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Gender Feminine
Scripts Данијела(Serbian)

Meaning & History

Feminine form of DANIEL.
DiminutivesDaša(Slovene) Danka(Serbian)
Masculine FormsDaniel, Danijel, Danilo(Slovene) Danijel, Danilo, Danko(Croatian) Danijel, Danilo, Danko(Serbian)
Other Languages & CulturesDaniela(Bulgarian) Daniela, Dana, Danuše, Danuška(Czech) Daniëlle, Danique(Dutch) Daniela, Daniella, Danielle, Danette, Dani, Danita, Danna, Danni, Dannie(English) Danièle, Danielle, Dany(French) Daniela, Dana(German) Daniela, Dania(Italian) Daniela(Macedonian) Daniela(Polish) Daniela(Portuguese) Daniela, Dana(Romanian) Daniela, Dana, Danka(Slovak) Daniela(Spanish)
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