Also Spanish (Modern):
I love this name because it's so beautiful and elegant. It reminds me a hyacinth flower. :D.
My name is Cynthia Louise and my mom calls me Cyndi lu. She sometimes calls me Cyn Cyn. I like the idea of using Thia as a nickname but everyone knows me as Cyndi so it would be confusing if I changed it. I like Cyndi better than Cynthia. I also spell it Cyndi because Cynthia begins with Cyn. I like my name because it's not very common. I've probably only met maybe 10 or 15 other Cyndi's in my life. People always end up spelling it Cindy. It also means Moon Goddess.
Also used in French: [noted -ed]
It's a pretty name.
I don’t know why, but this name has a snooty mean girl vibe about it.
I like Cynthia and I think it is quite a common name in Latin American countries. It sounds sweet and pretty, classy. A wise choice.
It's fine, just a little too old-fashioned and boring.
Too soft, feels not serious or something like that. I don't like it much. Not that bad, just, well, boring.
Fire Emblem.
Used to like it a lot, now I think it sounds too precious and a little whiny.
My name is Cynthia and I have always thought it was unique. My mom named me after Cindy on the Brady Bunch, But I hate being called Cindy even my dad calls me it and my grandma and my siblings even though I constantly say that I want to be called “Cynthia” that’s my name after all. Some people don’t know how to pronounce it, someone called me “Kynthia” before, then my teacher once somehow called me “Sin-tha-knee” and I was embarrassed. It’s also hard to find items that have my name on it but when I do I’m like omg finally something has my name on it. People are often confused because of my name. I’m the only Cynthia in my school so I guess it is unique but it’s a beautiful name. My mom passed away when I was 6 and I’m now 17, and I’ve learned to love my name :) Anyways Cynthia is a gorgeous name it isn’t as popular a name anymore but I hope that it becomes popular once again.
It reminds me of the word Synthesiser, which is not a bad word at all.
I love this name but I don’t think I’d use it unless it’s for a book character.
Hello all!

I too am a "Cynthia" & while growing up, I cringed every time I heard my mother call (YELL) out my name because it was my full first, middle & last name... meaning I was "in for it!". My father is from a Mediterranean country & couldn't say "Cynthia" correctly so, it was "Cindy". Not to mention grown-ups, other strangers & the other kids just jumping in to use "Cindy" right off the bat well, let's just say that I have left "Cindy" to my childhood.

Now, I have no qualms about politely, but firmly letting people know that when I introduce myself, my name is "Cynthia", but you can call me "Thia". If they proceed to try & use "Cindy" again, I let them know that I do NOT care for that nickname but prefer "Thia".

Yep, I use "Thia" as a nickname & get many compliments on it; and why not? It's from my name, it's the last two syllables of "Cynthia", same number of syllables as "Cindy" to use. You would not believe some of the strange looks I get from those diehards who keep wanting to use "Cindy" every time I see or talk to them; that's okay, I just use a nickname that they don't like & after a while they get the hint.

Peace be with you all
I love everything about this name apart from the nickname “Cindy”.
Whenever I hear this name, I immediately think of the Pokemon community complaining about how hard she is to beat and the piano that plays before you battle her.

Not a bad thing however. Because of their memes, I get this impression of "strong" when I hear the name.

Although I can't shake the Garchomp and Spiritomb connotation I have with this name.
It's very nice.
My father named me Cynthia after a model name in the 90’s. I used to hate my name because my friends used to make fun of it and people get confused of the spelling. And I don’t like when people call me Cindy, it’s Cynthia, duh! But now I really like my name! I feel so grateful to have this name. Also I like when people call me Cyn.
I am a Cynthia and I always correct someone that tries to call me Cindy. I am a Cynthia 100% and I've always loved my name!
I am a grandmother, and I was given this name. It has never fit me because I think of Cynthia as a sultry, brilliant and sophisticated member of high society. I am none of those. But I recently found out that "Cynthia" was the code name for an actual American spy who operated in Europe during WWII. The man called "Intrepid" wrote of "Cynthia" and said that she was among the most courageous of clandestine operatives. Apparently, all the women who worked for the OSS during the war were given gorgeous names for their alias. There was also a "Madeline"... another wonderful name.
Cynthia is a great name. I dislike it spelled CIndY and it should be spelled CYndI. The y comes before the I in the full name anyways, lol. Pair it with the middle name Louise and you get a Cyndi Lou. Cynthia Louise has a nice ring to it. I hate when people correct me on the spelling of Cynthia. Especially because it's ME that's Cynthia Louise and I am fully aware of how to spell my name lol.
Honestly I love this name it just sounds so ethereal and oozes an other worldly elegance that is sadly lacking in today’s society. I’d imagine a Cynthia to be eminently sophisticated and regal and very well spoken too but not afraid to speak her truth and be heard. Cynthia should definitely be used more often it’s so beautiful, it’s quite fitting that it was once associated with a goddess in ancient times.
Cynthia is a really strong and feminine name. It also reminds me of the champion from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Kynthia looks weird. I do like it when C names get replaced with a K, but not this one.
I usually think of Hyacinth because they sound alike (and there's a fem version, Hyacintha which sounds even closer), so that's not a bad connection. The other thing I think of is Cynthia Lennon, and she was cool, so that's not bad either. It is kind of a dated name I guess, but I'm neutral on it.
Cynthia is a lovely name despite being seen as dated. Though to what extent depends on the individual. I wouldn't mind if this name made somewhat of a resurgence, though it's highly unlikely that will occur anytime soon. The name possesses an elegant and soft quality and comes with a variety of diminutives, my favorites being the typical and well known 'Cindy' as well as 'Thia'
It doesn't bother me that this name conjures up images of Angelica Pickles' beloved doll from the Rugrats. In fact that may even be where my admiration for this name first developed.
Just makes me think of Angelica's doll from the Rugrats.
In 2018, 53 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Cynthia who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 68th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Lovely name.
Cynthia is a gorgeous and ethereal name. I despise the nickname Cindy though. Cynthia with a K is ugly.
I am recently obsessed with this name. It's feminine and lovely without being too fancy or overused. I usually hear that it's a very old-fashioned name, and while that may be true, I've never met an old woman named Cynthia. I think that it's a very nice old-ladies' name though, as I personally think that names like Ethel, Gertrude and Prudence are just plain ugly. I know that Lady Gaga's mother has this name and I also used to go to school with a girl who was named Cynthia. That wasn't too long ago, considering I'm 16. If you were to name a baby girl this, they might get teased by other kids or even adults for having a "grandma's name" and I've also seen people misspell this name a lot of times (someone at Starbucks spelt it "Senthiya"), but besides that, I personally love this name!
Cynthia Rothrock (born March 8, 1957) is an American actress and martial artist.
This name has always been a personal favorite of mine. It is feminine and lovely. It's nice when those with this name go by Cynthia and nothing else. A timeless classic.
It's my grandmother's name, it's classic, formal, beautiful and timeless.
Beautiful, classic name. It's feminine, delicate, elegant and sophisticated. I would not use any nickname, but Cyn and Thia are cute. I don't like Cindy. It might work for Lucinda, but not for Cynthia.
Cynthia Payne was an English brothel keeper and party hostess who made the headlines in the 1970s and 1980s, when she was acquitted of running a brothel at 32 Ambleside Avenue, in Streatham, a southwestern suburb of London.
Cynthia Klitbo is a Mexican actress of telenovelas, theater and Mexican cinema. She is best known for her roles as Laura in Televisa's telenovela La Dueña, as Tamara de Duval in Televisa's telenovela El privilegio de amar and as Juana Godoy de González in Televisa's telenovela Teresa.
Cynthia Bailey is an American model, reality television star and actress. Bailey was born in 1967. At age 18, she moved to New York to start a modelling career and signed with Wilhelmina Models. She has appeared twice on the cover of Essence and modelled in European fashion shows. Bailey has also appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair and in a number of movies. She also appeared in the music video for New Order's "Round and Round" off their 1989 album "Technique". She also appeared in two episodes of The Cosby Show. In 1990, she appeared in "Without You I'm Nothing".
Cynthia Calvillo is an American mixed martial artist who competes in the straw weight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Calvillo made her amateur debut in 2012 and garnered a 5-1 record over 4 years which includes 3 finishes and 4 championships.
Cynthia Ann "Cindy" Crawford is an American model and actress. Her years of success at modeling made her an international celebrity that has led to roles in television and film, and to work as a spokesperson. In 1995, Forbes magazine named her the highest paid model on the planet. Crawford is one of the original five "Supermodels". She was named No. 3 on VH1's 40 Hottest Hotties of the 90s and was named one of the "100 Hottest Women of All-Time" by Men's Health. Crawford is known for her trademark mole just above her lip, and has appeared on hundreds of magazine covers throughout her career.
Cynthia is one of those names I always dismissed as dated. I just came across the name again after not hearing it in awhile and I think it's very feminine and cute. I see it's still given but I wonder when it'll be time for a major comeback... :-)
I know a Cynthia in real life, but she goes by Cynt.
This name always makes me think of Angelica Pickles beloved barbie doll. "CYNTHIA!" Lol.
Pretty name. It's sort of old and classic, yet young and innocent, like the name Laura.
Very old fashioned and dainty. It reminds me of names like Elizabeth, Emily, Clara, Cecilia, Beatrix, etc.
I love Cynthia. I don't understand why they go by Cindy. I think it would be cute to call her Thia or Thea (TH-EE-Uh). I hope to see this name more.
My mother loved some song "Cindy, oh Cindy" IDK. She was French, Catholic and told that she should give her kid a good "bible" name and my mother named me out of her artistic emotion. Cindy. My birth certificate says Cynthia. But I was always called "SEEENdee" in a French accent. The only females who went by "Cynthia" were snobby, white, bitches in Orange County CA (1980's Reganomics Era).
This name reminds me of the spring season. A lovely name.
I like the name Cynthia. I think it's feminine, strong but gentle, sassy, and classy.

I'll always hate Cindy (it's cutesy, 60's), but I love the nickname Cyn. I think it's perfect, 'cause if the kid is tomboyish they don't have to go by something quite as frilly. And even if they are girly it's short, cute, and different.
Very nice name with a lot of history. You can't say that about stupid names like Kaylie and Kylie.
I think Cynthia is a really pretty name. My honorary cousin's name is Cynthia.
In the 'Rugrats' Angelica had a doll called Cynthia so I can only think of her doll when I hear this name.
It's a really nice sophisticated name. The nickname Cindy isn't all that great though. I prefer Thia as a nickname.
Alternative Origin: China
Pronounced: SIN-thee-ə

Americanized form of Chinese name Xian, pronounced as Sian or Synd or Cynd, meaning refined, elegant, sophisticated, and wise.
I love the name Cynthia. It sounds elegant and beautiful. It was really popular in the 60's, but its popularity has declined since, so now it's pretty unique. I also love the Greek origin.
It's a pretty little name. I like the nickname 'Cyn'.
I love this name, and I think it's very beautiful. It sounds better than a lot of the girls' names used right now. However, I can't stand the nickname Cindy.
I think this is quite a nice name, should be used more often, and makes the bearer sound intelligent, in my opinion.
Cynthia was the sister of the moon goddess, Diana.
Cynthia was not a sister of the Roman Diana or the Greek Artemis. It was one of the nicknames of Artemis. This because she was born on Delos with the mountain Cynthus.
Personally I don't see Cindy as short for Cynthia, just Cyn or Cynthi.
Literal meaning is "moon" - "a reflector of light".
My name is Cynthia and I hate my name, my nickname is Cyndi. No one ever has anything with CYNDI or CYNTHIA on it.
This is a very good name. I just love names that start with this sound. Cynthia reminds me of little pink flowers.
A famous bearer is American actress Cynthia Nixon (born April 9, 1966). She's best known for her Emmy Award winning television role as lawyer Miranda Hobbes on the television series 'Sex and the City' from 1998 to 2004. She is also well-known for her stage roles on Broadway, including 'The Philadelphia Story,' 'Indiscretions,' and 'Rabbit Hole,' for which she won a Tony Award for Best Leading Actress in a Play.
Cynthia was the doll who Angelica was obsessed with in the cartoon "Rugrats." She's not necessarily a famous bearer, but that was the first time I've heard of it, and all I can see is Angelica yelling at her doll. :)
Cynthia, she's a really cool dancer
Cytnhia, boogie to the groove now.
I love the name (it's mine) but I HATE Cindy. It has nothing to do with the name! If some one calls me Cindy I slap them. I go by Cynthia, or with family by Cynthy or Cynth.
I love the name Cynthia. It's classical and has a beautiful sound. But every Cynthia I've ever known has gone by the common nickname of Cindy, and I can't stand that. Turning the lovely Cynthia into the insubstantial, perky-sounding Cindy is such a crime.
Cynthia is the name of the Champion in the Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl video games.
This name makes me think: quiet, shy, friendly, and with a heart of gold. I like this name because it's unpopular.
This name was once popular, but not really anymore. I think this name is very pretty and many Greek names are interesting. This is one of them! There are no students named Cynthia at my school so that makes this name kind of unique! YEAH!
Cynthia Kirkpatrick is a character in Elizabeth Gaskell's novel "Wives and Daughters."
This is a lovely name, it should be used more.
Cynthia is a beautiful name and has seven letters in it which makes it a lucky name in my book!
Cynthia is a sweet name. Any girl would love to have it (uh, me.) It maybe doesn't roll of the tougne easily but it's really nice.
Cynthia is the birth name of American supermodel Cindy Crawford.
I have also seen the short version of this name spelled Cyndie.
Cynthia is the given name of singer Cyndi Lauper.
Cynthia was the first wife of John Lennon, mother to Julian Lennon.
This is a beautiful name. It means moon goddess. This was my mothers name, I think it should mean women of virtue and truth.
I like Cindy as a nickname for Cynthia. I just hate it when people spell it like this: Cyndi.

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