This name can also be a Feminine name, making this name Unisex.

In the USA, it started to be used as Feminine name in the 1970s
24 Girls and 22 Boys were named Clancy in 1993.

In the UK, it was never recorded as a masculine name and it's Exclusively used as a feminine name.
3 Girls in the UK were named Clancy in 2015 and 2016.
5 Girls have also been named CLANCY in the UK in 2019.

Popularity usage around the world in estimated numbers.

This is an Update of my previous comment originally on August 13th 2020.
Immediately reminds me of clashy. Clashy Clancy goes clomping down the stairs LOL.
Clancy Gilroy is the main character from the Netflix show The Midnight Gospel.
It's a surname.
Very hoity-toity. Makes me think of peanuts.
This name can also be FEMININE, making it UNISEX.

In the USA, it started to be used as FEMININE name in the 1970s
24 girls and 22 boys were named CLANCY in 1993.

In the UK, it was NEVER recorded as a MASCULINE name and it was EXCLUSIVELY used as a FEMININE name for Two years.
3 GIRLS in the UK were named CLANCY in 2015 and 2016.

In Australia it was not as popular as a FEMININE name but it was still UNISEX.
3 girls and 5 boys were named CLANCY in 2010.

Popularity usage around the world in estimated numbers.
UPDATE: 5 GIRLS have been named CLANCY in the UK in 2019.
Like I said earlier, in the UK, it's EXCLUSIVELY a FEMININE name.
Another PROOF that THIS name is UNISEX.
'Clancy of the Overflow' is a poem written by the Australian poet Banjo Paterson.
I am a female Clancy and I am proud of it!
Makes me think of clamps.
Gosh, this name is so ugly. It's even uglier on girls.
I am a female Clancy.
I've recently learned this name from Resident Evil 7 (mainly the demo), and I've really enjoyed the name. It sounds so adorable to me and the name is rare. I really enjoy rare names. :)
I'm sorry to say this but, Clancy is a masculine name if people accept that or not. Originally, however. Nowadays it is unisex. However, it was originally male.
I think I encountered this name before, but I really started to take a liking to it after the Resident Evil 7 demo on PS4 where Clancy is a playable character (even though you don't know much about him other than that...).

Since then, I've really fallen for this name. I have no real idea why, but I like the look and sound of it. Clancy! I've already incorporated it into my stories :)

It's definitely rare in English (at least in the USA) but that's not always a bad thing, contrary to what a lot of people on this site might think. I don't see anything necessarily masculine or feminine about the name either. Seems pretty unisex to me.
Hi, to the female Clancys: Do people often mistakenly think that your name is "Nancy?"
Clancy is definitely one of those dated; stuck in the past, more suited to an older generation names. Sorry, but I can't for the life of me see a little boy named 'Clancy' running around. I just don't see it as a timeless name.
I hate to break it to some of the people complaining that this name has been stolen by girls. Records indicate that this name has been used on both males and females since the 18th-century. This is also the same time when this first occurred as a given name. So, it has always been traditionally unisex. Please do your research before complaining about something none of you seem to know what you are talking about.
Another character on The Simpsons with this name is Marge's deceased father. Matt Groening must have liked this name.
Clancy Brown (b. January 5, 1959), born Clarence Brown, is an American voice actor who has voiced, among others, Mr. Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants and Lex Luthor throughout the many DC animated series. He has also acted in live-action movies such as The Shawshank Redemption.
This name is so cute! Just lovely! It is also a rare name which makes it much more intriguing to me.
I love the name Clancy for a BOY. It's more masculine in my opinion. It also reminds me of the famous Irish group the Clancy Brothers, I've listened to them since I was a baby which makes me want to use this name even more.
It reminds me a bit too much of Tom Clancy, author of The Hunt For Red October and other stuff.

I like it as a name, in general, but would never use it because of that.
I don't like the first syllable. A name with ''clan'' in it doesn't sound right to me. Besides, the name is old-fashioned and quite awkward, and it's the name of the stupid cop on the Simpsons. It has that rather girly ending too, the ending that is used in more common and feminine names like Stacy, Tracy, and Nancy. I know the first two were originally used on males, but they sure sound feminine today. Not that this name sounds good on females either.
See, this is another one of those surname cases, surnames turn into guys' names to honour their grandparents or whatever, then girls' parents decide to be all brave and name their girl that. But, I hate to break it to you, your name might be Clancy, and you may be a girl, but your parents were those pioneers, who decided that they wanted to call you a guys' name, like calling you John. So, although you might want to get really angry and be all 'CLANCY IS A GIRL'S NAME TOO!' if my name was Clancy, and I was a girl, I think I would, but the thing is, Clancy is really a boys' name, and you'll have to accept that. Sorry but yes, it's masculine.

Also a famous Australian poem, Clancy of the Overflow.
No, I don't think surnames have gender, really--however, I hate seeing them used for girls anyway. Before it was trendy and common, it was sort of cute and unique with the right name, but now I hate hearing girls with surnames, especially masculine-sounding ones like this one.
Clancy is NOT ONLY a male name! Why does everyone always have that impression? I am a female Clancy!
Chief Clancy Wiggum is the cop from the popular show "The Simpsons".

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