I am sorry, but Colin is an awful name. I also live near a Colin that is horrible.
― Anonymous User  8/21/2020
I like this name but it sounds like colon, lol.
hysteri4  8/8/2020
Ok, lets get this straight. Many are arguing how it's pronounced but technically this should provide an explanation. Colin (1) is an Irish and Scottish name. It should be pronounced KAHL-in. This name is derived from the Greek name Nikolaos, the O in Nikolaos makes a strong OH sound. Because of this, some people pronounce it NIK-oh-ləs instead of the usual NIK-ə-ləs. Eventually this lead to the medieval nickname/diminutive Col. Based on all of this info Col should be pronounced KOHL. So Colin (2) should be pronounced KOL-in and Colin (1) should be pronounced KAHL-in. But this is just my opinion and research so pronounce Colin which ever way you want.
ChayHey  1/9/2020
Colin/Collin "Call-IN" like pollen is a great name for a boy and man. I would recommend it to anybody! I like that it means "dove" in Gaelic.
LV51sfan91  5/13/2018
Colin Odonoghue is one of the actors on the ABC show Once Upon a Time.
― Anonymous User  2/20/2017
I like this name and if you like\love it as well and are considering using it for your little guy, some combos I have paired with it that you are more than welcome to take a look at are:

Colin Jeremiah
Colin Sawyer
Colin Theodore
Colin Xavier
Colin Everett
Colin Jeremy
Jeremy Colin
Dakota Colin
Hunter Colin
Jared Colin
Spencer Colin
Theodore Colin
Parker Colin.
― Anonymous User  4/25/2016
The name is Col-in. I'm tired of ignorant people that want to fool themselves into believing they aren't ignorant by analyzing the differences of spellings until they completey convince themselves there's a difference. I had a teacher tell me in 6th grade that my spelling was pronounced colon because "Collin" was two parts, col and Lin. I thought "there's no lyn in my name!". And this Powell guy is a disgrace to our name. If you want it to be pronounced that way, go to the courthouse and get your name changed to Colein. I mean it annoys you when your name is spelled in a way that can possibly be pronounced either way, with society proving it to be pronounced one way, but everyone is so stupid that they not only think it's pronounced Colon, but also act like you're the dummy for spelling it with one L.
Colinnotcolein  8/21/2015
Another famous bearer is Colin Mochrie, a Canadian improv comedian, actor, and author. His main success was as a performer on both the UK and US versions of the improv comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway?. He was also a member of the infamous Second City improv group. I think he has been in a few movies and tv shows as well, but the only one on the top of my head right now is a sitcom with his wife, called Almost Famous.
anoldfashionedgirl  3/2/2015
Growing up, one of my best friends' name was Collin. He was a one-of-a-kind person: good-hearted, extremely intelligent, creative, an amazing amateur actor, funny, and is now in Nepal, translating books. That is the impression I will always have of this name, and if I am ever blessed with a son, this is definitely one of the first names I will consider. Colin Morgan, by the by, plays Merlin in the TV show Merlin (and his personality seems to be remarkably like that of the Collin I grew up with).
Gypsy November  9/13/2012
I like this name because I like Colin Firth. It's also a strong, masculine-sounding name IMO.
Amanda_M87  2/24/2012
Colin Sullivan, one of the main characters in The Departed, played by Matt Damon.

Also, Colin Mochrie, a Canadian comedian.
― Anonymous User  12/27/2008
This name reminds me of colon. Not the one you use in writing either. ;)
jasmineenimsaj  2/10/2008
Colin Greenwood is the bassist in the band Radiohead.
scholasticastewart  11/11/2007
The name can also be spelled Calin. I'm pretty sure it's Romanian. I know someone with the name spelled like that.
― Anonymous User  6/13/2007
I have a friend and he spells his name 'Caulin'.
writersblock  5/15/2007
Sorry to all the Colin's out there, but I honestly can't stand the name! I know a Colin and he's awful! =(
gym4god  3/2/2007
Actor Colin Hanks (born 1977), son of Da Vinci Code superstar Tom Hanks, bears this name.
bean  8/22/2006
Colin Creevey (One of Harry Potter's friends) bears this name.
bean  8/22/2006
"Colin" is a form of the name "Nicholas" which means "Victory of the People".
― Anonymous User  7/13/2006
I personally think that the spelling of "Colin" is better with only one L. I think it looks better on paper and it just makes more sense to me.
― Anonymous User  7/13/2006
Famous bearer is Colin Firth, AKA MR. DARCY!
beautyofwords9  3/21/2006
I pronounce it COL-LIN. Rhymes with pollen.
Druid  2/10/2006
Colin Craven is the name of a character in "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Adorable book! I loved it as a child. There is no doubt that book is why I am sentimental about this name today.

I have watched three films based on "The Secret Garden," one of them filmed as early as the 1940s. In each film the character's name is pronounced KAHL-in.
Gwenllian  2/8/2006
Colin is getting popular in Sweden. Parents might have discovered the name through British director Colin Nutley who is married to a Swedish actress and has made "films-about-Swedes-and-Swedishness" his speciality.
― Anonymous User  12/17/2005
Seriously, if you want to be called CO-lin spell it COLON. Just so we have no confusion.
― Anonymous User  12/16/2005
Mr. CO-lin Powell has no right to change my name. I have been called Colin all my life, I see no reason why this gentleman should decide to alter how my name is pronounced. Please Mr Powell leave my name as it is, Colin and not CO-lin.
Niloc  10/8/2005
It's pronounced CO-lin, like Colin Powell. Collin is pronounced KAHL-in.
mariej2  5/23/2005
It should be pronounced KAHL-in, not CO-lin, because that sounds like a body part. It reminds me of in Mr. Deeds when the guy goes "Congratulations, you have a spastic colon." Pronounce it like KAHL, because that way it won't gross people out, and it just sounds a lot better.
― Anonymous User  7/3/2006
Actually, if you want to get phoentical about it, Collin is pronounced KAHL-Lin, with the break between the two consonants. Colin would break either before or after the l, and in this case, it is after the l for a pronunciation of KAHL-in.
cabernet  6/27/2005
No, I spell my name Colin and pronounce it with a short o not a long o. I'm not a punctuation mark or a part of the anatomy I'd rather not talk about.
coolinout  6/6/2005

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