Personally I had never thought of Dallas as a girls name, but I’m currently pregnant and my ole man is a huge fan of Dallas cowboys.. and idk if I read it or heard it or how it even came into my thoughts, but I believe Dallas would be a very unique, and appealing name for a female. Like for instance I came up with Dallas Nova [last name here] and I just love how that sounds.. my man did to at first, but then, he started to question whether it was suitable for a girl or not. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but in mine, Dallas Nova is absolutely beautiful.
Not too many people agree with me but I think this is so much more feminine than masculine! I think the city names are much more girly.
Trashy, trashy name.
So cute!
I don't want to name my future children after city names, except for some.
Nice on a boy, absolutely terrible on a girl.
IDK how names like Dallas and Alabama can be popular. I love London and Paris but the town and state names, I just can't stand them.
I think it's okay. It's kind of shimmery and glitzy though.
Feminine? Oh God...

This name is bad for both a boy and girl.
My name is Dallas and I am a girl and for all of you saying it's for rednecks, well I'm sorry that you're stuck with yourself.
Love Dallas for a girl.
Powerful name. The city of Dallas isn't that good by itself but I like the Texas association.
I have a positive reaction to the name Dallas but will admit it has a definite masculine association for me. Dallas Seavey, the youngest Iditarod dog sledding champion ever, who also starred in Ultimate Survival Alaska, is definitely the definition of a guy who is smart, tough as nails, driven, articulate and funny. He’s a man’s I have a hard time placing this name with a feminine girl, but maybe just because the only people I have known with this name are as masculine as they come.
My name is Dallas! I'm a guy, and I love my name. I was a little discouraged growing up and everyone calling me Texas and all that (I'm from NYC, so the south is just comical up here) but once I passed that I think it fits me well. People tell me it gives off "cool guy vibes". I think there's a lot to a name and mine has made me more approachable and down to earth and, growing up German, I've got a stoic side. Phonetically it's nice too, rolls off the tongue well. I think it's a great name for anyone in the market for one! It's got Scottish/English roots and it's known to mean "a meadow used for a night's rest." For everyone thinking it's too "hick," it only makes it so if you're raised that way. And truthfully, you could say that for a lot of names.
Okay if you think this name can only be used on boys then that is very sexist. I'm a girl and I hate it when people say that girls can't have the same stuff as guys, a name is very important and if the kid, male, female or non-binary doesn't like the name then they can change it. This is 2020 and hopefully people are maybe starting to realize that a girl can have a "masculine" name.
@Anonymous, you do realize that calling people "sexist" for thinking this name doesn't suit a girl just makes you look ignorant? Have you considered that naming a girl Dallas is like naming a boy Alice to some people? And names aren't like voting rights and jobs, nor do they assign the bearer stereotypical gender traits. It's not as if by refusing a girl a boy name because it's masculine, you're making her passive and refusing her future success. (by the way, I AM a female)
If you like Dallas on a girl, then that's fine, you're allowed to express your opinion, but don't expect everyone to agree with you and accuse them of being "sexist" if they don't, which, spoiler alert, it's not.
Dallas is a male name to me.
Trashy name for girls. It’s okay on boys.

Dallas on girls is tacky, trashy, and simply disgusting. I would rather name my daughter Jayden.
A very cool and masculine name. However, it is an awful name for a girl. Even though I like this name a lot, I wouldn't give it to my son, because it's too closely associated with Texas, and therefore with rednecks as well.
I love the name Dallas and here are some combos that you would like to use for your boys and girls:
1. Dallas Joseph for a boy
2. Dallas Josephine for a girl

I think Dallas Joseph is lovely name for a boy and Dallas Josephine is lovely name for a girl!
The name Dallas is phonetically beautiful to me, but I grew up in Dallas and it's like growing up in the Midwest. Just suburbs with no character. Even the Tex-Mex in that region is inferior. The name is lovely, but the associations with the city and adult film are too strong.
I don't hate it; I have to admit that the negative connotation I have with the city in Texas (and the tv show) is what keeps me from liking it more. The sound of the word itself is pleasant. When I hear of a woman named Dallas, my first thought is the X-rated movie Debbie Does Dallas. Not that I've seen it, and maybe it's not in the public consciousness anymore, but it always comes to mind.
It's really cringy to name someone after a city.
@kayisforkeen, I don't think many people who use this name are naming their kids AFTER the city, they just like the name.
Dallas is one of my guilty pleasure names for a daughter. I'm not sure if I would be brave enough to use it, but it's a name that I quite like the sound of!
I think that the name is beautiful. It means wise/from the waterfall. I’ve met quite a few girls named Dallas and some boys. Most people think it’s a male name or associate it with Texas, sure. But don’t get discouraged! Dally is a good nickname too! :) It is very much a unisex name, I think it has a nice meaning as well.
My late father’s name was Dallas. He was as solid a man as I’ve ever known and had a an extraordinary balance of intelligence, integrity, culture, kindness, generosity and compassion. My son is due in May and I’m trying to sell the name to my wife. She is strongly opposed as she thinks it sounds too redneck. My dad was always very far from this, to say the least. Nonetheless her opinion is strong.
Reminds me of a brawny guy, probably because of the book 'The Outsiders', which is fantastic, by the way. But a girl? This is without-exaggeration the worst name that is on the charts for girls (except for possibly Sloan). And this is coming from someone who likes the name Fifer. Apologies, I know it's harsh, but if I told you I liked it would be a lie.
Bryce Dallas Howard is an actress.
S. E Hinton used the name for the character, Dallas Winston, in her novel 'The Outsiders' (1967).
I met a girl named Dallas, I've always liked the name! It also makes me think of Texas! I think it's cool on a boy too.
My name is Dallas and I am a girl so whoever said that Dallas is a bad name for a girl they are wrong because it is a good name and whoever is having a baby I think a good name for your kid is Dallas if it is a boy or a girl because it is a good name for both.
I'm not a fan of city names, and this name just sounds too hickish for me.
Dallas Winston is my favorite character from the outsiders!
I like this name and if you like\love it as well and are considering using it for your little guy, some combos I have paired with it that you are more than welcome to take a look at are:

Dallas Emerson
Dallas Jordan
Dallas Kyle
Dallas Raimi
Dallas Rylan
Dallas Sawyer
Dallas Jeremiah
Dallas Theodore
Dallas Parker
Ethan Dallas
Morgan Dallas
Hunter Dallas
Isaac Dallas
Everett Dallas.
I love this name for a boy! On a girl, it makes no sense whatsoever. It's very cringe worthy on a girl.
My male cousin's name is Dallas, and I dislike it. I think it sounds a bit more girly.
Anyone with this name is most likely a redneck.
I have named my daughter "dalis" it's the Irish version of "Dallas" I love it I think it looks feminine too. I live in Australia also and had never heard it before on male or female. It suits my daughter to the tee she is beautiful independent and strong like her name because of her spelling we also call her Ali for a nickname my son "2" gave it to her.
I have a (male) cousin with this name, and that's how I started to love it! It's strong, masculine, and has a nice meaning to it!
Dallas is a totally awesome name for a guy. The meaning is nice and I love the way it sounds. :D.
I would feel sorry for any girl named this.
Love the name so much I called my son Dallas. I would never use it as a girls name but love it as a boys name and we are from Australia and it is very uncommon here.
I am absolutely IN LOVE with the name Dallas for a girl! Not at all associating it with the city, I'm just in awe of the way it looks and sounds.
If we ever have another girl, her name will most definitely be "Dallas"
I'm officially obsessed with this name! LOVE, love, Love!
You folks with negative criticism, really? It's obviously not for everyone, but don't hate! Dallas is an ideal name in my opinion, especially for a sweet little girl/strong woman!
I really don't understand how some people see this name as unisex or suitable for a girl. Dallas is solely a males name. A very nice male name at that (:

Dallas is far from being unisex. Sorry to the user above me. Just because your name is Dallas and you're a girl, doesn't make the name unisex. You're just a female with a males name.

Sorry but the truth.
My name is Dallas and I'm female. I didn't like it when I was younger but the older I get the more attached I become. People call me Dally as a nickname, which I think is extremely feminine despite the origin. I think Dallas is a great name for both boys and girls. It's a unisex name, after all.
Ugh again with the unisex. This name will always be strictly male in my opinion. It's a strong, manly name.
Used as a surname by J D Robb for her series In Death, featuring Lt. Eve Dallas. The In Death series is an adult mystery series.
Dallas Clark is an American football player who currently plays for the Indianapolis Colts.
Dallas Reynolds is an American football player who currently plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.
I think Dallas is better suited for a boy. It just seems too odd for a girl.
I love the name Dallas for a girl. Why does a girl name have to sound 'feminine', can't they be named anything the parents like? Answer: Yes.
Place names have been used for centuries, and I love Dallas. I've never been but that doesn't bother me because I wouldn't use the name to 'honor' the city, I'd use it because I like the way it looks and sounds.
I liked the name so much that I named my daughter Dallas! To me it signifies strength and wisdom.
Dallas Genoard is the name of a character in the Baccano! anime/manga/novel series.
This is most certainly a boy's name. I do not know why anyone would name a girl this. I like this name because it is unique, yet current.
I don't care much for this name, but in my opinion it is strictly masculine. It is way too harsh sounding on a girl.
Dallas sounds silly as a name, and if it should be used, it should be a masculine name only. I hate when people name their daughters Dallas. It's not very feminine.
Dallas Lovato is the sister of the actress and singer Demi Lovato.
I have a cousin with this name, and it is VERY uncommon in our area, which makes it unique for her. Beautiful. It's easy to spell also, which is another thing that makes it a great name. I met a guy named Dallas, but I could never come to call him that because I was so used to calling my very feminine cousin this. I would hate to see this name get popular, though, because it is a unisex name.
I don't like the name Dallas for a girl or a boy. These American city names like Phoenix, Addison, Boston, Austin, Brooklyn, Cleveland, Houston, etc., are just awful. At the very least be from and love the city before naming your child after it. Don't just hear the name and think it sounds cool. Visit Dallas, for example, and see whether you want to give it the major honor of naming your child after it. In addition, people will ask the child whether he/she was born in the particular city, and if he wasn't he/she and you will not look too bright.
Dallas is a contestant on Rock of Love:Charm School.
This is also a highly popular girl's name.
I have heard this name on both boys and girls, and I like it on neither. It does not sound like a person's name at all to me. And what if a person with this name wanted to visit or move to the city of Dallas. I think it would be quite odd for one to have same name as the city they lived in.
What if your son just won't like the city? He'd better at least have a real connection to the place, otherwise using the name is pointless. Actually, it is pointless anyway. The name is very tacky, and probably gives people all sorts of over-the-top associations, which doesn't make the poor guy sound very smart or sophisticated. Same thing if you use this on a girl.
Dallas Green is a member of Alexisonfire and City And Colour.
An AWFUL name for a girl, okay on a boy.
I thought this was a girl's name until I was 13 because I had only heard of women named Dallas. But after seeing it attached to a guy I think it's a great guy's name.
There is a character in SE Hinton's "The Outsiders" named Dallas. He was my favorite character and he has shaped my perception of the name. Dally is a good nickname for it. And it is a VERY masculine name.
Definitely a feminine name in my opinion.
Dallas is nice for a male but I would HATE to see it on a girl or woman. How silly would that be?
I love this name for a girl!
Dallas is a great name for a boy. I knew of one man with this name who was kind, gentle and caring.
Dallas was the name of one of the characters in S.E. Hinton's 'The Outsiders.' He also went by 'Dally.'
"Dallas" was a popular T.V. show in the '80's.
Dallas can also be a girl's name.

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