Boring and ugly.
This name is so boring, every little girl I meet is named Claire or Clara, I'm sick of this name.
I like it, but the Claire’s store sadly comes to mind.
Meh, looks like a name that’s about to become the new Karen anytime soon. Also reminds me of the busted Claire’s store that I hate.
Claire Foley was Professor Hershel Layton's lover in Professor Layton and the Lost Future. She's the one that gave him his iconic top hat!
I didn't like it growing up. My friend's middle name was Claire and she hated it but, recently I started to grow fond of it. So simple, classic and feminine. I just started to see the beauty of it after either watching a movie with a character named Claire or meeting someone in person. I just had a baby girl a few months ago and decided to use it as her middle name. I found out it means 'clear, bright light,' Which also seemed like such an appropriate meaning for our little girl. Great name.
Claire is a delicate and lovely name. If I had this name, I'd consider St. Clare of Assisi my namesake, since it seems like just a different way of spelling the same name. Clara, which is how we spell it in my country, is also beautiful.
Tbh I don't particularly hate it nor like it, Claire is an elegant name but most of the people I met that bear this name are mostly annoying or very petty and rude, so that's why I become very antsy when someone tells me they want to introduce me to someone with that name, but at the end of the day I don't hate it nor like it, I'm in the middle, but a very beautiful name for an individual.
One of the best female names of all time, imo.
Claire is a character from TV series The Big Bang Theory. She is a writer for a children's science fiction series, played by Alessandra Torresani.
Claire; clear.
Has anyone noticed how many movies and TV shows use the name Claire? I feel like it is the most used female name recently. On ranker they have 42 instances of Claire being used as a Fictional name. That is a lot! Clearly Hollywood loves the name.
This name is absolutely beautiful. Too way better than a gross name like Olivia or Avery. I adore it. High class and harmonic. Claire fellows, be happy for yourselves being named Claire. It is just gorgeous.
This name is very pretty. I also like Clara.
Claire is also used as a masculine given name in French and English (as a French form of Clarus), alongside Clair. However, Claire is more common for females. So, I think that the "Gender" of this name should be updated from "Feminine" to "Feminine & Masculine"; and the "Meaning & History" section of this name should be updated to read, "French form of Clara or Clarus." Some evidence for this can be seen on the Popularity Charts for Claire for the United States and France.Sources:
It's very pretty. I wish Claire was my name.
This is one of my favorite names. For YEARS I've wanted to name my future firstborn daughter Claire. So lovely and cute, and almost every Claire I've met has been so nice! Reminds me of bright colors and jewels. Also I've always imagined it as a redhead name, hehe.
Claire Waverley is the main character of the magical book 'Garden Spells' by Sarah Addison Allen.
Claire Dunphy from Modern Family.
Aside from the store, I think this is a very pretty, elegant name for a girl!
Feels dry, like a sound is missing or something. Boring name.
I absolutely love this name, although my name is Kaylee, I've always wanted my name to be something like Tasha, Ashley, or Clair, either spelled as Clair or Claire. That is why I have officially decided to have my daughter if I have one named Claire or ______ Claire _______ or as like a middle name or last name. Haters back off. This name would be wonderful for any age of a person and would even be good for a girl's name AND and boy's name.
This is my middle name and I love it. Historically it is both male and female but this is the more feminine spelling. I find it to be beautiful and precious sounding as either a first, middle or surname.
Plain, but a wearable classic.
Another name that adds so much flair when paired with some other name. It makes for such a great middle name.
Lovely name.
The singer Becky Hill is a famous bearer, as her full name is Rebecca Claire Hill.
Claire is my birth name and I hated it a lot. I still kinda do. It was too plain. Too boring.
Means clear in French.
It sounds boring.
HELLO PEOPLE! I love the name Claire. My best friend's name is Claire. Nicknames for Claire: Claire Bear, Clara, Clairy, Mr. Bear Bear, Clairy Beary, Claireopatra, and Clay. The name Claire is from Latin meaning bright, clear, and famous. It's a pretty middle name and first name.
I think Claire is a nice, simple, and classy name. Many people are saying it’s very common but I have only met one Claire in my entire life.
Claire in Greek is Κλαίρη.
Claire for girls and Clair for boys.
This name sort of reminds me of clay.
What a pretty, sweet name. LOVE IT!
I’ve never liked this name and every Claire I’ve known has had a very annoying personality.
I used to like Clara better but recently I’ve begun to really like the name Claire. So pretty but I like it better for a middle name. Ivy Claire, Marissa Claire, Ella Claire, Ruby Claire, Zoe Claire, Rebecca Claire or Mia Claire all sound great.
This was my birth name, I hated it to my absolute core. It's too delicate, way too common, and because it can't be shortened, it feels inadequate. I hate the sound as well, it just sounds like bleh to me. I now go by Queenie, which suits me better. If I introduced myself as my birth name, people would assume my favorite movie was something sappy and girly like Titanic (it's not). My favorite movie is, get this - THE TERMINATOR! Queenie just suits a Terminator fangirl better.
This name has become popular, and with good reason. It sounds elegant and ethereal.
Don't like it that much.
Lovely name.
What a truly lovely name, I may name one of my future kids this.
My name is Claire, and I'm Welsh. My boyfriend is American and he cannot get over how Welsh people pronounce my name. He says it comes out like "Kl-ehh" or "Kl-ey", because we don't roll the "r" at all.
When I was in university, there were a lot of English people, and I always had to tell them my name at least twice, and often change the way I said it so they'd understand.
English people, particularly southerners, will say it more like Jane Eyre - "Kl-eyre" or "Kl-ehhr".
I wish my name was Claire. Which is why we decided to name our daughter Claire. It is such a beautiful and elegant name. Anyone with this name is truly lucky!
A beautiful and classy name. This is the best spelling for it too. I'm glad that it isn't super common, which makes it more special than if it was overused. Claire is a million times better than the similar, but horrid and dowdy name "Clara."
My name is Claire. I like my name. Pay no attention to that stupid movie “The Breakfast Club”, Claire is NOT a fat girls name! Also, it’s NOT plain it’s wonderful and strong!
Claire the Eclair. Other than that, I like this name, better than Clara.
Claire Maximova is one of the ex-Catholic sisters who broke the silence about the sexual abuse of sisters by priests. From Ukraine, she was converted to Catholicism in her youth and became a nun in France where a French priest then groomed and raped her. She wrote her autobiography in French, entitled "La Tyranny du silence" (The Tyranny of Silence, January 2019). "Claire" is the Christian name she took when taking her vows.
Actress Claire Foy. Known famously for her role in the Netflix series, “The Crown”.
She stars as the young Queen Elizabeth II during her early reign.
I like this name a lot. It gives me a strong and confident vibe because I think of the character "Claire Redfield" from the video game series Resident Evil lol, a badass killing zombies. I also know a dog by this name but I wouldn't say it's a bad thing, she's very pretty and spunky.
This is my name! I like my name because it’s not too long etc. It’s also not too common like Isabella, Emma, Olivia etc. I recommend this name! ;D.
I love this name! I prefer this spelling to the other variants, such as Clair or Clare; they don't give off the same feeling that this version does. Great name.
My name is Claire. I love my name and I love being called Claire Bear or Care Bear.
It reminds me of a Princess. (Like if you know the Breakfast Club reference I'm trying to make).
In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Claire who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 430th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I love the name Clara, but I'm getting tired of hearing it. I'm starting to prefer Claire over it.
I like this name. It works for women and men. I've heard of men nicknamed Clare when their name is Clarence. Anyway, nice name no matter how you spell it.
My name is Clare. As a kid I always wanted a more exciting name but as an adult I'm thankful. Clare isn't too girly, can't be shortened, it's not unusual but not a common girl's name either like Kate or Jess. I've only met 3 others personally. I find it's commonly spelt with an "i". Claire people will also spell it Clair so I do have to correct people a lot. I like my spelling I think it's nicer without the "I". I did /do get called "Clare bear "by family and friends but other people's nicknames are worse. I like being a Clare, it's like care with an L.
It's nice but overused, I prefer Clara.
Claire is really charming and pretty. I prefer it to Clara.
Claire Penderwick is the aunt of the Penderwick sisters. She is Martin's older sister.
Beautiful name. If I have a daughter, I'll name her Sadie Claire.
Not a fan of this name.. it’s a bit annoying. I always think of Eclair too.
Beautiful name, short and not too popular nowadays. Perfect for a classy lady. I don't like Clare though, Claire is better.
I've always associated this name with Claire Danes, the actress. She was born in '79, when this name was ranked #400. Her parents did a really good job in combining Claire and Danes - they look and sound great together. It sounds strong, classy, unique, beautiful, and edgy - all those characteristics together. Someone described Claire as a 30-year-old (in 2008), intelligent and pretty, with blond or brown hair. That person must have had Claire Danes in mind. Claire seems like a name that has been very popular in the 90s and forward in fiction, film, and TV. It's a name that people who like creating characters enjoy using. It's been increasing in popularity over time, but I'm surprised it's still just ranked #40. It seems like it would be way overused, in the top 10, like Ava or Sophia. I've always loved this name, but does sound a bit pretentious, like you're trying too hard. I've always seen this as a name that was more popular in the UK among the older crowd, but the graphs on this site showed that it was never super-popular in the UK.
I think this name is almost perfect! It's classic, pretty, uncomplicated, and very usable. I see it working in all kinds of situations throughout a person's life. We used it as a middle name for one of our kids: Elizabeth Claire. I like it even more now than I did back then and kind of wish I could use it as a first name for another child... Oh, well. I guess we'll have to think of something else.
I hate this name.
My name is Claire and I like it. People always spell it like
And rarely people spell it right. I've never seen a male with the name Claire (or any other spelling)My name is Claire Elaine (not giving my last name) and I like the way it fits!
When using this name for a girl, spell it either "Claire" or "Clare". Don't spell it "Clair" since that is supposed to be a male name.
My first daughter Claire is named after her mother and grandmother. She was born one second after midnight Eastern Standard Time to usher in the decade of the 1980's. According to Star Magazine she was the first baby born in the world to usher in that decade. Star Magazine returned yearly to do a story on her for her first five years. They returned on her tenth birthday and did another story on here. According to me that makes her a famous person, but more importantly than that she will always be a "Super STAR" to me.
Claire Rhiannon Holt is an Australian actress, known for her roles as Emma Gilbert on the television show H₂O: Just Add Water and Rebekah Mikaelson on The CW series The Vampire Diaries and its spin-off series The Originals.
I find this name quite boring.. maybe Clara is more interesting.
Claire Underwood is one of the main characters in the Netflix series House of Cards.
This name is nice and it has lots of other variations like Klair, Clair, Klaire, and it is short but elegant and the good thing about short names is that they don't get a lot of ugly nicknames. This name is also nicer than Clara for some reason.
Clare is the subject of the movie "The Time Traveler's Wife", played by the beautiful Rachel McAdams. Both a book and a movie.
Claire (played by the stunningly beautiful Natalie Zea) is the name of Serial-Killer Joe Carroll's lovely wife on the ABC series THE FOLLOWING.
Claire and Clare, are nice but I prefer Claire.
I think this name is lovely- I'm using it for one of my characters.
Very pretty, but also very boring. Claire is so common and bland that I can't picture a real personality to go along with the name. Clara is a bit better, but not by much; I prefer the Italian form Chiara, as it feels like more thought was put into naming the girl than just going with the boring Claire.
This name is simply beautiful. Every positive adjective can be used to describe it. If you are considering this name for your little girl (if for a middle name in this case), some combos I have that you more than welcome to take a look at are:Delia Claire
Josephine Claire
Lydia Claire
Savannah Claire
Vanessa Claire
Veronica Claire.
I hate this name. For starters, it's become too common. It's like Taylor ten years ago or Ashley twenty years ago. For another thing, because of the Breakfast Club, Claire makes me think of a fat girl.
Claire Dearing is the pretty red-haired heroine of the film "Jurassic World". Played by Bryce Dallas Howard.
Claire Danvers is the lead character in the book series by Rachel Caine, The Morganville Vampires.
Claire Temple from Marvel Comics and adaptations, notably the Netflix 'Daredevil' series.
If used as a girl's name, either this or Clare should be the only ways to spell it. The spelling "Clair" is supposed to be a male name.
This is one of my favorite names for girls. I think it sounds very feminine and classic. Clara is nice too, but I actually prefer Claire, since it seems like just about all parents are naming their little girls something that ends in "a" nowadays, so Claire is more unique. A longer middle name, like "Elizabeth", might sound nice with it.
When my Mother was expecting she had thought of many names - boys names were never thought of - one Sunday close to her/my due date, she was watching a black & white movie which starred Claire Bloom. The opening titles of the film were of a handwriting font & my Mother liked the way the name Claire looked written. Thus I was named Claire. It wasn't a commonly used name in my region & I was the only one in my Primary School class named Claire. When I was younger it seemed dull & not a very girly name, also couldn't be shortened to create a nickname but I have grown into my name & have now come to like it & appreciate its simplicity but also its classic elegance by not permitting abbreviations... :-)
Very pretty and sophisticated! :D.
Claire Cooper, a British actress.
I would say that there is a slight difference in pronunciation from French to English. In English it's Cl-air and in French it's cl-Erh.
One of my best friend's name is Claire, it suits her perfectly! She's the only Claire I know, too. Her middle name is Venice, like the city, which is really pretty with Claire. I like that spelling the best, too.
Claire Farron a.k. a Lightning is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy XIII.
This name makes me think of "clarity" or "clear;" in sum, something very shiny, like a sparkly dress, glitter, or something crystal clear. It reminds me of a fairy princess!
My brother's 5 year old daughter is named Claire. It's quite common, he says there is another Claire in her class but that doesn't seem to bother her. It's a lovely name, somehow modern and old fashioned at the same time. It makes me think of an elegant young woman, which hopefully my niece will turn out to be! ;)
The name Claire means "full of light".
This is a really pretty name. I can sort of picture it on an old person, I guess...
I love this name!
My name is Claire Brittany - Claire because my parents like the name, and Brittany is a place in France they love!
Claire Skinner (born 1965) is a British actress. She, among other things, plays Sue Brockman in Outnumbered.
Claire Donahue (born 1989 in Dallas, Texas) is an American swimmer.
I love this name. I imagine a sweet, nice and caring woman with some class. Also if you're not a fan of the over popular middle name Marie, than this is a great substitute.
Claire McCaskill (born 1953 in Rolla, Missouri) is a United States Senator.
Claire Trevor (born 1910 in New York City) was an American actress.
Claire Danes (born 1979 in New York City) is an American actress.
My name is Claire. And I have an interesting story about this name. My mothers midwife who was delivering me has the same last name that as my father, and her first name was Claire. So because I was gonna have the same last name as her my mother thought it fit to give me her first name too. So I have the same first and last name as the woman who delivered me. My mother is a psycho.. Also when I met my boyfriend it turns out his doctors name is Claire and her last name is the same as mine also.. Maybe it's the one who delivered me? And I HATE being called Clairebear.
My name's Claire. I've met a few other Claires too, so the name isn't uncommon. My friends like to called me Clairebear. :)
Pretty, elegant girls name.
I have always liked the name Clair (also spelled Clare or Claire). Most likely because there is a county in Alabama by the name of St. Clair, and I've always liked it out there. No offense to anyone, but please save this name for your daughters rather than your sons. It is a GIRL'S name. Trust me.
I love the name Claire, but I feel that it may be on its way to becoming too common. I hope I'm wrong because if I have a daughter, Claire was my first choice for names.
I like the variant, Clare, better, but will not be using it for my daughter's name because whenever my husband hears the name Claire he's reminded of this scene from The Breakfast Club: Claire Standish: What's your name?
John Bender: What's yours?
Claire Standish: Claire.
John Bender: Claire?
Claire Standish: Claire. It's a family name.
John Bender: Oh, it's a fat girl's name.
In response to the Breakfast Club character Claire. You have to remember that the boy that insulted her really had a crush on her. She was the rich, stylish and yes, spoiled girl. But the point is, your husband has to see how the character Claire was seen as a whole and she was portrayed as quite attractive and popular.
This name reminds me of chocolate eclairs, so it's nice but a bit sickly.
I love this name. We named our daughter Claire and we get many compliments. It is such a beautiful name.
I love the name Claire! It is so pretty! It suits all ages.
Even though I HATE the name Clara I LOVE the name Claire! So beautiful!
This name is so strong and yet still very feminine at the same time. I love it.
Claire is a bit overused, but I still love it. The 'i' makes it look so much better than Clare.
Very very pretty!
People talk about this name being overused, but I have never actually met anyone named Claire. It's still one of my favorite names, though. I imagine someone very elegant and intelligent with this name, and very sweet-natured as well. Although I think Claire suits just about any physical appearance, I think it would sound best on someone with red or auburn hair (possibly due to Molly Ringwald's character in "The Breakfast Club").
It's nice in meaning, but too bland, and rhymes with queer.
Queer is pronounced kweer. Claire is pronounced klayre. I honestly can't see a similarity.
Claire Forrest is the name of one of the four main characters in the anime (Japanese animation) Red Garden.
Claire Stanfield is the name of a (male) character in the Baccano! anime/manga/novel series.
Claire is a sweet name that strikes some rare beauty. When I hear Claire I think of "Claire de Lune" which means moonlight in french.
I've always loved this name, even though I ordinarily prefer more elaborate or lesser-used girls' names. Claire is just so sweet, pretty, and charming in its simplicity.
LOL, there's a store named Claire's! :DDPretty name though! elegant and easy to use throughout life! there should be no problems with this name whatsoever.
Mature and elegant-sounding, but very overused.
Hollywood star Claire Trevor (1910-2000).
We named our daughter Eleanor Claire, but she goes by Ellie Claire. In her playgroup of only 15 2 year old girls, there are 4 variants of Claire: Ellie Claire, Sinclair, Claire, and Clare. We all thought we were being unique! I still love it though!
I love the name Claire! It means clear and bright, and that's a cool meaning. Something about it to me is just so pretty. I prefer it over Clara - there's just something really simple and beautiful about this name. It's a common middle name, but I can understand why - it goes well with practically every first name! =) I also think the E at the end must be there, or else it looks kind of empty.
There is a character in the "Twilight" books by Stephenie Meyer called Claire. She is Emily Young's two-year-old niece (though she turns three in "Breaking Dawn") and has been imprinted upon by Quil.
Claire is the middle name of actress Zooey Deschanel (Zooey Claire Deschanel).
This is my sister's name. It's not too common where I am. I think it's a nice name, not too overused but not totally weird.
Actress Claire Coffee plays Nadine Crowell on the ABC daytime soap "General Hospital".
Claire Lyons is a character in the Clique books.
Oh my gosh this is such a cute name. I would pick it over Clarissa, because of two reasons:
1. Claire is a short, cute, name and it has an "e"
2. Imagine a 30 year old girl named Claire. You get the picture of an intelligent, pretty, brown or blond haired woman. If you name your kid Clarissa, when she turns thirty, you imagine a different woman.
The idential Hansen female quadruplets (Allison, Brooke, Claire and Darcy) are born in Texas.
You certainly don't have to be ashamed of your name if it's Claire. The name is elegant, sophisticated, pretty, short and simple, yet not too plain or minimalist on its own. Still, the name can be combined with other short names. This sounds like the name of a pretty, slender, and pale, yet not anemic-looking young woman with light brown or reddish hair. The name is overused, so it doesn't have much of a glamour factor, but it's still a nice name.
I think Claire is a really nice name but you have to be very sure about it when giving it to a child.
I absolutely adore the name Claire. It is a simple, yet fantastic name.
A famous bearer is American actress Claire Windsor (April 14, 1897 – October 24, 1972), a notable film star of the early silent film era. She has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her film contributions.
I love this name. I picked it as my unofficial middle name. It's easy to say and short. I also like the character Claire in McLeod's Daughters.
I think this is a nice name. It sounds so lovely and I can't imagine a girl named Claire, without a great personality to go along with it. One of my best friends has picked this name to be her middle name and it definitely suits her.
I think it's a bit simple for a first name but I like it as a middle name. I also like the meaning of bright and famous.
I like this name. I like the smooth flow of it, the feminine touch. Much better than Clara. Or Clare.
I read a book where one of the characters' names was Claire. Therefore, the name Claire/Clare is sort of on my bad list right now. As for my personal opinion this name is okay, although I don't like one-syllable names much.
A famous bearer is Claire Washburn, character of James Patterson's book series, Woman's Murder Club. The character is a head-strong black mother of two teenage boys and also a chief medical examiner.
A lovely name! I have a really good friend who is named this. I also like the meaning - clear.
I love this name. I feel that the “I” makes it look much prettier than Clare. It gives me the impression of a strong woman who has a clear mind and a clear way of making herself loved by all who know her. My singing teacher bears this name, and since meeting her every time I say, read, or write the name, it makes me think of a soft, clear, and beautiful song.
I LOVE this name! It's so cute!
It's cute.
Claire Simone Fisher was a character from the awesome TV show "Six Feet Under", portrayed by Lauren Ambrose. She was the youngest child of a funeral director, and only daughter. She was a funny, unstable, young, outcast with a passion for photography and strange things (She drove an old lime green hearse, and once put a dismembered foot in an ex-boyfriend's locker).
My little brother likes this name for a girl, but he pronounces it KLER-EE! It's so funny!
Claire Bloom (born Patricia Claire Blume on February 15, 1931) is a British film and stage actress.She was born in the North London suburb of Finchley, to Edward Blume (the son of Jewish immigrants, originally named Blumenthal, from Russia and Latvia) and Elizabeth Grew (a descendant of Jewish immigrants from Poland originally named Griewski).
Claire Bennet, played by Hayden Panettiere, is a character in NBC's Heroes. I like the name anyways.
This is my name and I love it! People always spell it Clare or Clair though. Clair would be good for a boy.
Claire is such a beautiful elegant name.
Although my best friend is called Claire I think the name is common. Although the version with i is prettier than Clare.
Claire is the name of Kirsten Dunst's character in the film Elizabethtown.
My sister's name. She's not 'clear' about anything but it's still a lovely meaning. Claire is a french adjective meaning clear but Clare isn't a French variation. There are more Clares than Claires in England. Though both variations are quite popular with the 80s generation I think now it's declining.
There is a store called Claire's. They sell jewelery and other knick-knacks.
Claire is a great name and also makes a good middle name. Nice that it isn't a fad name it seems to withstand the test of time.
Claire Fraser/Randall/Beauchamp is the time-traveling heroine of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series.
My name is Claire and my French teacher Miss Champin told me it meant light in French.
The character Belle on the soap Days of our Lives just had a baby and named her Claire.
My name is Claire and I have also known other Claires, and I would have to say the pronunciation as "Kler" isn't correct in any language. The proununciation is "Cl - AIR" or "Kl - AIR" with the "air" sound as opposed to an "er" sound.
[ER = air on this site's pronunciation guide -ed]
Claire Littleton (played by Emilie de Ravin) is a character on the TV show "Lost."
Claire Standish is the name of Molly Ringwald's character in the film "The Breakfast Club".
Actress Claire Danes is a famous bearer.
Claire was the name of Mrs Huxtable - the wife/mother on The Cosby Show, played by Phylicia Rashad.
There is a Resident Evil character named Claire Redfield.
Such a pretty and lovely name.

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