Connor looks a lot more tacky than Conner.
I feel like Connor is less popular than Conner.
This was the name of Scott and Laci Peterson’s unborn baby.
R-ending names are mostly fine. The R in the end make them sound and seem masculine. Connor, Skylar, Hunter, Briar, Peter, Kyler, Tyler, Adler, Spencer, Ryler, Rainer, Blair, Ryder.
But Connor and Hunter are the goats. That's why I like Connor. Wild and cute at the same time. Connor fellows, your name is absolutely stunning and dope. One of the best. The only disgusting and sad problem I found was the fact that this name is super overused. It really pissed me off when I found out it was chosen over 100k times during the last 5 years.
I wish I could make less people choose this beautiful name for their sons. It really hurts to see your favorite name getting plowed by many parentsHunter and Connor. Such cool but ultra overused names :(
This name is cute, I like it. I also like the meaning of Conor, although I'm not a huge fan of that spelling.
Connor is a cool and masculine name. I just don't understand why it can be feminine too. I really prefer this spelling over Conor!
Connor is a cool name, but is does sound perpetually youthful.
I'm sorry but every time I hear this name I hear liar because con means lie so...
Connor Stoll, a Hermes kid from Percy Jackson.
I find the spelling Cona better. Connor is too long.
Imagine looking your kid dead in the eyes and naming them Connor. Please don't do that to your kids!
Connor is a nice handsome name. It seems to be decreasing in popularity within the youth.
Conner is better in my opinion. And this is a MASCULINE name not feminine.
In my opinion Connor is a boy name. For some reason I can’t imagine a girl with this name. But hey, whatever.
I think this is a nice name. And it sounds very masculine and strong.
I like the look and sound of it, but it's getting common. Poor girls named Connor.
Like this strong Irish name, it is common here in England and for good reason, I think this is the best spelling as well.
Too much better than Conor, Coner, and Conner.
Also Manx:
Hint: "I'm the android sent by cyberlife"Don't get it?It's Connor from Detroit Become Human!
English and Irish form of Conrad derived from the Irish surname O'Conor.
Man boy name.
I know 2 Connor's, and they pronounce it "Con-er".
Detroit: become human in real life!
My name is Connor, I'm the android sent by CyberLife. - from Quantic Dream's 2018 game Detroit: Become Human
I have a 26 year old son named Connor and it suits him perfectly. We wanted something Irish and strong. Since the name is derived from some Kings of Ireland, it fit. We also liked the legends about the name. Growing up, he wasn’t always a fan but loves it now.
Connor Murphy is a major character in the musical Dear Evan Hansen. His suicide kickstarts the rest of the musical's events.
I like Connor for a girl more than a boy. I don’t like it on a boy. It sounds so trendy and boring. On a girl it’s unique and elegant. I’m thinking about naming my daughter Connor Elizabeth. My mom's first name is Elizabeth so we’re keeping a family name and going to represent our ancestors.
In 2018, 6 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Connor who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 360th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Personally, I absolutely adore the name Connor (I even picked it as my new name during my ftm transition) and I feel like the two main influences for me picking this name for myself would have to be Connor Murphy from the musical Dear Evan Hansen, and my old friend Owen who I sadly no longer talk to. Since Connor Murphy from the musical helped introduce me to the name and be a character that despite how shitty he was to people, felt like I could connect to him (even though he has around 20 minutes of stage time). And Owen, for since they knew I liked the character so much would call me Connor as a nickname (since at the time Owen knew me as Fresh) and hearing myself actually be referred to as Connor really helped give me the push I needed to picking this name. Now just about everyone I'm out to knows I'm Connor. My boyfriend, my friends, teachers, and my mother (though a few aren't as accepting as I wished).
Also! Here's a list of nicknames for a person named Connor:
Connie (that ones mainly a feminine nickname)
Condom (only works if they're a dom though)
And I tend to go by coo_v online since it incorporates both my first and last name.
A name that became popular in the 1990s and 2000s.
Connor McDavid is a Canadian Hockey Player for the Edmonton Oilers.
This name has an excellent sound to it. However, for unfathomable reasons, it always puts a picture in my head of an annoying and immature boy. I really need to get over that, because I love the name itself!
Connor is such a cute name for a boy! I’ve met a few Connors and they’re pretty funny and goofy. However, it’s getting too trendy. It fits all surnames.
My name is Connor. I have pondered at the many meanings of this name. In summation, I would say that Connor is a leader for others. Strong willed to enact positive change in any thing he sees applicable. Not cocky. Committed.Also, loves Irish Wolfhounds.
I have this name and I cry myself to sleep each and every night. Anyone who names their child this horrific name is setting up their child for a life of despair and failure. There is a special place in hell for anyone who names their child this godforsaken name.
My husband and I have had the name Connor "on hold" since we had our daughter in 2003. It was going to be her name had she been a boy. Our son Connor was born in 2011 and this year, his Kindergarten year, was the first time we've ever come across another child named Connor in his class and the other child is a female Connor. My son's name couldn't have fit him better as he is a huge wolf/dog lover. He is very tall for his age with big beautiful blue eyes, very blonde hair and a smile plastered on his face. Connor may be a popular name, but nothing like my name "Heather" where I would have as many as 5 other Heather's in my classes and even a movie Heathers as a kid.
I have always loved the name Connor! When my brother named his son Christopher instead of Connor, I grabbed it! Still love it today and he is 24. His name is Connor Patrick. He is strong willed, very handsome and his nickname is Con-man. He is sweet, funny, loves animals and very good looking. We are not rich, but can definitely say he was spoiled by me! His name is "spot on" in describing him. Dark hair and blue eyes, 6'3 and handsome! Yes I'm his mom lol!
I do like this name very much, though I prefer it spelled Conor. I associate the name with Superboy, aka Connor Kent, as I am a fan of superhero cartoons, ha ha.
I like this name and if you like\love it as well and are considering using it for your little guy, some combos I have paired with it that you are more than welcome to take a look at are:Connor Sebastian
Connor Dallas
Connor Everett
Damian Connor
Darren Connor
Ethan Connor
Gavin Connor
Isaac Connor
Jared Connor
Jordan Connor
Jeremiah Connor
Jeremy Connor
Ethan Connor
Levi Connor
Liam Connor
Logan Connor
Lucas Connor
Lyric Connor
Miles Connor
Ridge Connor.
Trend city. This is a modern "teen mom" type name so popular with today's young parents who are constantly striving to be you-neek. It's also a surname, like Jackson, Carter, Lincoln, Kennedy etc--following the trend of using surnames as first names. And poor you if you're a girl named Connor; maybe start using the nickname Connie?
I've only known babies, little kids and teens with this name. I've never seen anyone over the age of 20 with this name so I don't think it ages too well.
Conner also means "much desired." It's a great name. And yes, we named our son after Connor McCleod of Highlander. Our last name begins with Mc. Not an Oscar winning movie but we loved the character and the name. It's a strong, honorable name with noble Irish roots. Our son is strong, noble, highly intelligent, witty and handsome. Haven't met a Conner, Conor, or Connor that wasn't. And I know a few female Conner's too. Great name.
My brother's name is Connor and it really annoys me because when we're not listening and our mum shouts for one of us we don't know who she's asking for but I still really like the name, especially because more of my favourite people have this name, such as Connor Franta YouTube star.
A famous bearer is Connor Franta. He's a YouTuber with 4.5 million subscribers.
Connor is such a handsome, sexy name for a guy. It's a hot name that ages really well.
Connor Ball, a member of British boy band The Vamps. (♥ω♥*)
Dear God, had I known 'Connor' would share his name with every fourth kid in his school, I'd have chosen a different name. Yes, it's a beautiful name, I just wish it hadn't exploded in popularity shortly after my son was born 15yrs ago. Ugh!
Well, it seems like I'm the only one here who doesn't like this name. It's wayyy too trendy and quite frankly sounds like a title given to someone who cons people. I don't see it aging too well either. I just don't understand its appeal at all.
Connor Kenway is the adopted name of the protagonist of Assassin's Creed III.
Connor sounds way too much like the French swear word Connard (the f-bomb).
Connor has grown on me quite a bit. I still sometimes think "con man", but it's a good name.
I love the name Connor. It's been my favorite boy's name for quite some time now, and I want to name my son this. I am only 13 and I could easily change my mind by the time I have kids of my own, but in the mean time, it's fun to crush on this handsome boy's name!Yes, it is gaining popularity (it ranked #49 in popularity in the USA in 2010), but I wouldn't worry about it. IMO, people try too hard to be original. It's not too trendy that there will be three other Connors in his class, so if you are considering this name, I wouldn't be concerned about the popularity. (:
My opinion is pretty neutral (Closer to the line of "Like," perhaps moreso). But I do believe that for it to work it must be given to an appropriate bearer. I've met various Connors... of which, some have been horribly bad representation for the name, unfortunately.It should only ever be considered for the male gender. "Connor" used on females is abominably unforgivable and hideous.
Connor Temple is one of the main characters in the UK show "Primeval".
I find Connor to be a very masculine and preppy name.
My oldest sister just had a baby boy and she named it Connor, which I think sounds so amazing. Her husband is pure Irish so this name really fits. I LOVE the name Connor!
There is a demigod named Connor Stoll in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. He always steal things and plays pranks. He is the son of Hermes.
I don't like this name. It's too trendy and it sounds babyish. Connor also makes me think of a spoiled white boy.
I think Connor is more likely an anglicisation of Conchúr than Conchobhar. Conchúr is the Modern Irish form of Conchobhar. Either way, Connor barely resembles the original name.
How can anyone not have mentioned Connor Macleod from the movie HIGHLANDER yet?
My name happens to be Connor and I'm a girl so I guess that makes it feminine too, huh? I read the other comments and I was beginning to think I was the only Connor out here! Whew! I didn't know the origin before, so it's pretty cool it means dog/wolf lover, since I'm an animal person! (Though, I am more of a cat person) It's cool too, because I actually got my name through the "Terminator" (Sarah Connor) and I'm part Irish, so it was kind of like, "Hey, what a coincidence!"
This is a brilliant name with an awesome meaning. The popularity doesn't really bug me. I personally don't like the idea of giving it to a girl, though, no offense meant to the girls named Connor out there.
This name is too trendy. The first time I heard it I didn't like it at all, but; now I'm used to it. I knew a cute, bright kid named Connor and this kinda made me change my impression. I think Connor makes a great middle name and I'd never give it to a girl.
The birth of the world's first test tube quintuplets is recorded in London, England. Alan, Brett, Connor, Douglas and Edward are the names chosen by parents Linda and Bruce Jacobssen.
This is a fantastic name. I'd use it myself if it wasn't overused. I see a sad future for this name: jocks, obnoxious frat boys, Republican congressmen, and mean sexist jerks named Connor. Well, I like the name a lot for now, and I think it sounds like the name of a mature, intelligent, rather handsome man with pale skin and dark hair. The name is good for kids andadults alike.
To whoever said "I see a sad future for this name: jocks, obnoxious frat boys, Republican congressmen, and mean sexist jerks named Connor.", that was really offensive because:
1) you assumed that ALL Connors would be turn out horrible.
2) you assumed that ALL jocks and and Republicans are jerks, which is not true.
I know a girl that is named Connor, so it is feminine, too.
Connor's okay. The best anglicization is the traditional Conor. Connor is the form trendy in most places other than Ireland. This site has it quite wrong.
I see a lot of people have views about the name Connor. I am a Connor and the name means "descended from high will". This relates to a William Connor possibly a king of Ireland at one time. Most Connor families have a William/Will/or Bill somewhere in the history. I love and am proud of my surname, it's not a fashion accessory to me.
Trendy name that shallow parents give their kids. The result of Irish trendiness. Do real Irish people actually name their kids Connor? Or perhaps I should ask whether they did so prior to 1980 or so, before everyone seems to have lost their minds in regard to naming children.
I know a few Irish senior citizens named Connor.
Irish people do name their kids Connor (Conor/Conner). I know 5 off the top of my head that are all under 18/19.
I absolutely love this name! It's my brothers name (I got to help think of his name) and plus I like dogs and LOVE wolves that's kinda why I wanted him to have this name.
In Ireland, when a man was charged with bestiality they banished him, branding him "Connor".
I love this name for a boy, but I don't like how it's become so popular. I hate how names can get so trendy.Also, it reminds me of Lacie Peterson, because her unborn baby was to be named Connor. So even though I like it, it makes me sad. :(
OK. Connor is a male name. Connor was the name of Irish KINGS. I know a MAN named Connor O'Reilly. Are there NO male names left for just males? Why is it OK to name girls' typically boys' names, but usually considered effeminate and stupid to give a boy a typically girls' name?
My name is Connor and I am a girl. Aside from all of the junk mail addressed to MISTER Connor Voss, I like that I have a guy's name. I've never really appreciated my name until recently; I'm so glad my name isn't Mary or Abby. I like that my name is out of the gender and out of the ordinary because so am I!
I don't really like this name. It's sort of boring and becoming too popular for my taste.
Connor Hawke is the second Green Arrow, Ollie's son. Sweet, strong name.
I know Connor to be spelt like so: Conor. I don't believe my spelling is a variation, I believe it's the actual spelling and I hate it being spelt any other way. I also pronounce it Con-er.
Oh please. The ACTUAL spelling was originally Conchobhar. Conor, Connor, Conner etc. are really just modernisations and anglicisations.
Conchobhar? If you have any vague idea of how Irish is pronounced you would realise that you could never pronounce that as Con-er. You're just assuming that because it's what you are being told.Also I thought it was Diarmaid who falls for Deirdre. Or maybe he falls for someone else.
I did NOT say it was pronounced exactly the same as Connor. I'm just saying that it was the original version and it has changed, but that there isn't really one specific modern version that is more correct than the others.
Connor Kennedy is a character in Disney's 'Read It and Weep', played by the actor Jason Dolley.
Connor and Cupid and Donnor and Blitzen...
Connor Trinneer plays Commander Trip Tucker on Star Trek Enterprise.
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman have a son Connor Mapother.
Famous bearer is the vampire Angel's human son Connor on the TV show Angel.
I prefer the spelling "Conner" (my grandmother's maiden name) but I prefer the pronunciation "Con-nore".
Connor is a great strong Irish name. No wonder it is so popular.
Lovely old name. Best spelled Conor.
This name rocks, I love wolves so it is perfect for me.
Connor Lovat Fraser is the lead singer of Boys Night Out.
I think Connor is a beautiful girl name.
Famous Bearer; musician known as Bright Eyes, Conner Oburst.
I love this name! It is very Irish and I love the name Connor Patrick!
Another meaning of it is also 'a strong will'. It is also a name of many of the great ancient kings of Ireland.
In my family of Scottish descent we pronounce this Con-nore.
This is my baby brother's name and I have adored it since long before he was born. This name has been a long-time family name on my father's side of my family of proud Scottish descent. We pronounce this name Con-nore and do spell it Connor. I personally like the spelling Connor best, preferring it to other spellings such as Conner, Conor and Konnor. I do belive that Conor is as this site shows a variant of the name Connor. I find this to be a nice strong even hearty Scottish name, and I was sad to see that under usage Scotland is not even listed! Admittedly it does have a rather Irish ring to it as well, and it seems to me most name can be said to be English in usage, the English seem to recycle many names and ideas from cultures and languages all around the world finding ways to make them their own even by way of reinvention.
I love the name Connor. It feels like it has that Irish feel to it.

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