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Gender Feminine
Usage French
Pronounced Pron. KLO-DEE
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Meaning & History

French feminine variant of CLAUDE.
DiminutivesClaudette, Claudine
Other Languages & CulturesClaudia(Ancient Roman) Claudia(Biblical) Klavdiya(Bulgarian) Clàudia(Catalan) Klaudija(Croatian) Klaudie(Czech) Claudia(Dutch) Claudia, Gladys(English) Claudia(German) Claudia(Italian) Klaudia(Polish) Cláudia(Portuguese) Claudia(Romanian) Klavdiya, Klava(Russian) Klaudia(Slovak) Klavdija(Slovene) Claudia(Spanish) Claudia(Swedish) Klavdiya(Ukrainian) Gladys(Welsh)
User SubmissionClaudie


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