Carolina of Bourbon-Parma   (a.k.a. Christina)   (f)   1974-  
Other Royalty   1996-   Netherlands   (princess)
Chris von Saltza   (f)   1944-  
Olympic Medalists   1960   swimming - 100 m freestyle; swimming - 400 m freestyle; swimming - 4x100 m freestyle relay; swimming - 4x100 m medley relay   (silver/gold)
Christina of Bolsena   (f)   ?-304  
Christina of Persia   (f)   ?-559  
Christina of Stommeln   (f)   1242-1312  
Christina of Spoleto   (f)   1435-1456  
Christina of Aquila   (f)   ?-1543  
Christina of the Netherlands   (f)   1947-2019  
Other Royalty   1947-2019   Netherlands   (princess)
Christina   (f)  
Fictional Characters from Books   1985   Christina's Ghost
Christina Aguilera   (f)   1980-  
Grammy Award Winners   2000     (best new artist)
Notable Musicians
Christina Applegate   (f)   1971-  
Notable Actors and Entertainers   (actor)
Christina Bertrup   (f)   1976-  
Olympic Medalists   2014   curling   (silver)
Christina Giazitzidou   (f)   1989-  
Olympic Medalists   2012   rowing   (bronze)
Christina Heinich   (f)   1949-  
Olympic Medalists   1972   4x100 m relay   (silver)
Christina Hendricks   (f)   1975-  
Notable Actors and Entertainers   (actor)
Christina Lathan   (f)   1958-  
Olympic Medalists   1976; 1980   400 m; 4x400 m relay   (silver/gold/bronze)
Christina McHale   (f)   1992-  
Notable Athletes   (tennis)
Christina McKinney   (f)  
Fictional Characters from Television   2006   Ugly Betty
Christina Milano   (f)  
Fictional Characters from Television   1994   Heartbreak High
Christina Milian   (f)   1981-  
Notable Actors and Entertainers   (actor)
Notable Musicians
Christina Obergföll   (f)   1981-  
Olympic Medalists   2008; 2012   javelin throw   (bronze/silver)
Christina Perri   (f)   1986-  
Notable Musicians
Christina Ricci   (f)   1980-  
Notable Actors and Entertainers   (actor)
Christina Seufert   (f)   1957-  
Olympic Medalists   1984   diving - springboard   (bronze)
Christina Visconti   (f)   1435-1458  
Emma Wikén   (a.k.a. Christina)   (f)   1989-  
Olympic Medalists   2014   cross-country skiing   (gold)
Heather Matarazzo   (a.k.a. Christina)   (f)   1982-  
Notable Actors and Entertainers   (actor)
Jennifer Finnigan   (a.k.a. Christina)   (f)   1979-  
Notable Actors and Entertainers   (actor)
Jerney Kaagman   (a.k.a. Christina)   (f)   1947-  
Notable Musicians
Kristina   (a.k.a. Christina)   (f)   1626-1689  
Swedish Kings and Queens   1632-1654
Maria Theresia   (a.k.a. Christina)   (f)   1717-1780  
Austrian Dukes and Emperors   1740-1780
Hungarian Kings and Queens (Mária Terézia)   1740-1780
Maria Christina Brando   (f)   1856-1906  
Maria Thayer   (a.k.a. Christina)   (f)   19xx-  
Notable Actors and Entertainers   (actor)
Marie Terezie   (a.k.a. Christina)   (f)   1717-1780  
Bohemian Kings   1740-1741; 1743-1780
Maud Adams   (a.k.a. Christina)   (f)   1945-  
Notable Actors and Entertainers   (actor)
Mimi Kok   (a.k.a. Christina)   (f)   1934-2014  
Notable Actors and Entertainers   (actor)
Raven-Symoné   (a.k.a. Christina)   (f)   1985-  
Notable Actors and Entertainers   (actor)
Stien Kaiser   (f)   1938-2022  
Olympic Medalists   1968; 1972   speed skating   (bronze/silver/gold)
Toni Basil   (a.k.a. Christina)   (f)   1943-  
Notable Musicians