kids simply said "Oh, I never thought of it as a boy's name." All I could say was "Fair enough." I am elated every time I meet a girl named Christian because it has only happened twice. They are just as joyous when meeting me. We share every corny joke. I like my common, yet distinct name. It's simple. Yet, people are surprised. I love masculine names on a female.
Even if Christian doesn't identify with Christianity, he still has to say "I'm Christian".
This was a very popular name in Germany in the late 1900s. It ranked at #10 in 1965, #7 in 1970, #1 in 1975, 1980 and 1985, and #3 in 1990 (behind Jan and Tobias).
"King Christian stood by the lofty mast" is the national anthem of Denmark. It refers to King Christian IV, the Danish king with the longest reign.
To me, it always seemed that parents who name a son Christian are trying too hard to prove to the world (or to themselves?) that they're Christians. It's just not a very subtle name, and of course it's awkward if the child grows up to practice a non-Christian religion such as Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, etc. It also seems a bit funny when you consider that Jewish parents would never name their son Jew, Buddhist parents would never name their son Buddhist, and so on. Choosing this name just seems like a holier-than-thou ploy on the part of the parents at their child's expense, and it implies that they don't want their son to think for himself and possibly (horrors!) choose to follow a different religion or no religion.
The name CHRISTIAN is an anagram of TRICHINAS, which are parasitic worms often found in uncooked pork. When trichinas infect humans, they cause the disease trichinosis, whose symptoms are abdominal pains, fatigue, fever, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.
Christian Kane is an American actor who starred in the TV series "Leverage" and had a recurring role in the TV series "Angel."
Christian Finnegan is an American stand-up comedian. In spite of his first name, his style of comedy is extremely irreverent and pretty vulgar, but hilarious nonetheless!
Christian Haller is an Olympic snowboarder from Switzerland.
This name literally means "A Christian" Are you kidding me? This has got to be the most unoriginal name on the freaking planet.
Forget the fact that you'd be giving your son a name that's also his religion, am I the only person that finds this name really boring?
Christian Mazzalai is a guitarist for the French indie-pop band Phoenix.
I absolutely love this name! It is a name I have picked for a son someday. I have never met a Christian. The only downside to this name is Christian Grey...
I've never heard the name Christian as a girls name in Germany! Not in 30 years! Girls are usually called Christine, Christina, Christiane and Christin but not the male form Christian. Apart from that, I don't like this name, it doesn't sound nice to my ears. In my opinion, the most biblical names don't sound nice. And I also think it's odd to name a child after someone who follows a religion. In the end, if the name bearer decides to become member of a different religion or an atheist, he won't be too happy with this name!
Its an ok name, but the more you think about it the weirder it is that we use a religion as a name. I just think maybe its best not to use the name, in case he ends up following a religion other than Christianity.
Christian Grey, the character in the infamous book Fifty Shades of Grey.
It would be really funny if Christian turned out to be an atheist.
Naming your child Christian just seems to me like tacking a label on them before they even get a chance to develop personal beliefs. You wouldn't name your kid Republican or Atheist, would you?
I'm in love with a man who's name is Christian and have since fallen in love with his name, too. This is my favourite male name. It is for a beautiful, handsome, gracious yet masculine gentleman who is sure of himself. Christian is both soft and strong while still being masculine. I personally don't relate it to religion at all but I can understand how some might.
Christian (1870-1947) was the son of King Frederik VIII of Denmark and his wife Louisa.
Christian (1807-1807) was the son of King Christian VIII of Denmark and his wife Charlotte.
Christian was the name of two sons of King Frederik VI of Denmark and his wife Marie Sophie.
1. Christian (1791-1791)
2. Christian (1797-1797).
Christian (1677-1734) was the son of Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg and his second wife Sophie.
Christian (1672-1673) was the son of King Christian V of Denmark and his wife Charlotte. He died young. His younger brother (1675-1695) had the same name.
Christian (1612-1612) was the son of John George I, Elector of Saxony and his wife Magdalene.
Christian (1583-1611) was the son of Christian I, Elector of Saxony and his wife Sophie.
Christian was the name of two sons of King Frederik IV of Denmark and his first wife Luise.
1. Christian (1697-1698) died young
2. Christian (1699-1746) later became King Christian VI
Christian (1646-1699) was the son of King Frederik III of Denmark and his wife Sophie. He later became King Christian V.
Christian (1577-1648) was the son of King Frederik II of Denmark and his wife Sophie. He later became King Christian IV.
Christian (1603-1647) was the son of King Christian IV of Denmark and his wife Anna.
Christian (1615-1691) was the son of John George I, Elector of Saxony and his wife Sibylle.
Christian (1560-1591) was the son of Augustus, Elector of Saxony and his wife Anna of Denmark. He later followed his father as Christian I.
Christian (1745-1747) was the son of King Frederik V of Denmark and his wife Louise of Great Britain.Christian (1749-1808) was also the name of another son of King Frederik V of Denmark and his wife Louise of Great Britain. He later became King Christian VII of Denmark.
Christian was the oldest son of King Frederik I of Denmark and his wife Anna. He later became King Christian III of Denmark.
Christian was the son of King Hans of Denmark and his wife Christina. He later became King Christian II of Denmark.
My opinion of the name is weird in that although I feel the name is masculine, I'd prefer it on a girl. It is just an English word, and English words don't have genders. Christian Faith would be a funny girl's name (like The Christian Faith).
Bridget Bishop, a victim ("witch") of the salem witch trials, had a daughter named Christian.
Christian Bérard (1902-1949) was a French designer, painter and draughtsman. He mad designs for several of his plays and three of his films, most famously Beauty and the Beast (1946).
I love the name Christian yet I am not very religious. I think it's an acceptable name no matter what religion or lack of one.
What if s/he converts? That'd call for a change of name. You can't ignore the fact that it's the name of a religion, even if you try. I'm an atheist who believes in religious freedom, so I think it's kind of cruel if you name a kid this with the hopes that s/he'll believe in God. I think it has a nice sound to it, though.
I like this name for a boy, even though I am an atheist, so I'd probably never use it.Also, I think naming a girl Christian is a bad idea, it doesn't sound like a girl name at all and the meaning is gender neutral.
I like this name a lot "even though" I'm a complete atheist. I think most people like (or dislike) the sound of names and don't think too much, if anything, about what they "really" mean. For example, how many people who name their sons "Calvin" think about the fact that it comes from a root meaning "bald."
My son is named Christian in honor of the first Dolloff to come to the Americas in the 17th century. It has proven an excellent choice as the short version Chris is easy to use and pronounce without being so common that it overlaps with others with the same first name, although he is not infrequently mislabeled Christopher (he does not seem to mind).
I think Christian's a lovely name for a boy. But I won't use it because there's the possibility of him being... well, not a Christian.
What if little Christian becomes an atheist, or any other religion for that matter? That being said, I think it sounds pretty nice, but I wouldn't use it.
My oldest SISTER'S name is Christian. And yes, my family is Christian obviously. Everyone calls her Christi, which I would suggest if you're going to name your baby girl Christian.
Why is naming a child 'Christian' more accepted than naming a child "Jew"? The latter is a much more vague sound and sounds similar to as many real names as the former. Both are subjective titles; that doesn't change just because Christian has been used longer.
If you're Christian, please don't name your kid this! They might decide to switch religions and you'll have stranded them with a name that will confuse their Sikh or Hindu or whatever friends. Anyway, it's a little cruel to literally force-feed a child your religion. Let them decide! It is in the Human Rights Act that a child is allowed to chose and practice their religion as long as it doesn't affect anyone else.
However, considering I follow Buddhist beliefs (There are no gods or deities to worship, Buddha is a teacher, and I won't eat or harm anything with a face) maybe I don't understand. But still, think about it.
Johann Christian Bach, Bach's youngest son and a great composer in his own right usually referred to as the London Bach because he lived in that city.
My oldest SISTER is named Christian. So this name isn't just for boys. I think it sounds nice for a girl too. My sister goes by Christi though because she's been mistaken for a guy before haha.
Jodie Foster's birth name is Alicia Christian Foster.
I don't get all of the hate for this name. I'm a Christian, and I believe in God, so I don't find anything wrong with this name. It's an old, well-established name, not some modern garbage. Christian may be too common in itself, but I like it way better than the grossly overused Christopher.
Christian Clemenson is an American actor.
Come on. It's not the same as naming your kid 'Jew' or something, because Christian is long established as a name. The thing is, every name originally meant literally what it means! Christian just happens to STILL coincide with the English word of the same meaning. It's really no different than naming your child John or James in that sense. Once you go back, it meant something literally in some language. So it's no different than any other name meaning. Now, whether you want that to be your meaning is another matter, but most people seem to disregard meaning in favour of sound these days.
Actually the name Christ was given to Jesus by followers who believed he was the Messiah (which he is!) and Christ means Messiah. The name Christian developed along when Christianity became the top religion in Europe.
It is a lovely name for a girl more than it is a boy. I would rather prefer the name Christian (spelled the same way) as a girl name, however.
Christian is my last name. People pronounce it different all the time. It's really (chrish-chen) like in the bible, but there's some people who pronounce it as (christy-anne). It's been happening for so many years that I don't even bother correcting people anymore. Say it how they want.
I know a boy called Christian, but he changed it to Kristian because he got teased and people immediately got the wrong impression of him. Neither he nor his family are religious and they just like the sound of the name. I think it has a nice ring to it (they pronounce it KRIS-tyan).
Christian is the name of one of the characters featured in Green Day's new album 21st Century Breakdown.
Christian (Hejnal) Addams, lead guitarist and backup singer of the indie-experimental band Scarling. He and his wife, Jessicka (Fodera), took the last name Addams after marrying in honor of the Addams family.
I like this name for a boy. It's strong and masculine yet soft and gentle. And just because your name is Christian doesn't mean you have to be one. That's like saying if someone's name is Joy that means they are happy all the time. That is totally not true.
It's a handsome name and all, but what if the kid turns out to be an Atheist?
It was his last name, but Fletcher Christian was the name of the head mutineer on the Mutiny on the Bounty.
My big brother's name, and I know a lot of girls with this name, too, but I like it A LOT better on a girl for some reason. On a guy, it's cute until he's thirty.
Christian "Chris" Pohl is a major player in the German alternative music scene, owner of Fearsection, a record company and mastermind of the bands: Blutengel, Terminal Choice, Tumor, Miss Construction, & Seelenkrank.
Christian and the feminine version Christianna are among my favourites. I kinda dislike Christian though because of the word Christian. It is a very wonderful name, but I still wouldn't use it because of the word.
This name is not strictly masculine. It has been used on girls at least as far back as the 1500s. Back then it was very common for girls and hardly used for boys.I think this name is better suited as a girls name. I always thought it sounded rather feminine.
I really hate this name. This has to be on my names blacklist. It's just plain idiotic and uncreative! If I were forced to use this name (and there would have to be a lot of force involved), I would use it as a feminine name before a masculine one.
I don't know why but this name just comes off as girly to me.
In the encyclopedia of names Christian means "follower or lover of Christ." Now, it should not matter to non-Christians if this is true or not. If you like the name, that's great, it can just be a name!
A fashion designer named Christian Siriano won the 4th Season of "Project Runway". He was the youngest ever to win, and he was also voted fan favorite by viewers. Fierce!
I like this name for a girl, too. But it works for a boy as well. This name was number 22 for boys in 2005.
This name sounds quite normal and dull in Europe and is overused in European countries. In English-speaking countries, especially in America, this name sounds a bit weird, and a bit too much like a blatant statement that goes a little smething like this: ''We are Christians, my son will be a good Christian, and we want the world to know it! Take that, you secularists, atheists, gays, and lesbians! We're proud, and won't be brough down!'', like they believe people are actually persecuting them. I would be a little suspicious of people who pick this name, as that is the assumption that comes to mind with American people.
I much prefer Christian on a girl. I dislike how they say it's a "boy's" name when in fact WOMEN AND MEN are both Christians not just men.
Historically Christian was used as a feminine name in Scotland, not masculine.
My husband's name is Christian and I really like the name. Some people have said that it could be a girl's name but I think it's hard for it to sound feminine once you know a man with the name. Oh yeah and Jane's brother in Eastenders is called Christian.
I know a girl Christian Grace, so really, the name can go either way. Almost every name can now. Like Logan for instance, it's a girl's name too, as is Christian.
This name is very common in Scandinavia, pronounced Kris-tee-jahn. I have about 12 friends who are called either Christian or Kristian.
The German pronunciation of the name Christian is KRIS-tyahn.
I love this name! And to all those who say it’s horrible and only religious fanatics used it I strongly disagree. I am writing a romance, the hero is named Christian and I would consider this for a child.
I like the sound of this name but I would never use it for my son because I feel that to do so would be tantamount to announcing to the world that I am a Christian, when in fact I am not. The same goes for the name Faith, which I also happen to like. But impossible to use for an agnostic!
I have named my son Krystian, and even though it's spelt the Polish way I love it! So far everyone who has heard his name loves it too, and can't believe how different it is compared to the more popular names lately. All I have to say is, those who say English pronuncication has ruined the name by saying Kris-chan, well, I don't pronounce my son's name that way, and I'm English! I always make sure people pronounce it Krys-ti-an, and I get very cross if people don't, and always make sure they are corrected. I don't shorten it either. Make the most of every syllable. I love it love it love it!
I love the name Christian for a boy. It will only be a boys name to me forever. I think Christina is more for a girl and Christian is for a boy. And for those of you who don't like the name Christian due to it being a religion, well who cares? That is my religion so it only makes sense to name my son that don't ya think? Anyways, if he doesn't want to be a Christian religiously he can go by Chris, can't he? But I think it is the religion that makes this name even better. I understand that Christian is older then Christ and that is why the name was bestowed upon him because of the "Anointed One". Because his name really was just Jesus of Nazareth, until they discovered he was the anointed one, then he became Jesus Christ. See the name really outdates the religion. So the name is quite older then most people know. What a precious name. I can see why it gained such popularity. But that is great, that shows that more people like the name then don't like the name. So I guess there are more people on my side who love the name Christian. And for those of you who don't well I am sorry but there are less people on your side. Sorry statistics agree with me.
The only person I've known named Christian was a girl from Germany, but she pronounces it "KRIS-tee-ahn". To me, that's a better pronouciation than "KRIS-chen".
Famous bearer (sort of): Christian Coulson, British actor who played Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
One of the youngest members of the Danish Royal Family, the first born of the crown prince couple, is named Christian (full name: HRH Christian Valdemar Henri John). He is to become the 11th King Christian of Denmark.
I hate, hate, hate the name Christian. Why would people want to name their children after a religion that promotes cruel behavior toward people who are not Christians? But again I hate names such as Grace, Faith, Hope, Joy, and Mercy.
You're thinking of Christian fanatics who pervert the religion to persecute others. That's like judging all Islamics by the Islamic Extremists ie Taliban, etc. It's not accurate and also racist (for lack of a word that is equal to racism when applied to religion).
It doesn't mean that it makes Christian a better name. I also think it's terrible to give a person a name that is pretty much a title. Would you name your kid Democrat, Pro-Lifer, Madonna-Wannabe, Lesbian, Brad-Pitt-Hater, or something like that? Even the name itself is a crappy name in my opinion.
I have to agree with Tori on this one, I'm not Christian but a comment like that is just like saying "all white people owned slaves" it is totally untrue and out-of-bounds. At the same time though I can agree that almost every branch of christianity have had their hands dirty at one time or another.
Christian is the name of the pilgrim in John Bunyan's book, "Pilgrim's Progress." He makes his way to the heavenly city of Zion even though he endures many struggles along the way.
Christian Bush is the male singer of the country music group Sugarland. He is also related to the family whose name is shared with Bush's baked beans.
In my family Christian is used very frequently, although as a feminine name. My great-grandmother's name was Ivy Christian, my aunt and my cousin bear Christian as a middle name. My second cousin's name is Ivy Christian, but she changed it legally when she was 18 to Christine Ivy.
This is such a nice name! Very strong and handsome.
Christian is a very nice name. It sounds nice and in my opinion has great meaning.
I love the name Christian, I think it's classic. :)
My cousin's name is Christian. She is a girl. I know a few boys with that name, and I like it better on boys. In German, Christian doesn't mean "christian" (well, not literally, like in English). It is pronouced "KRIS-tee-ahn".
Christian Dior (January 21, 1905 – October 24, 1957), was an influential French fashion designer. He was born in Granville, Manche, Normandy, France.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Christian here:
This is a beautiful name! It's so elegant and wonderful.
I love the name Christian. The name has a nice sound to it.
This name is kind of strange. After all, you don't name your child Muslim or Buddhist.
Maybe, but it's been used as a name since the middle ages and maybe other religions, in their languages, had names that blatant at one point, perhaps. Not to mention there are millions of Muslims named after Muhammad, which is the most common name in the world now, and every culture has a way of invoking their religion into their names.
This is my husband's name. He hated it in school because teachers and other people would call him Kristin. It would make him so mad that people would not know how to pronounce his name. It is a religon. What is so hard about that?
Did the people who did this site fail to notice "Christ" in the name "Christian"?
Though I cannot claim to speak for the maker of this site, I'd like to point out that the meaning of the name Christian comes from one who is a Christian. That term may come from the name Christ, but it's not the etymology of the name, which is what this site is about.
Christian Bale - the Welsh actor who plays Batman in the latest Batman film. Also starred in "New World", "Empire of the Sun", "Little Women" and "The Machinist".
I don't like the idea of naming children after a religion. Think of a child named 'Confucian', though technically, that is more of a philosophy than a religion; but you get my point. Besides, what if he decides to convert?
I have a son named Christian and he loves his name. Christian is not a religion in it self, it's a basic belief in God for all religions. And for the Gentleman who thinks that kids will someday convert their religion is crazy. As long as you instill the name of the lord in them, they will always be a follower. Whether he is Catholic, Lutheran, or Protestant, he will always be Christian.
That's a really ridiculous statement, and even my own personal experience shows otherwise---I know a guy named Christian who is definitely not one. And being a Christian does not mean believing in any God, it literally means a follower of Christ, who is one particular God.
To the above user who said once his name was Christian he would never convert is just ... urgh! Christian does not mean belief for any religion. Christianity and Islam spring from Judaism, and since I wanted to get a wide view of the world I have studied all 6 major world religions and I find them all similar, and therefore am not religous at all. I respect all religions and firmly believe that someone's name does not determine who they are, and Christian could one day convert. Christianity is not the only religion out there.
This name has such a nice sound to it and it is very masculine, strong sounding yet gentle too.
I love the spelling of the name Christian, but not the English pronunciation of it. My bother's name is Kristijan and we pronounce it KRIS-tee-yan.
A lot of kings of Denmark bore this name. The son of Crown Prince Frederik and Mary Elizabeth Donaldson (Crown Princess Mary) bears this name also: Prince Christian Valdemar Henri John.
Actor Christian Slater is a famous bearer.
I like this name but only as a krees-TYAWN. English pronunciation has destroyed this name. :(
The term "Christ" means "anointed one." It comes from the Greek word "Christos." The name does indeed outdate Christianity. Contrary to popular belief, many themes of Christianity were stolen from previous belief systems. The word "Christian" did not even come into English use until 1526.
Greek name meaning the 'follower of Christ'.
Christian means "a follower of Christ." The first historical usage of this name dates back to the 1st century, in the book of Acts in the Bible.
The name "Christian" comes from the Greek "kristos", meaning "anointed one", and is older than Jesus Christ. It's not a Hebrew name.
Christian is also sometimes used as a girls name.
My son's name is Christian. I am not allowing it to be shortened at all. If I wanted to name him "Chris" I would have named him Christopher. I want his name to be "Christian". As another comment said, it is very soft (great for a baby/child) but can be very masculine as well (for as he is growing up). One of the main characters of NIP/TUCK is named Christian and I love it for a man.
I really love this name for a boy, it's soft yet potentially masculine as well.
I think the name Christian is a nice name for a guy. If I have a son I want to call him Christian, but shorten it to Kit.
One of my good friends is named Christian, but she's a girl, so it CAN be a girl's name. She's an incredibly girly-girl at that too, but tough.
I think the name Christian is adorable but we use the name Jebz or Jebus instead, it's less formal.
Christian (played by Ewan McGregor) is one of the main characters on "Moulin Rouge". The heroine is called Satine, which is a wonderful name.
I don't like Christian as a name for a person. I like Christopher, though.
The name comes from the name of Christ.
Actually the name doesn't come from Jesus Christ's name, since Christ wasn't even part of his name. Christ was a title, Jesus' full name was either Jesus Ben'Joseph or Joshua Ben'Joseph.

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