I quite like Danielle. It's definitely not my favourite -elle name, but it's very nice, has a warm sound and a friendly, approachable vibe. It feels quite versatile because I can imagine it just as well on a sporty tomboy, as on a sophisticated, image-conscious, very feminine woman. It sounds dynamic and energetic but also has some sweetness to it, but is not so sweet that it would feel frilly. I used to prefer Daniela as it sounds more interesting and more feminine, but ever since I've met someone called Daniela who has sort of destroyed this name to me, I guess Danielle is my favourite out of the feminine versions of Daniel. I really dislike most of its nicknames though. I don't like Dani/Danny at all, similarly to how I dislike Dan as a nickname for Daniel, and I guess Dani is the most default/straightforward nickname for Danielle that most Danielles go by if they go by any nickname at all. The only nickname that I can think of that I like is Nellie.
Danielle Haim is one of the members of the American group HAIM.
The standard Polish form of this name is Daniela, but Danielle - despite its spelling not being in line with Polish phonetics - has had some use as well. As of January of this year, there have been 203 Danielles in Poland. A Danielle could celebrate her Polish name day together with Daniela (on 10 December) or maybe with Daniel (3 January, 16 February and 22 July) and use the same nicknames as Daniela, including Danka, Dana, Danusia, Ela, Elka, Danielka etc.
I think Danielle is a very pretty name. I like the elle it makes it very feminine. I think it's a very good name for a kid. I like how it can be English and French. Very pretty!
Beautiful. I love this name. It's French, too.
Gorgeous name. Definitely one of my all time favourites.
Danielle Steel, famous novelist.
I love this name, I only know one person with this name and she is so sweet. I like the nickname Dani and the name Danielle Paige.
So, I know there's a lot of people saying that Danielle should be pronounced Dan-EE-el, but since my name is also Danielle, I disagree. It's French in origin, so the Dan-yell pronunciation is what I go by. Others have their preferences, but I just don't like the Dan-EE-el pronunciation. It just doesn't feel right to me.
Pretty! I like this along with Daniel.
Danielle Pergament is a contributing editor for Allure magazine.
Danielle Hunter. He is a member of the NFL.
I don’t mind it but I find this name a pain to say. Dan-EE-el. Same with the other feminine Daniel names.
Very dated!
Pretty name.
I rate Danielle 4/10. I prefer Daniela but I think that both are dated and boring.In my mind a Danielle is petite but very sporty. She has curly, brown hair and brown eyes. She wears glasses. She is very easy-going and quite tomboysh but always positive.
Danielle Busby is the mother of the OutDaughtered quintuplets.
This name is kinda ugly :// My opinion is I just think it's the name for a blonde know-it-all bully who steals lunch money :///
The name Danielle can mean almost anything. Anyone with the name is special and lucky.
Yawn. Typical lazy American go to name. Boring. I do not like names that are so obviously derivatives of male names. Dan-ielle, Stefan-ie.
This name is also used in BRAZIL.
Such a pretty name, I like it a lot.
My first name kinda sucks and so does my middle name. Here's some facts: my name is really long and I kinda dislike my first and second name. My full name is Crystal Phoebe Lauren Danielle Henley (last name) make it six. The fact that people constantly make fun of my first name and saying how it looks like a stripper name, prompted me to go by Danielle due to its strong meaning and badass vibe. Danielle makes me feel like I'm capable of doing anything and I'm not afraid of doing what is right. Not to mention speaking my mind. If anyone is asking for my name I'll just go by Danielle Henley because it just has a really nice ring to it. Besides, lots of people are saying it's a good choice and suits my demeanor.
Lovely. Beautiful name with a beautiful meaning. If I ever have a daughter one day, I might name her this. :)
Well, I really love my name. When I was a kid in elementary school, my mother told me that she named me after a French actress. That was before I found out I was mixed... I was super happy to be named after a French woman. Only last year I found out that I'm actually Sino-Russian, which means that I'm part Chinese, part Russian. Hence, I legally changed my name, but as I still love 'Danielle' a lot, I've retained it. So, my name now reads: Danielle Deniska Cheung-Molotova.
My name is Danielle and I really do love it. When I was little I never understood why my mom didn't name me Taylor or Maddie, but now that I'm older I've grown to see the real beauty of the name. I've only had a couple problems with people saying it, but its usually just Daniella or Danny-el. I pronounce it Den-yell. It's a good name if you want your child to have a nickname, I go by Dani but I used to have a teacher who thought it was too boyish for a girl so she called me Elle the whole year (I hated it) but it's a good nickname for Danielle. Overall it's a really pretty name and isn't really used that much anymore so if you're going for a mix of common and unique this is probably a really good choice.
Danielle is the feminine version of Daniel which means the definition is probably the same. Daniel means attractive, so Danielle would probably mean the same thing. The name Danielle makes me picture a very attractive tomboy athlete. A person named Danielle would probably be strong, sports-minded, attractive, smart and caring. She would fit in with the guys. Isn't that cool? Also probably know a lot about the guys. If you were a female then she'd be a great friend. You have a crush on a boy? Don't worry she's got your back. She's your tutor. She has the brains to teach you anything you need to know. In my preference, it's a fabulous name.
I’m not just saying this because my name is Danielle, but I personally love the name Danielle. My mom was gonna name me Morgan at first, but I’m so happy she chose to name me Danielle. She named me after my father Daniel. My friends took it upon themselves to start calling me Dani and everybody loves it. My mom loves it, she’s always called me Dani. It’s very uncommon, but very cute too!
Danielle Cohn.
Even though the name just sounds like Daniel but putting emphasis on “iel” part, I like the name.
This name is just so pretty and uncommon nowadays. I love it so much and don’t find it boring. Dani is cute too.
I love this name, it's beautiful and it doesn't deserve this much hate. I pronounce it Dan-ee-ell.
I feel like the name Danielle is too long and too hard to come up with a nickname for. Yeah there is "Dani" or "Elle", but they are not that charming and kind of trashy. Danielle is not my favorite.
It’s messed up, because Danielle sounds like it should be strong and classy, but the only girls I’ve met with the name are pretty consistently low class troublemakers.
If you say this name in a Cockney accent, it sounds like you're saying 'down the hill!'
Something about this name reminds me of tiny insects, no idea why.
If you say this name backwards, it sounds like alien ad... kind of.
In 2018, 23 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Danielle who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 138th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Classy and beautiful.
My middle name is Danielle, but some people call me Danni or Dan.
My name is Danielle and to be honest I absolutely hate it, it just doesn't suit me. So everyone I know calls me Dani except for one teacher who can really get on my nerves because she pronounces my name Dan-yell and I get really annoyed because I don't understand how people call it that because there is no "Y" in it. I pronounce it Dani-elle, pretty simple. Some people I know don't even know that my full name is Danielle because I am that secretive about it.
Back in the year 2000 in Texas, this sick dude named Danielle Simpson murdered this poor old lady. Feel sorry for her. Hate the monster's name.
I can only see old hags with this name. Here in France, this name is considered ugly and uncool.
The long "yell" sound makes this name sound whiny and weird. Ugly and bland name that's trying too hard to be pretty when it really sounds trashy and cheap.
Danielle Bregoli, aka "Cash Me Ousside How Bow Dah Girl" is known for appearing on the Dr. Phil show and for her famous phrase "Cash Me Ousside How Bow Dah".
Danielle Maria Bux is a Welsh model and actress. She has modeled for clothing brand La Senza, and has been on the covers of Maxim and Fabulous among other magazines. She married Gary Lineker in 2009, and the couple recently got a divorce earlier in 2016.
Danielle Bregoli aka "cash me outside" girl is a famous bearer.
Danielle Hope is an English actress and singer. She was the winner of the BBC talent contest Over The Rainbow and as a result played the part of Dorothy in the Andrew Lloyd Webber production of The Wizard of Oz, which began performances in the West End at the London Palladium in February 2011. Following this role, she went on to play the role of Éponine in Les Misérables in the West End, starting in June 2012.
Danielle White is an American singer, songwriter, and occasional actress who was raised in Bradenton, Florida.In 2003, White competed on the reality television series American Juniors and was one of five winners, who collectively became the pop group American Juniors, which lasted from 2003 to 2005.
Danielle Maria Bux is a Welsh actress and model. She made her modelling début in 1999 winning a place on the Miss Hawaiian Tropic beauty pageant in Las Vegas. She was married to former England footballer Gary Lineker from 2009 until 2016.
Danielle is an okay name but is so pretty without the short forms. Girls, if your name is Danielle, only say to people you want to be called Danielle.
Danielle "Dani" Moonstar aka Psyche aka Mirage, Native American (Cheyenne) mutant in Marvel Comics and adaptations, first appearing in 1982. She has been a member of various teams, notably the New Mutants and X-Force.
My name is Danielle and I think Danielle is an AMAZING NAME. No one has ever called me dan-e-yelle, daniellea, dani, dane, danny, dannnnnnny, or Daniel. I often get called damn Daniel and Darnell or Darnell savage. These names better represent who I really am. Darnell can also be shortened to "darns", as in, "Darn Darns!"
I think that Danielle is a name more heavenly than the gods and angels up above in the sky. Danielle means "to be loved by the entire world, especially cute boys and fluffy puppies." I have yet to meet a Danielle that I didn't like. One time I met a Danielle and she was the coolest mofo... she was a hippo-breeding homecoming warrior who was married to a man with Brad Pitt's face and Jesus's abs. It was awesome.
So basically Danielle's are destined for greatness and lifelong happiness. If anyone thinks that Danielle is a "boring" or "common" name, I will personally locate and fight you. I will. I promise.
One of the most amazing experiences that I've ever had as a Danielle was being called Daniel at a Starbucks. When I go to Starbucks I always say my name is Sam. ALWAYS. Sams live long, content lives.
I'm Danielle... but you can call me Dani, Dan, or Dani-hell! As a few children have pronounced it /do call me in younger years. In Cornwall I'm Dee, or Donatella to a couple of people. To My husband I'm sometimes/ most times Dan Dans... I really don't mind... as long as I'm not called Daniel I'm okay with whatever way you say it.
Danielle is a very popular name in Canada. It is a timeless name that no one seems to get tired of hearing, except those with the name. So many variations of the name are out there but nothing tops the unique variations of how people spell the name.
My name is Danielle. Pronounced Dan-E-L. Whenever anyone calls me Dan-yall it makes my skin crawl... I loathe it... but I tolerate it. (if that makes sense)Obviously there are two variations of pronunciation - some prefer it one way - others the other... Usually I encourage people to call me Dani or Dan - that way my name does not get mispronounced.
The meaning of the name is "God is my Judge".
Going to name my future daughter this.
Pronounced "dan-ee-ell".
This is my birth name. I do not consider it to be my real name anymore though, due to personal circumstances. I only use it in professional situations and with my family. I introduce myself to everybody with my chosen name.I live in Australia and we pronounce it DAN-E-L/DAN-EE-ELL here. I hate it when the odd person (usually a foreigner, mostly Americans) calls me DAN-YELL. Obviously that's fine if they didn't know, but they often still do it even after I correct them, which I find rude.The other thing that bothers me is when people call me 'Danni'. If I were to shorten my name, it would be spelled as 'Dani', as there is only one N in Danielle. I don't understand why almost everybody spells it with two N's or assumes that it is spelled that way.P.S. I noticed a few people who have said that they are Dutch - I am half Dutch. My father still has a bit of an accent and my grandmother still has a strong accent and even they pronounce it correctly.
My name is Danielle, and I honestly love it! I think it is pretty and not overused. I don't know any other Danielle's. The annoying part about the name is all the nicknames. People like to call me Dani, either they just want to annoy me or they actually just assume that that is my nickname. I personally don't like that nickname, I think the name Danielle is much prettier than those silly nicknames (sorry to anyone who likes these nicknames) Also, for some reason, people think Danielle is actually a nickname for Daniella (or Daniela) and it is SO annoying because everyone asks me if that is my real name! But, overall, I love this name and I'm glad I have it :)
Danielle Harold is an English actress.
My name is Daniëlle, but I write it like Danielle. I pronounce it Dani-el-a and I hate it when they call me Dan-yell. That's not my name! And I also hate it when people don't know how to spell my name. It's a Dutch name and not that hard to spell! But overall I love my name: Daniëlle Amber (I'm Dutch)!
My name is Danielle and I love my name! I pronounce my name Dan-i-el and I hate it when people call me Dan-yell some people even call me Dan-yul! But overall I love my name!
Well, I happen to love my name :) I always go by my full name and don't care for Dani. I think my name ages extremely well and it's a classic beautiful name.
A famous bearer of this name is Danielle Haim, lead singer and guitarist for the band Haim. She's beautiful, talented, and very poised.
My name is Danielle. However, I could never stand the nicknames associated with it. (Dannie, Dani", etc) Thus I shorten it by DAN, turn the "N" sideways to a "Z" and you have daz. It's a clever and unique (at least in my opinion) nickname, I've known no other Danielle to process. Friends have called me Daz for a long time and I love it. :)
This is my sister's name. I like to call her Danno. Makes me think of Hawaii 5-0.
I don't know why everyone thinks that Danielle is such a beautiful name. This is my middle name and I've always loathed it. It's incredibly boring, sounds dated, and lacks any character at all.
Daniëlle is the Dutch spelling, common in the 1980s. [noted -ed]
I love my second name and it's is Danielle (Sofia Danielle) and I pronounce it as Deyn-yel and here in the Philippines, we pronounce names like
Dan-yel for the names like Daniel and with a slang pronunciation for Danielle (Deyn-yel) and just like what I've said, I really love it. For the girls in the Philippines, Danielle is not so popular as a first name but I really like the originality of it even though a ton of girls and boys have it.
I got my bubbly, friendly, religious and girly personality from Danielle (I think) and Danielle is not for the faint of heart. It would be a good name for girls.
My name is Sofia Danielle and because I have a classmate with a same name as mine (Sofia too), some of my classmates call me by surname or Danielle as it is. Not Dani, not Yielle, just Danielle.
I used to really hate my name because teachers would call me "Daniel", and everyone would laugh and ask if I was a boy. Now basically everyone just calls me "Danni" or "Dan", except my dad who likes to call me "Darnell".
I don't like the name Danielle (even though it is my name), it was forced on me by my grandparents because my granddad is known as Daniel even though their son is Daniel.I was born in 1990 and it was a very common name here in the UK. We pronounce it as Dan-yell or depending on the city and accent you are from some pronounce it as dan-e-yell ( I hate this version as well).Friends call me Dani which I suppose I can live with.But all in all, I hate it.
My sisters name. I like to call her yella. Not really a fan of the nickname Dani, but sometimes I do call her that.
Even though the name Danielle is considered really 80's/90's in the US, it's more associated with middle aged women in France. It's height of popularity was in the 1950's. This is very similar in the case of Nicole, which was also very popular in the 40's and 50's but didn't quite catch on in the US until the 70's.
My middle name is Danielle. I hate it! It sounds too much like Daniel (so much I thought my middle name was Daniel when I was a toddler) and, if you think about it, the first part is Dan. (Boys name) The final part is yell, which isn't good anytime, anywhere or in a name. The spelling is nice though.
I was born in 1994 as well and in my country the name can be pronounced as DAN-ee-yell or DAN-yell, doesn't really make a big difference, its basically the same. I love my name. The most common nickname for Danielle, is Dani pronounced DAN-ee.
I don't like the name because of how it's pronounced (Dan-Yell). Danika is better and I love Daniel for a boy.
I have a cousin with this name, although her name is spelled Dannielle, not Danielle. Personally, I think Danielle is the better spelling. I believe it is far too common of a name, and I like the nickname Dani instead.
My sister's name is Danielle Renee. Two beautiful French names put together and we're American. She liked her name so much that she named her daughter Danielle. Kinda cute she did that.
Danielle is the full name of the actress Dani Harmer who is best know for playing Tracy Beaker.
In Australia and some other English speaking countries this name is pronounced Dani-elle. It is distinctively three syllables.
Not horrible, but it's not particularly exciting.
This is my name. I was born in 1994 when it was #20 in the US and #9 in my state. I know about five or six other kids my age with this name, but I actually really like it.
Most of my friends use the nickname Dani/Danni, but I always introduce myself as Danielle. When I was a kid people called me Daniellie Vanillie which is cute. I've always pronounced it as "Dan-yell", but I think "Dan-ee-ell" seems sort of cool. Problem is in my accent the syllables sort of blur together anyway so it sounds pretty much the same.
All in all, I think the name Danielle is elegant and sweet. When I was younger I preferred Daniela, which was almost my name (apparently Daniela Maria is too Italian paired with last name, so I'm Danielle Marie), but I've really grown to love Danielle. The meaning may be a little boring, but it is also sort of inspirational.
I love the name Danielle!
Wow. I have some creepy similarities with the person who commented. My name is also Danielle Marie, I was born in 1994, and we have almost the same screenname!
This name is awesome and if you don't appreciate this name don't comment at all. (freedom of speech!)
Ugly and listless.
I wonder why people post ignorant, insulting opinions on a site such as this. If a name does not suit your taste, don't use it for your own children. Daniel and Danielle are good, solid names with honorable meanings in my opinion. It is my name and my middle name means "blessed." I translate my full name to mean "One who sits in the courts of the Lord [and is] blessed."
Danielle derives from the masculine Hebrew name Daniel, which is the name of a prophet of both the Hebrew Bible and Christian Old Testament of the Bible. It is also my name, and I have always appreciated my mother's choice. It was chosen because it was my maternal great-grandfather's middle name. I prefer the pronunciation that uses the tilde (Spanish n) or Dan-YEL as some people have typed.
Danielle diLorenzo is a Survivor contestant who placed 2nd on Survivor: Panama.
The name Danielle always bothered me growing up. If a teacher didn't know me or my face, while calling role they would pronounce it Daniel (DAN-YUL). Everyone would giggle followed by an embarrassed correction and apology. I am not a boy. I pronounce my name DAN-YELL. I do not spell it any special way or try to put an extra something in it. It's a good name, now that I'm older I appreciate it and its rarity. It means "only god is my judge" and is derived from Hebrew. Everything about my name goes nicely with my astrological sign and with my personality. Coincidence? I think not. I'm not religious, or superstitious, I just know everyone has a name for a reason. I like mine.
As Danielle originates from Daniel, it means in Hebrew 'God is my Judge'. Daniel was a prophet in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible who was given interpretations of dreams by God and prophesied many things about the end of the world. He was a very wise man and also had encounters with angels. This can all be read in the book of Daniel, Old Testament. Both Daniel and Danielle mean, in spiritual terms 'one who sits in the courts of the Lord'.
This is my middle name, spelled Danyle. My mom once joked she was apologizing for my very common first name (Brittany) when she spelled it that way, giving me something more unique. I think it looks nice and dignified spelled this way, but I get asked if it was my mom's maiden name a lot.
This name is so overrated, it is so ugly. It just reminds me of a boy/man. This name is so ugly I cannot stress that enough. :(
This is my name, and I like it! I pronounce it "Dan-yell" and my nickname is Dani (I think that is a more feminine spelling so I don't care that it sounds masculine). I do find it quite annoying when my friends try to spell my name and it comes out "Daniel". That's the MALE VERSION. Another thing I like about this name is that I don't encounter other Danielles too often. There is only one person my age with this name in my school so there is never much confusion as say someone with the name "Megan" (with various spellings included) who has to deal with the 200 or so other Megan's just in her grade.As for the other pronunciations, "Dan-E-L", etc. I never really considered those pronunciations, but I think they're pretty interesting.
My name is Danielle. Pronounced Dan knee Elle. Danni for short. I added the 'n' becayse Dani's a bit short. I hate it when people call me 'Daniella' instead. I'm not fussed by any other ways it is said by others. My mum said she called me 'dani YELL' because I cried a lot as a baby. Really she loved the name and used it for herself as there were too many Carole's. I don't like that it means 'god is my judge'. My partner says I'm dreamy but not elegant or timeless.
Danielle is my best friend's name, but she prefers Dani, people are constantly spelling her nickname wrong which is strange because it's right from the name, rather than Danny. Otherwise it's a very pretty name.
Okay, my name is Danielle. Now, honestly, there's a little fight to pronuniciation. It can be Dan-EE-elle, OR Dan-yell. Mine is the former. For those who have Dan-ee-ell-Uh, people I know who then spell that Daniella. Just saying.As for nicknames - for a laugh, I insist that my nickname is Dani, not Danni, Danny or Dan. But I don't mind Dandan.
Danielle Aust is a fire fighter and is included in the new book In Their Shoes by the author Deborah Reber.
My name is Danielle and I don't really like it. When I meet people, they call me different things. Most call me Danielle though (minus the few who call me Dani or Dan). I kind of always hated not having a nickname and honestly, half the time when I introduce myself as Danielle, I feel like I'm saying the wrong name and it doesn't fit me.
Famous bearer - Dannii Minogue.
My best friend's name, she pronounces it Danny-elle. I think a really cute nickname for this is Danni but she hates it when I call her that. I used to hate this name but it's grown on me since I met my friend Danielle. Still not one of my faves though.
Danielle is for people who think that a name is beautiful just by virtue of the fact that it's French. And then there's the awful masculine nickname, "Danny."
I love the name Danielle, pronounced Dan yell. I’ve never heard this name pronounced Dan ee elle before reading the comments on this website, and I don’t like that pronunciation of the name. In Canada, particularly French Canada where this name is most popular, it’s pronounced Dan yell. In French, both the masculine and feminine version of this name are pronounced the same (“Dan yell”), but are spelled differently to distinguish between a male and female. Personally, I love this name for a woman, and have always wished that this were my name.
This is my name. I hate it, I wish my name was prettier. My name is really common I wish that I had a unusual name. I don't know much about my name only that it's very popular in my school. I hate it, people always spell it wrong on birthday cards and things like: Daniell, Daniel, Danniel, Danil, it's so annoying no matter how many times I say it's wrong people still spell it like that. I spell my name Danielle, my grandad wanted me to be called Daniellea which I think would be better more feminine.
A wonderful, beautiful name.
Not a bad name.
My name is Danielle, and it's pronouced dan-yell. I think that's the way most Canadians pronounce it. My name being pronounced dan-e-elle doesn't bother me because it's hardly noticable when talking to someone else (maybe it's my accent). Anyways, what drives me be crazy is when people accidentally call me Daniel. That happens a lot.
This is my name and I LOVE it! I love the meaning too. I think it is a very elegant and classy name. I also love the way Henry pronounces it in "Ever After". It's so pretty. *sigh*
Actress Danielle Fishel from the 90's sitcom Boy Meets World.
I think a name is only as beautiful as the person who bears it.
This is a very beautiful name. All the Danielles I know are nice people.
My name is Danielle and I used to hate it. Primarily because it was long and there are so many other people that have it. I also used to hate when people called me Danni but I think it's kind of sexy now.
There are novelists named Danielle Girard and Danielle Steel.
The stunning Danielle Darrieux, born in 1917, is a French actress who has had her career last eight decades.
My middle sister is called Danielle. When I was younger, I thought it was a bit cheeky and tomboyish, like my sister. Now I think its elegant and enchanting, the woman my sister has become.
I love the name Danielle. It is such a beautiful, elegant name and the nickname Dani/Danni is cute.
Danielle can also be pronounced as dan-EE-el. This is how I and most people I know pronounce Danielle.
Danielle has been on the top 1000 list since the 1940's with its most popular year being the 1990's where it ranked 23.
Danielle Riley Keough (she goes by Riley) is a fashion model and is the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley and the granddaughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley.
I love this name, and its male counterpart, Daniel. And the meaning is glorious: "God is my judge."
I HATE it when people call me dan-e-l, it is pronounced dan-yell.
A famous bearer of this name is Danielle Nicole Panabaker. Who has starred in various movies and tv shows. She also has a sister named Stephanie 'Kay' Panabaker.
My best mate in the whole world's name is Danielle. I really like it as it can be shortened easily to Danni, Danny, Dann (with 1 or 2 'n's!) Although she has discovered that Daniella means "little Danielle" and prefers that name, I still really like the name and recommend it to any mother of a sweet little girl!
My name is Danielle, and as my best friend Chimocho says above, it is a great name! Danni, Dani, Danny, Dann, Ellie, Danni the Knickalord Kippa even (don't ask, I have weird friends,) it is a name that can be used for georgeous people around the world, and is beautiful, and ummm... beautiful!PS - People calling you Dann-ee-lle IS really annoying - spare us the heartbreak and just stick to Dann-yell.
My middle name is Danielle, named after an author. It is a rather lovely name. Kinda long, but it works.
I think Danielle is a beautiful timeless name. Strong but yet still feminine. Not a fad name but a name that has withstood the test of time.
This is a beautiful name. It is not a girly girl name but it is not a rebel name either. It is a simple name that has a lot of meaning for anyone who is named Danielle!
Okay, my name is Danielle and at first I HATED my name! But now, I love it! And finding out the meaning (God is my judge) really made me mad, I'm agnostic! And in case you don't know that means I don't have a religion, I like the whole name definition but not when the definition is a statement rather than a personality trait. :(
Common. Uninspired. Boring. Billions of "Dani's", "Danielle's". Name lacks personality or character. Bland. Nondescript. Doesn't sound particularly beautiful.
My name is Danielle and I love my name. I pronounce it "dan yell" but teachers enjoy calling me danell which is really annoying, anyways my nickname is Dani which I never really did like until recently. I actually think the name Danielle is quite punk.
My name is Daniëlle, pronounced Dani-ye-lluh in Dutch and some nicknames are mostly Daan, Daantjuh, Jelle or Lelle. Especially the last one (Lelle) is most used by little kids who can't speak out the name.
This is my name and I love it. I pronounce it Dan-E-L and it really annoys me when people pronounce it Dan-yell or Dan-e-yell, there is no Y in it! (I'm from England).
This is my name Danielle. I have always loved it! Except when I was younger and people would call me Danny! Now I think Danni is kinda sexy! And yes some would call me Dan-E-yell. I hated that! It reminded me of Antie-M on Wizard of Oz! Dan-yell is the correct way to say it in the states and Dan-yull is the male version. :o)
In the movie "Ever After" Drew Barrymore plays Danielle, the "real" Cinderella.
To me, this name is as beautiful as the special girl who has it. It represents intelligence with beauty and gentleness with strength. It is both exquisite and soulful all at once.
My cousin bears this name. In Dutch we pronounce it as: Dahn-ee-el-luh.
Dani can be short for Danielle.
Someone said above that they thought that Danielle ment Faith and Kindness and now they think it means bold, strong and funny. Well I hate to burst your bubble but it actually means "God is My Judge" and I don't think that a personality can be reflected in a name or meaning. Danielle can be pronounced Dan ee yell OR Dan yell but the former is often spelt with two 'N' s. :) That's all I know, hope it helps someone.
Nicknames include: Dan, Danni/Danny, Elle, D, various changes in the first letters ie Granielle, Spanielle (like dog), etc.
Danielle is a very pretty name. Before I met my friend, Danielle, I thought it meant faith and kindness. But now I think it means bold, strong and funny. My friend Danielle is just like that. It seems like she's changed the meaning.
I love the name "Danielle," and wish it was my name. Although, to be honest, my name is actually spelled that way, but my father insisted that it be pronounced "Da-nell" rather than "Dan-yell." Quite frustrating. I've gone my whole life through correcting the pronunciation of my name. If you like the name Danielle; or any name, for that matter, just spell it the most commonly accepted way. Trust me, your child will thank you for it. I decided to start telling people that my name was "Dan-yell" when I turned fifteen. Twenty years later, I still do.
I have a friend named Danniell, spelt exactly like that. She hates her name because of how it's spelt, she thinks her mum is crazy. It's just pronounced: "Danny-L". Nicknames are the same, just Danni and such.
One of my friends is called Danielle and she pronounces it Dan-yell. She hates it when people say Danny-elle. It's really popular in England as well.
I LOVE this name! It is elegant, timeless and dreamy.
Nicknames are Danni or Danie.
This name is really outdated in France, I don´t really understand why it´s still popular in the USA.
The name Danielle is pronounced like Dan E L.

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