Extremely common surname, duh. *eye roll* Can we use a different name for once?
This is Jinx Dawson of Coven's last name. :)
My last name and it makes me cringe every time someone names their kid this.
I think of Dawson's Creek.

Also, I don't like this name at all.
I like this name; it sounds so handsome! I don't think of the show when I hear it. Definitely not a girl's name, though. Male-to-female names aren't "unique" anymore.
My son's name is Dawson. I know it means son of David but how me and my husband (whose name is not David) came up with this name which is a little different. I wanted my son's name to be Carson but my husband kept saying Carson means son of Carl and my name is not Carl. Well we had my son and 6 hrs after birth he still did not have a name. Finally my husband said what about Dawson, son of Dawn. Which is my name. He reminds me every day that we picked the right name for him because he acts just like me.
It’s one of my favorite boy names! It’s to the point and so strong and well said! I already know a Dawson, he’s a very nice kid! Oh, and don’t forget that it means son of David! ;)
David, or the Hebrew Dawid, means "beloved". So Daw + son means "son of David" or "son of the beloved".
I like it because it reminds me of the band Dawes. Dawson is a little more usable as a first name but Dawes could be a nickname.
I see all these people who think Dawson is such a manly name. I grew up with this name and it is hard to see it that way. But, I am glad that people think it is.

Oh, and this is definitely not a girl's name. Get over it.
We named our son Dawson after his great, great, great, great, great grandfather. It is actually my middle name as well. The name was frequently used in Northern Ireland and Scotland in the late 1700s to 1800s. There is a Castle Dawson in Northern Ireland and being that my relatives came from this area I always wondered if that is how it became popular in my family. It is a unique and powerful name.
I came across this name while looking through lists of popular boy names. I've never known anyone named Dawson, but I like this name.
I agree, please leave it for the boys! Very nice and very masculine.
Means "loved".
Let's keep this name for the boys!
I wish people would stop saying Dawson is strictly a boys name, please keep it that way, or boys name only, or only masculine or there is plenty of girl names etc, because it's so annoying! If people like this for a girl, they're gunna name their kid this so just watch what you say, cause no one's gunna listen it's only going to make them mad, annoyed, and frustrated! I know if I were to have a kid and wished for them to be named Dawson, people saying things like this only make me want to name my kid this more!
This is a cool name for a boy only!.. NOT girl.
My last name is Dawson and it irks me to no end to be asked if I am related to Jack Dawson from the HMS Titanic. I disagree with surnames as forenames, but especially Dawson.
I'm usually not a big fan of predominantly masculine names for girls, but this name actually wouldn't be half bad on a girl. Kinda cute actually. But that being said, it still is wonderful (and probably less risky, lol) as a boys' name. I'm kinda surprised it's not way more popular. Such a great, unique name.
Dawson is a really cute and handsome name. Awesome people live up to this name :)
Shane Dawson, a youtuber with the 33rd most subscribers on the site.
I kinda like this name for a boy. However, I don't like it for a girl. Not because of the -son at the end, that doesn't bother me at all, this name just sounds incredibly masculine. Names like Addison, Madison, and Allison all lend cutesy feminine nicknames like Addie, Maddie, and Allie. A girl named Dawson would be left with nothing but a name that is predominately masculine and always has been.
Ok people, let's think about something; any name ending -SON literally means "son of..." so why would you name your daughter "... son of..."?!

That being said, Dawson is pretty cool name despite it's connection to the cheesy TV show.
Jack Dawson was a fictional character from the movie Titanic (1997) starring Leo Di Caprio, and that's why I l-o-v-e this name.
YouTube star Shane Dawson bears the (sur)name.
A man named Shane Dawson is a famous web-celebrity.
Madison and Addison shouldn't be used as feminine names, that's why, my dear poster above. Madison = Son of Maud. Addison = Son of Adam. Hence, not the slightest bit related to the female gender. Nor do they strike as an intelligent name... it reminds of something that would be used on some bratty Southern Pageant baby. Definitely not the definition of brains.

Don't ruin another name for men, my loves. There are plenty of names that girls would be elated to be the bearer of, one that they would thank you later in life for.

Moving forward. Regardless that I truly hate surname-like first names... Dawson strangely appeals to me. And though some people may have concerns of people relating it to "Dawson's Creek"; Fear no longer, for I do not. Perhaps, instead, they may relate it to Leonardo DiCaprio's wonderful performance as Jack Dawson in "Titanic"? Or perhaps simply a clever, rarely heard of name.
Dawson could be a nice girl's name. (If Madison or Addison can be a girl's name, why not Dawson?)
I love this name and its meaning (son of David)! I'm pregnant with a boy, and we are naming him Dawson because my husband's name is David. I like that it'll be naming him after his dad without making him a David, Jr.
This is actually a good name, but people might still assume that the series Dawson's Creek inspired your choice for this name, which wouldn't make you look very good. Maybe some years from now people will have forgotten all about the series. Well, at least somewhat.
This name is timeless. I love old-fashioned names because they actually have a meaning behind them and a culture. They aren't just two syllables mixed together.
Since Dawson is a sept of Clan Davidson, my father (a loyal Davidson) planned on naming me Dawson if I turned out to be a boy. I didn't, and I'm glad he refrained from using this as a girl's name. ;P I think it's a great name for a guy.
Rosario Dawson is a famous actress with this surname.
Dawson is a boys name, please leave this name for the boys.
Richard Dawson was in the show "Hogan's Heroes", was on the game show "Match Game" from 1973 to 1978, and was the host of Family Feud during the 70's.
There's a famous city in the Yukon, Canada called Dawson. It's the home of the Klondike Gold Rush!
Dawson's Creek is a famous tv show where Dawson is the main character.
I never thought of this before but Dawson could be a cute girl name.
Dawson is an awesome name. It was the middle name of my grandfather, Earle Dawson. Dawson sounds so masculine and rugged. Not too popular which is nice.
When I was a little girl and played with Barbie dolls, they always had Dawson for a last name. I liked it because I had watched the movie Titanic and the guy's last name was Dawson.

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