I thought it was cute, snooty and french. It was a king's name. For English speakers it is green, it sounds like clover. I imagine the king Clovis had clover-like decorations on his crown.

My husband would not accept "Clovis" since we live in a french-speaking country. Though it is a French name, "Clou" means nail, and "Vis" means a screw. He was not into construction tools being used in our son's name.

Someone here said their history book pronounces Clovis as Clo-vee. But this can not be correct. My French professor from college is from Paris. He is an authentic frenchy with a doctorate in French litterature, and he certainly pronounces it Clo-Vis.
Like Clover, this name would be lovely on a cat (or any other pet).
I doubt that this will be a popular opinion, but this is one exclusively masculine name that I think could be used for girls as well... It's much softer and sweeter than a lot of other male names.
This name is one of my favourite ones. I saw it for first time in one of Rick Riordan's books, named The Lost Hero. His Clovis is son of Hipnos. Also I am writing books and one of the main characters in one of them is named Clovis (he is emo).
Clo-vee-ss actually. So the entry is right.
Historical name. Given to poor kids nowadays for reasons I can't fathom, since it really is a historical name.
My history book said the king pronounced it clo-vee.
Clovis points are thin, fluted projectile points that date to the Paleoindian period around 13, 500 years ago (as of 2011) and are associated with the North American Clovis culture. The Clovis points are named for Clovis, New Mexico, where they were first discovered in 1929.
Such a lovely name, very masculine but gentle sounding too. Clovis would make a wonderful name for a little boy or a grown man, unlike a lot of names used now that sound childish.
This is a terrific name. It suggests to me a mischievious, humorous, clever person who can get into a lot of unpleasant situations but can just as easily get out of them. It sounds a little like "clover" to me, but that wouldn't stop me from using it. I love this name.
Clovis Sangrail is a character in many of Saki's short stories. He is of a decidedly mischievous disposition.
I think this name is extremely underused. It is refreshingly off the beaten track.

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