The only Colby I ever met was female. I guess it's okay for either gender, since it didn't sound particularly unusual on her and I have no trouble seeing it on a boy. I wouldn't use it myself, but I don't hate it.
Dumb name. It doesn't sound amusing at all.
I don't like it. Nothing interesting about it. Boring name and not much class either.
Total dumb jock name. Colby's not that bright.
I have this friend named Colby, he's different from all the boys I've met because he's different in good ways. I think it's a very unique name for such a person.
Makes me think of cheese. Colby is 100% masculine to me.
My 14 year old daughter is named Kolbie and suits it very well. Don’t know anyone else named the same so when I hear that name mentioned I know it’s about my daughter.
It seems really strong and cool, I would name a kid it.
My grandson was given the name Colby and I love it. Reminds of a midwestern cowboy. We like the fact that he has a twin sister and their names do not rhyme. Don't really care for the name for a girl.
It’s okay.
This is my husband’s first name. He’s a very kind and fun person, so I feel like the name suits him well. Say what you will against the name but it’s 100x better than what his parents almost named him. “ARGULUS”.
Colby Brock is a famous Youtuber who is in a duo called Sam and Colby.
Sounds *cheesy* to me, get it?!? :p.
My first name is Colby, and I like this name. As another man said on this comment page, it makes it so easy to tell who's your friend or not because there are some ways to associate it with derogatory terms. I honestly just think that it's a very underrated name.
I dislike names with the lb combination, and I also had a very annoying classmate with this name.
I stumbled across this page and found it unusual that my name was being discussed. I am 65 years old and had the name Colby much earlier than those using it now. I hated it all the way to high school. In high school, people gossip in the bathrooms, so if I was in a stall and I heard my name being used in gossip or in a derogatory manner, when I walked out of the stall they were caught, because they could only be talking about one person -me. Easy way to find out who your real friends were. I myself would like to drop my last name because if you don't know me as Colby, the last name isn't going to help.
But now there are more Colbys, usually boys. So I guess I'll have to keep my last name.
Colby Keller, Colby Jansen, and Colby Chambers are all gay porn stars.
My husband's name is Colby. I've always thought the name to be juvenile and feminine. I still think the name is juvenile but I no longer think of it as feminine because my husband is all male (all 220 ripped muscled pounds of him).
Colby O'Donis is a Grammy-nominated American pop and R&B singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer and actor of Puerto Rican, African American and Italian descent. He is best known as a featured artist in the Lady Gaga single "Just Dance", which spent more than eleven months on the Billboard Hot 100. He is also well known for his lead single on his debut album Colby O titled "What You Got" featuring Akon, which peaked at number 14 on the Hot 100, and being featured on Akon's song "Beautiful", which peaked at number 19 on the Hot 100.
I love this name. I never knew about it until I met this boy with it. Now I love the name.
Colby Lopez, an American professional wrestler signed to WWE who performs under the ring name "Seth Rollins".
Reminds me of the Mainland Colby cheese ad. "Your friend in the fridge".
It's cute, I'll admit that. But it doesn't really have much substance... It's a bit too modern and youthful for me. However, I think it would be adorable on a dog :) my only problem is when people mess up the spelling (Colbie, Kolby, etc.) and/or when it's used on girls. This name is not at all suited for a grown woman.
I love it for a boy, but these days it's probably too "girly" for a boy. I agree with post above that says it's not really suited for a grown woman. Maybe not even a grown man, now that I think about it. But it's cute for a little boy in my opinion.
The name Colby was actually given to 48 baby GIRLS born in the US in 2012.
My husband's middle name is Colby. I wouldn't have put it past his father to name him after the cheese. Ironically the actually meaning of the name relates to coal, or coal mining. My husband is a mining engineer who studied in coal mines.
The huge increase in boys named Colby in 2001 is because that was the year Survivor: The Australian Outback aired. It was the most popular TV show at the time and the most popular player to appear was Colby Donaldson.
Colby Donaldson is a three-time Survivor contestant who appeared on Australian Outback, All-Stars, and Heroes vs. Villains.
This name sounds very juvenile. It is also overused and celebrity-inspired. I can't picture this name on a resume.
Josh Turner, a country singer, and his wife have had their second son. They named him Colby. I like it.
I don't like this name. Makes me think of cheese.
My name is Colby. I love the name for a girl. It's very unique. I've only met one other female Colby. I used to hate my name when I was young, but it really grew on me. The cheese jokes get old, but there could definitely be worse jokes.
Colby to me is WAY too feminine for a boy. It just doesn't strike me as a masculine name.
Colbie Caillat is a pop singer. I like it spelled better with -ie.
Colby Granger is a character on the show Numb3rs.
Colby is a great name for a boy. I know a 12 year old boy with this name, he is a pretty neat kid.
There is a kind of cheese called colby cheese, and it is orange. (It is similar to cheddar.) There is also colby-jack cheese, which is a combination of colby and Monteray Jack cheeses.
I have always liked the name Colby. Not overly used which is nice. I do personally prefer it for a boy though.
My daughter's name is Kolbie. I changed the spelling to make it more feminine and to not associate with cheese. :)
I have also met several girls named Colby.
I like the way this name sounds, but I would never name someone this because it always reminds me of Colby Jack cheese. :(
My whole family is named Colby. It's a tradition in my family. This name means so much to us.

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