Bland! I like Kurt best. Curtis is just... weird or awkward or something. Just a completely potato individual.
Curtis Pritchard (born 1996) is a professional ballroom and Latin dancer and choreographer who joined the staff of professional dancers on Dancing with the Stars Ireland. In 2019, he competed on the British reality show Love Island.
Ian Curtis was the lead singer of Joy division.
Much better as a last name. Sounds dorky as a first name.
This name is very uncommon, I have seen it used more as a Surname, than that of a first name. As it is, I was given the first name of Curtis, from the surname of my mother's doctor, Dr. Lindsay Curtis. Growing up I was the only Curtis in my Elementary School, & my Junior High school. When I was a Junior in High School I met 2 girls with the last name of Curtis. The first time I met someone with the first name of Curtis I was 22 years old. We worked together for 2 years before either of us talked about our first name. At some point I jokingly said, "Ya, and I bet you were named after your mother's doctor"! He turned around with a look of shock on his face and said, "Why would I ever ask a stupid question like that", I answered him with, "Because I was". As his jaw dropped to the ground, he replied, "As a matter a fact I was". After laughing for about 10 minutes we sat down and figured out that I was only 28 days older than he was. Since that time, we have found several other Curtis's that received their name from that same doctor. Amazing.
In 2018, 48 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Curtis who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 260th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
This name is ugly, and sounds like it belongs to a poorly educated, lower class man. Fortunately, it is very uncommon nowadays. This name should just fade into obscurity along with Melvin, Ernest, and other ugly old names.
Curtis Mayfield, soul musician.
This is the name I wish I was given. I'm a Marcus, and I think Curtis is a much more gentle, less in-the-spotlight sort of name. I could easily imagine Curtis being used as a side character in a novel, sort of like Duncan in "Dune" by Frank Herbert. I guess it's because Curtis isn't very flashy, in that there isn't anything uncommon about the name, although it isn't that common in this unabbreviated form.
I like how this name is rare and uncommon, but I don't like how surnamey and old fashioned it is.
Wonderful name for all stages in life. Needs to be used more! My 2 year old cousin has this great name! And what is cuter than Curt/Kurt?
I hate this name with a burning passion. I just think Kurt sounds wayyy better.
I've only known one Curtis, and he was a really smart kid with glasses, so now this always seems like a "smart person" name to me. But people make the name, not the other way around, so it could fit anybody. Overall, I think it's a really cool surname that could be used as a unique first name, like Reed.
Curtis (Curt) Lawrence Mega is an American television actor who's known for his role of Nick in Glee and also Ben in the web series, "The Buffering Series".
I have a cousin named Curtis and I think it suits him very well. Sweet, handsome and strong. Great name!
Curtis Rx is a famous bearer. He's the lead vocalist/lead guitarist of the Horror Rock duo Creature Feature.
A famous bearer of this name is Curtis Stigers. An American jazz vocalist / saxophonist / guitarist / songwriter.
There is a comic character named Curtis Wilkins by comic artist Ray Billingsley.I like this name, too. It does have a rugged sexiness about it. It's also the middle name of Christian artist Steven Chapman.
This name is so sweet and yet at the same time masculine. This is also my boyfriend's middle name. I absoutely love it.
Curtis is the name of a smart-alecky boy in a US comic strip (called Curtis).
Curtis Sittenfeld is the author of the novel "Prep" (born Elizabeth Curtis Sittenfeld).
I feel this is commonly a surname rather than a first name. Just think it old-style but it carries a nice meaning. My friend chose this name & has similar characters. Quite good for him -- gentle & kind.
Curtis is a great name, I have always liked it. It sounds handsome and rugged but also gentle and kind. Curt is a good nickname. Not overly popular but has never faded out of popularity.
Curtis is 50 Cent's real first name.

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