My name is Cyan and I love my name, and for all the people that don't like the name because it doesn't sound feminine, well all I got to say is some names work and some don't.
I like it. More so feminine than masculine. I prefer Cyane and I like it as a middle.
I don’t like it for a girl or a boy.
(I’ve changed my opinion on liking it on a boy)
Cyan would be so unfeminine on a girl and would sound weird, for a boy it sounds like one of those terrible, trendy modern names.
I would never want to see anyone named Cyan and I hope parents don’t name their kids this.
I am not saying you aren’t entitled to your own opinion but I just think Cyan is weird as a name.
I think it's cool as a name but it is quite unusual so I used it for a character who is born in 2031.
It's cool.
A color NOT a name!
I like it on girls.
I’d probably name a boy this, it would be cool.
Meh. I don't really know how I feel about this... Cyan is a lovely color but I don't think I like it too much as a name... I mean it's not terrible, there are worse names, but I don't feel like Cyan really fits as a name.
I really like unisex names and I think Cyan is a beautiful and very unique name. I'm sure in the right open-minded location/city it wouldn't hold one back career-wise. I can also see a boy named Cyan.
We named our son Cyan after Cyanescens mushrooms. My brother and father both went "like the colour on printer ink cartridges?" But I don't mind. I heard it in a dream just before he was born. It fits him because he's not so usual.
I love Cyan for a girl, but not a boy. It’s probably one of my favorite shades of blue. Sky blue with a little mix of sea green. I loved that color since I was 7. It’s totally a beautiful and elegant name for a girl. I don’t think it would suit a boy because Cyan rhymes with Diane, and a boy with this would get teased for it. It’s a wonderful name though, but for a girl only.
Cool name.
We named our son CYAN since we both love the color blue. We decided to put Cyan in my son's name. We pronounced it as xian. And I don't think it is only for girls since it is a shade of blue, so I think it is for boy and girl.
We named our daughter Cyan Rose, I've always pronounced the name as sai-anne. I think it's not very suitable for a boy, I mean, I've never heard of a boy being named Cyan, but that's not to say that someone couldn't name their boy Cyan (there's definitely boys out there with more girlish names than Cyan). We chose Cyan because it was a unique name that is rarely used, also it's her father's favorite color. The 1st time I ever ran across Cyan used as a name was in the spawn comics (it's the name of the little girl) and I've loved the name since then.
I know a Cyan (female) and they have told me they are completely fine with their name. Besides a few pronunciation issues (which they found more amusing than frustrating), they said they'd never want any other name. I believe this is a fine name for a girl and might be a little awkward for a boy. I'd resort to Shayenne or something of the sort for a boy.
We named our daughter Cyan Skye in 2004. We were both Art School grads working in design. Cyan was the only name out of hundreds we tried that stuck. Her mom's middle name is Skye so it was natural to put them together. She is out blue sky. We knew it was a go when she was born with the brightest blue eyes. Only downside is that nobody can pronounce it. She loves that it makes her stand out from all the kids named after places. Brooklyn, Madison, Detroit, etc.
I believe Cyan is a great name for a girl. I honestly couldn't see it working with a guy.
I named my daughter Cyan (rhymes with Diane) back in 2005. My favorite color. Yes it is a color, but so is Violet and Scarlett. She has had many say it is a pretty name and she has never met another Cyan which makes her somewhat unique. The downside is she has never, and won't ever find anything with her name on it, but that is something we can live with.
How about "Cyanna" as a feminine version?
Cute. Color names are usually a hit or miss, but I think this one hits perfectly, as it's not as common as Violet or Scarlet but not as unusual as Indigo or Azure. I also think it could work well for a male, due to its similarity to Brian and Ryan, but it's not bad for a girl at all.
Also a masculine name. [noted -ed]
I think this sounds more masculine than feminine. I also think it sounds suitable for a children's book, cartoon, or video game character.
This is a very ugly name. It doesn't sound at all feminine, and does remind one of cyanide.
I prefer it for males, as it's similar to Brian and Ryan. I really like it, maybe it could fit in the middle name slot.
To be truthful, I do not think that "Cyan" is an acceptable name in reality. It is horrendously childish, unprofessional, pretentious, and perhaps even pompous. It certainly is not a helpful title that will aid your child's future career. The problem that pronunciation will potentially pose is very high.
Cute name!
While I like other colour names (Scarlett, Indigo etc.), for some reason I don't consider Cyan a name. Also, it sounds too masculine for a girl.
Cyan is a very light, bright bluey-turquoise colour. It's a pretty colour, but (s)he might not like it. Also, they may not be able to pronounce it at a young age.
I commented earlier. But come to think of it, I think this would make a great male name. After all, the name simply means "greenish-blue," and the Greek *kyanos* sounds masculine anyway. I think this would be a great boy's name.
I know a girl with this name, but she pronounces it sie-ANNE. To me, that makes it sound much more like an actual name than a color, and I don't immediately think of Cyanide. I think it's quite pretty.
I could never name a child this. Some colour names are okay but this one just makes me want to buy new printer cartridges.
I thought this name was odd at first, but now I seem to like it. :)
I like this name. It's short and sweet and not over-used.
Well, I'm studying chemistry, so this name made me think of cyanide at first, which is kind of bizarre, but I like the colour.
Cyan sounds better on a boy to me.
Meh. It's okay. Sounds too much like "sighin'" to me.
I'd like to name my daughter Cyan Seren, so that it means "Blue Star."

I don't think people immidiatly think of Cyanide, although they are both derived from the same word. It took me forever to realize that, and I'm an etymology nerd.
I think this is a really cool name, and I like its simplicity and brevity. Despite being short and simple, it doesn't sound like a nickname. The downside is that it will probably remind people of cyanide, but if the name is pronounced CY-an rather than CY-un, it will at least sound different.
Cyann from the indie duo Cyann & Ben has a variation on this name.
The Norwegian/Swedish cartoon Nemi's best friend is called Cyan, because of her blue haircolor.
In Britain at least, the word "cyan" is pronounced "sie-ANNE", with the stress on the 2nd syllable not the 1st.
From the ancient Greek name "Kyane", indeed derived from the ancient Greek word "Kyanon", meaning "greenish blue". In Greek mythology, Kyane was a nymph.

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