No. No no. I don’t like this. Sounds bad.
Character actor, Clint Howard.
This name is awesome, especially when the first time I heard the name was "Clint Eastwood", if I have a baby, I'll 100% be naming him Clint.
It’s okay, but it sounds too close to a female genital.
Kind of boring.
Famous American actor Clint Walker. 6ft.6in. Of gorgeous manhood. He made a number of movies and also had his own TV western series Cheyenne.
This name sounds incomplete, to be honest.
Clint Barton aka Hawkeye.
I love the name Clint. If I had a boy, I would definitely consider naming him Clint. It just makes you think "bad ass" haha. I haven't come across anyone with the name.
The name Clint was given to 116 boys born in the US in 2015.
Yeah, all I can think about when I hear this name are stoic bad asses like Clint Eastwood himself. I personally think he's the only one worthy enough to bear this name, like how Jesus Christ is the only worthy enough to bear the name "Jesus."
The name Clint was given to 110 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
A famous bearer of this name is Clint Barton (Hawkeye), one of Marvel's Avengers.
Personally I can't imagine this name on a young child. It is a strong name, but think of a 6 year old named Clint. It just doesn't seem right on a kid. Possible middle name material.
Clint Eastwood. Hard persona to live up to.
You can't be from the city and pull off the name Clint. Even Clinton. You just can't. If you're named that and you're a city-dwelling metrosexual, just replace three letters and become "Brent". Then go with your buddies to get a pedicure and Brazilian wax.
Clint Black is a famous country singer.
On the show 'Friends', when Chandler decided that his name was horrible, he wanted to change his name to Clint, but Phoebe and Joey said that he couldn't pull it off.
My husband's name is Clint. I had never heard the name before we started dating and my first impression was that he might be a manly man, and I was right, lol. He is a guy's guy, funny, caring, smart, protective over his family. All in all a great guy's name!

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