Darwin Núñez is a Uruguayan footballer who plays for Primeira Liga club Benfica, He is expected to join Premier League club Liverpool on July 1.
Darwin is the name of Wendy Testaburger's future husband in the South Park special South Park: Post Covid.
I named my dog Darwin. I get a lot of compliments on it! It's uncommon without being completely weird. I've never met a person named Darwin, though.
I think this is a great name for a boy, with an excellent namesake. People think that naming a child Darwin and stating your "evolutionism" is a bad thing, but people give their children religious names all the time... What's the difference?
It sounds fine, but it's sort of pretentious and it does make it seem as if the parents were trying to make a statement. Darwin sounds ludicrous on girls.
I think this name is cool, and Charles Darwin is a great namesake.
I'm a girl that's named Darwin. From living in the bible belt portion of America, I don't actually get too many comments about religion or science anymore. I used to when I was in elementary and middle school though. There was one time when I was little when my friend's mom wanted her to stop talking to me because of my name, but she eventually got over it. I more so get comments about Gumball unfortunately. Another comment was correct in my case about having a feminine middle name, mine being Aurora. I used to hate my name because I would get a lot of comments when meeting them that "isn't that a boy's name." It made me so happy to see on some baby name websites they'll occasionally mark my name as a girl/unisex name because of that. I don't care as much now. I get comments nowadays about how it's unique when I greet people.
Darwin sounds awkward and ugly. I also don't think a nerdier first name exists. Ugh. No, just no.
The Amazing Word Of Gumball comes to mind when I hear this name. I think Darwin’s a cute name, especially for a little boy. It’s handsome and I’m sure it will age well. Darwin for a girl seems fine. I don’t really have a problem over parents using masculine names for their daughters. Guys! You know that when the girls get masculine names, they usually get something girly as their middle name, so don’t say “there are so many feminine names to choose from”, because traditional feminine names are being used often as a middle name for a girl with a boyish name. All kinds of names are popular for girls!
My name is Darwin and I've never met anyone with my name.
Darwin is such an ugly name! Guys, don't name your kids this.
Darwin actually converted to Christianity on his deathbed and thought there was some supreme being involved, so I don't know how solely atheist this name would technically be. And if you want to name your child Darwin, why not?
The name Darwin was given to 259 boys born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Darwin are male.
In Marvel Comics and adaptations, Armando Muñoz aka Darwin is an mutant with the power of spontaneous reactive adaptation. In the 2011 film 'X-Men: First Class', he is played by Edi Gathegi.
Darwin is a character in The Amazing World of Gumball.
I love this name because I can tell right away if you're a fellow atheist or not.
But also I think it's a nice simple name and it's not overused such as John, Jack, etc. I quite like it.
I wouldn't use it personally.
The sound isn't very good to begin with... And I'm afraid you'll automatically be considered an atheist if you name your son this (which you probably will be anyways). So yeah, I think it's kind of like "let's let everyone know our views on creation", which is quite pretentious. Oh well, it's better than naming your son Jesus..
Cambridge Dictionary mentions The Meaning of Darwin As An Example of A Nickname:
"Darwin" was the nickname he was given at high school, because of his interest in science.
Or Look up "Nickname" in Cambridge Dictionary.
My husband and I decided to name our son Darwin. Most people, when told what name we chose, responded with, "You'd better hope he's smart." I'm still pleased with the choice. Darwin is the sort of name you have to grow into. I still can't fathom someone would think it appropriate for a girl. It seems totally masculine to me.
I think Darwin is quite cute for a girl. It's similar to names like Bronwen and Eirwen, so it seems feminine to me. And the meaning - "dear friend" - is nice. But I don't think I would use this name, as I wouldn't want my house burnt down by angry creationists. But it could work in other countries.
My son had a little girl in his class named Darwin. Wasn't the gender I expected when first hearing the name - I wouldn't recommend the name as unisex, but it obviously can be.
You name your kid Darwin and they will be classified as an evolutionist.
This can also be a feminine name, I have seen it on a little girl before.
Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory in Australia.
It's an ok name, but here in England the connection with Charles Darwin is probably too strong and most people refer to him as Darwin anyway.
It's a nice name, but I always think of the chimpanzee from The Wild Thornberrys, a show which I used to watch and found very hilarious.
This actually isn't a bad name at all, even though it would probably seem like a bit of a statement to use this, especially in the US.
According to the Old English dictionaries I've checked, Deor means brave, wild and fierce like a wild animal - not dear.

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