It does remind me of Bonnie and Clyde, but I like it. This name deserves a comeback.
I like it but it's a little too dated.
I named my son Clyde after his father. He’s actually a fourth so I think that adds a little more prestige to his name. Everyone one that hears his name think it’s really masculine, and vintage. I heard one woman say it was badass.
This is really cute!
I love it, if I had an English sounding surname, I'd definitely use it.
My last name is Barrow (pronounced "Bear-oh" or arrow with a b in front) people always ask if I'm related to Bonnie and Clyde Barrow. I'm pretty sure I'm not. I already have Jesse James on my mom's

As a name, I don't like it.
I just realized why this name has always struck me as a little silly or clumsy. It reminds me of the word "collide".
Clyde Mcbride is a character on the Nickelodeon show “The Loud House” He is eleven years old and Lincoln’s best friend.
My name is Clyde! I’m female, fifty eight years old. I was named after my mother’s best friend in high school. Her name was Clyde as well. I’ve always heard my name meant 'Heard from afar'. Believe me, it fits! I have met or known of more women than men with the name Clyde. It seemed very popular for women about a hundred years or so ago. I love my name. I do get kidded a lot! No, my father did not want a boy!
A weird, but also kind of cool name. Only someone in desperate need of a lobotomy would ever consider it for a girl, though.
Clyde is a masculine name, but I love it for girls! I do think traditional feminine names on girls are cute but boyish names on girls are more unique! I wouldn’t use feminine names on boys though. Clyde is also nice as a boy's name, and it’s actually more of a male's name than a female's but that’s not to say I hate it for a girl.
In 2018, 63 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Clyde who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 619th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Cool sounding name.
This name is really ugly.
On Wikipedia, citing "The Celtic Place-Names of Scotland" by William J. Watson (first published 1926), "The derivation is not certain but probably from the Brythonic Clouta which became Clut in Old Welsh. The name's literal meaning is 'wash' but probably refers to the idea of a river goddess being 'the washer' or 'strongly flowing one'."

Also on Wikipedia, this proposed Brythonic root is translated as "the cleansing one".
I actually think this is a really cool name. Shame that it isn't used so much. Great name for a boy that isn't overused!
The name Clyde was given to 295 boys born in the US in 2016.
96.94 percent of people with the first name Clyde are male.
Clyde Langer (played by Daniel Anthony) is a main character on the Doctor Who spin-off series The Sarah Jane Adventures.
Clyde Barrow from Bonnie & Clyde.
Clyde Tolson was FBI director J. Edgar Hoover's second-in-command and probable boyfriend/partner. He was played by Armie Hammer in the movie "J. Edgar."
Wiktionary defines Clyde as:

Literally "cleansing," from a Celtic root probably related to Latin cloaca - "sewer, drain".
The name Clyde was given to 154 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
I love the vibe of this name. I always thought it sounded slick and debonair like a spy's name (I guess it's because of Bonnie and Clyde) but it still seems playful on a young boy and professional on an adult man.
Clyde is the dad's name in the movie The Possession, which is apparently based on a true story.
Unfortunately none of those suggestions appear to be true. The "loud" meaning is clearly folk etymology (i.e. made up) by someone trying to understand a Brythonic word by comparing it to a more comprehensible Old English word (hlod). The old British word for the Clyde however is Clut, modern Welsh Clud and Gaelic Chluaidh. Unfortunately there don't appear to be any real words even close in form in Welsh, Irish or Gaelic. The best suggestion I've seen is that it is the name of the local river goddess, and possibly pre-dates the spread of Celtic into Britain. At this point, as with many ancient names, it is impossible to say what it means, or satisfactorily verify any theory.
Found this possible definition, which makes great sense, at the following--'Clyde'_mean

"Clyde is Scots-Gaelige for: Heard from afar. The river Clyde means a loud river heard from a distance. The Firth (of Clyde) means a fjord-like deep inlet (not a shallow delta) to the river near the sea. Clywwd, is also welsh-Brythonic for: Loud or loudly. Clwwd is Cornish perhaps for: warm. These Gaeilige, Welsh, and Cornish words were "Anglicized" by Germanic (Angle Saxon Dane) invaders into Britain.
Gaelic languages are from an Indo-European stock becoming distinct in Galatia (in modern Turkey) before; Persian administration, Greek trade and Roman colonialism, among other influences moved the languages and peoples ever westward into Gaul (modern France). These languages included what would later evolve into Brythonic (Brittany-Gaul-France-Britain) Cornish-(Cornwall and southern Britain) Welsh (Wales) Gaelige (Eire-Ireland Gaelic-Scots-Pict)."
This is the name of a friend's horse and a suburb near me, so it just seems strange. Otherwise it's an okay name.
It is a very handsome and rather uncommon name for a little boy. It automatically reminds me of Clydesdale horses though.
Otherwise rather nice, but absolutely terrible as a girl's name. Just the thought gives me a weird, pressuring feeling.
I think it's a really an awesome name, it's quite cool. Should never be used on a girl though.
I think it's a rather cute name. ;)
I love this name on a girl. It's all Tori Amos' fault! Girls names don't have to be beautiful and I've never understood why some people think that "masculine" names on girls are so atrocious. The name Clyde has always seemed kind of asexual to me, honestly. And just like Jane, you could pair it up with an utterly feminine middle name and it would still sound nice. Clyde Louella is really sticking on me right now.
Old-fashioned, ugly, and particularly horrendous on women.
It sounds a little harsh, but I think it is pretty cute for a gal.
One of the ghosts from Pac-Man is called Clyde.
My dad and my brother's first name. My dad goes by his middle name Randall, and my brother goes by JR. Neither one of them go by Clyde. I think it's unusal and kinda strange but it reminds me of Celtic peoples (we're Irish!)
Clyde Donovan is a supporting character in the tv series South Park.
There was the famous robbery couple Bonnie and Clyde, Clyde played by Warren Beatty in the film from 1967.
I liked a fellow when I was in school named Clyde. Now when I hear the name, it seems very romantic and warm. The name comes from the County Clyde in England, I think.

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