It was the name of one of Franz Liszt's daughters. Her mother was Marie d'Agoult. She later married Richard Wagner.
Now that I think about it, the name Cosima is growing on me. It’s a really cool, and pretty uncommon name.
Weird name.
I prefer Kassima, but this is also beautiful!
I know a girl with this name and she pronounces it KOH-zi-muh.
Cosima is the most beautiful name ever. Definitely my favourite at the moment. I think it goes well with Elvira for twins or sisters. A great middle name is Felicity. This name is strong and daring, but also ladylike and sweet. I would absolutely use it on my daughter. I adore it.
Cosima Coppola (born October 17, 1983) is an Italian dancer and actress of cinema, theatre and television.
This is my daughter's name. I wanted something with a great meaning- what better than cosmos-cosmic-the order and beauty of the universe? Every time I say her name I think of how all her little atoms were forged in the furnace of a star. She is my caught wish upon a star. I think of well, the beauty and awesomeness of the entire universe-multiverse manifest in this little being.

I wanted a strong feminine name. Nothing too frilly. I can see a scientist, a composer, a doctor, the president wearing this name. I see a strong warrior woman. A bad@ss. I love it.
Never heard of this name before seeing Orphan Black, but I like it a lot! I think it's definitely unique but I could see how it'd be hard for people to pronounce. I say ka-see-MAH.
Name of a character in the TV show Orphan Black.
I'd seriously want to love this name, the spelling looks clean and neat, the meaning is so divine, except it sounds like saying "cosina" which means kitchen or cuisine in Spanish. Not nice :(
This is also a name in the Romani (Gypsy) language.
Pronounced cho-SEE-ma.
Cosima Mars is the name of Sofia Coppola's second daughter with Thomas Mars. Their first daughter is named Romy.
I really like this name; I think it sounds cool, calm and sophisticated, whilst also being quite futuristic. I've also heard that this name is used in the German language as well, and English of course, but it's much rarer in English. I hope this name will become more common in the future, as I think it sounds really edgy and on-trend. :)
Claudia Schiffer´s daughter that was born on May 14 2010 is called Cosima Violet Vaughn Drummond.
I know one person with this name, pronounced KOH-zee-mah. I've always thought it sounded a little exotic but still approachable and, well, cozy.
My name is pronounced, KO-seema.
I was "blessed" with the name 65+ years ago and it has been an adventure, to say the least. Being the daughter of a parent who liked to move a lot, new schools were very common and that first roll call was an embarressment for me. The teacher would get to the R's (first letter of my last name) and just stop. Gee, who could that be? By the time the teacher decided to try pronouncing it everyone was curious and I wanted to crawl out the door rather than raise my hand. I'm sure that my character has been strongly affected by the name but when I give my name at service counters, I tell them it's Carol.
Cosima Lawson is the daughter of celebrity food writer Nigella Lawson.
I have a family member (who is Sicilian) who pronounces it "cuh-SEE-mah."
Cosima Wagner was the daughter of composer and pianist Franz Liszt and the wife of composer Richard Wagner. After her husband's death, Cosima Wagner was director of the Bayreuth Festivals.
Cosima Devito, singer and no relation to Danny.

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