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I prefer the K spelling: Konrad. This one looks even dated.
Also used in Denmark and Sweden:
Also Gascon and Provençal: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
I've always liked this name. It is friendly.
Other than the name Silvester, this is my favorite name for a boy! It's very classy, and sounds strong.
When I see this name I feel rather neutral about it. On one hand I like that it is short and uncommon. On the other hand it just seems a little too unusual for my taste, but that's just personal aesthetics. On a one to ten, I would rate this a seven.
Dr. Conrad Hawkins, portrayed by Matt Czuchry, on Fox's The Resident is a current source of the name.
Sounds very aristocratic and white. Not a fan.
An old man name, and just not appealing at all. Not even as a pet name, except maybe for a turtle.
It's a really nice name. Really underrated.
I've noticed that this name is getting pretty popular among other people who are really into names. It appears on a lot of lists of people whose taste is similar to mine. I can't warm up to it, though. It looks & sounds like an acronym for a government program or military initiative to me.
In 2018, 68 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Conrad who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 306th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
In my opinion, there isn't anything particularly handsome about this name. It sounds pretty harsh. I don't like the rad part of this name either.
Conrad Nomikos is the main character of Roger Zelany's science fiction novel This Immortal.
Hi there! I love the name Conrad, when I went to school here in New Zealand I was the only Conrad and only Morganty! I always thought it was a great name and still do! Lol lately I'm hearing more of my name used! And it's funny, I do have brown hair and green eyes!
I LOVE this name, mostly thanks to Shannon Hale's novel "The Goose Girl." It sounds light, energetic, and happy to me. I also don't see how anyone would misspell or mispronounce this... it's pretty straightforward.
As far as shortenings go, my family chose "Rad." Being born in 1982, it was awkward for a young kid. As an adult, I have been told that I am "the only white Conrad I have ever met," by many people. I find that strange due to the German origin of the name. But then again, slavery.
I think Conrad is a neat name! It's handsome, solid, strong and masculine. I love this name! :D.
Conrad Sewell is an Australian-born singer and songwriter. He is best known for his vocals on Kygo's single "Firestone".
This is a surname that should never be a first name. It's weird to say and use as a first name. Sounds like a geek.
A famous bearer was German actor Conrad Veidt.
Sounds a bit too close to "nimrod".
Sounds like a tough Russian guy's name. But that's just me.
It's definitely not a favorite, but it is a decent name.
My name is Konrad. Please don't name your child this. People rarely spell/pronounce it correctly when hearing it for the first time and will just use "Connor" or any other "easy" variant instead. And expect lots of confused expressions on others' faces when they hear it. At least for me it was an awful way to grow up. Definitely not a self-confidence-builder for a child.
Oh, well, he's not famous, exactly (sorry Conrad, it just wasn't meant to be), but Conrad Achenleck (of Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name notfame) is one heck of a fictional vampire. Except when he's not, which is a surprising amount of the time (read: nearly all of it), mostly due to his neuroses and insecurities (which are many). He's more a bundle of nerves than the brooding, tortured soul that his contemporaries in undeath will assure you they certainly are while fussing with their eyeliner. The only reason you'd find him skulking around dark alleys would be because of the spontaneous failure of his iPhone's Wi-Fi, and by connection most of his life. (And that's not going to happen because his connection s pretty much bulletproof- or at least it probably is, so good luck getting him to look up from the thing.) He's also got some grade-A anger management issues, and probably a stress ball in some form of rubbery decomposition somewhere. So in short, Conrad's a hypersensitive guy who's less a heartthrob than a total wimp in every sense and form, not that it stops his fans.
Neil Ciercerega named one of his female rats Conrad.
Conrad was a major character in both the Grimm Brother's fairy tale "The Goose Girl" and the book, based on the fairy tale, of the same name by Shannon Hale. He (Conrad) was one of the goose keepers.
I think of a strong, mysterious, sexy guy with blondish-brown hair and green eyes. I have never met a Conrad, this is a cool name. I like this name a little better than Connor, that's pretty common.
A good nickname is Connor.
Sounds like comrade.
The name sounds quite harsh and old-fashioned, like some elitist and snobby name from a long time ago. I like the nickname Con for it, but I'd rather spell it Conn. I'd rather not use this name at all, as the second syllable ruins it.
Conrad is a character in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. He, together with Borachio, is one of the followers of Don John, the antagonist of the play. He is a gentleman and Borachio is not, but Borachio has the larger role.
I really like the name, but unfortunately the only feasible nicknames seem to be Con or Connie, which are much too feminine for my tastes.
Conrad Nicholson Hilton, Sr. founded the Hilton Hotel chain, and was married (briefly) to Zsa Zsa Gabor. The business school at Loyola Marymount is named in his honor. He is Paris and Nicky Hilton's great-grandfather. His son, Conrad Jr. Nickname "Nicky", was the first of Elizabeth Taylor's many husbands.
Sorry but I just don't like this name. It sounds cold and hard. I know one of man with name and he isn't very nice at all.
I hate to say it but this name makes me think of a mustached man in the 1800's with a big military hat on.
Conrad Jarrett is the name of the main character in the novel Ordinary People by Judith Guest.
This is a very unique name. I know someone with this name, and when I first heard it I thought it was his nickname, but I was wrong. A great name if you are looking for something different.
I love this name because it sounds strong, which is a good factor in boy's names, but it also sounds intelligent and thoughtful. It makes me think of a hawk.
This is actually my last name. It seemed weird when I was younger and started to see that it was used more commonly as a first name, but I still like it. I did, however, always know it was German. I'm German-Irish, and when I was young I asked my dear mutter about my name. The rest is Irish just because that's what she wanted my name, but that's how I know "Conrad" is German.
Conrad Birdie is the name of rock star character in the musical "Bye Bye Birdie." He was played by Jesse Pearson in the movie version.
I like this name. Of course I have to hear it or say it every day. That's my boyfriend's name, but he never told me that it was a German/English name and I would have never thought that.
This is a neat sounding name. I'd never think it was a German/English name.

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