It's a good name, has a nice meaning.
But it wouldn't work in Australia as the word "Dag" is slang for a messy, unkempt person. Just a heads up for Scandinavian parents living in Australia!
Dag Otto Lauritsen is a Norwegian retired professional cyclist who is currently a cycling commentator.
Dag is a coyote and the main antagonist of the 2006 Nickelodeon film "Barnyard".
Though it's pronounced differently, "dag" is an Australian slang term for a person who dresses unfashionably or sloppily. It's a very casual insult, and is often used with some affection.
Usage: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English (Modern)

Pronounced: DANG (Swedish), DOW (Danish), DAG (English)

It is also a diminutive of DAGGETT and names with this element.
6 boys in America in 1971 were given Dag.
Dag is way too close to 'Fag'
Spare your child the pain and embarrassment. Please.
How is the word/name "Dag" too close to fag? You are very immature if this is your first association. I wonder if people even look at name meanings and try pronouncing before posting such foolish and childish comments. I get it, you're obviously American, but I'm sure you can do it if you *try*.
And fag isn't a bad word either. I hope you aren't trying to push religious views on a naming site, as that'd be stupid.
Listen to the user above me

And to add on: Dag sounds like an insult. Slang for calling someone a loser or a jerk

Very unflattering!
Dag (pronounced similar to dog) means fish in Hebrew.
Pronounced DAHG in Swedish.
The word "dag" is used as a greeting in Dutch.
In Norway, we pronounce it like DAAG (with a long a- (or maybe more ah) sound).
In Australia a 'dag' is the poo on a sheep's bottom, and also slang for a very uncool person.
No matter how many times I say/think it, I feel like a rapper. "Wazzup dag?"
A Daggett was also the robotic bear-dog pet from Battlestar Galactica the original series and book.
This is the nickname of Daggett, from the 90s cartoon, "The Angry Beavers".

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