HATE, HATE, HATE! I like Cody a LOT better compared to this! Name your child Cody please!
I don't why, but this spelling makes me think of coyote and cooties. Don't get mad when people spell your son's name wrong. It's Cody.
Coty is also a cosmetics/perfume line.
These Coddie/Coty spellings are just gross. Leave Cody alone, it's fine the way it is.
Sounds even uglier and more juvenile than the hideous Cody.
This is just an epic fail at trying to make "Cody" more interesting.
If I see it spelled it makes me think of Cody, but if I hear somebody say it, then the two names have absolutely no connection in my mind.
A not-so famous bearer is in a James Patterson novel "Kiss the Girls", Coty is one of the girl victims of Cassnova, a lying, perverted murderer.
Love this name for a little boy except I would spell it "Cote" because this is my mother's maiden name!

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