Dayton Ward (b. 1967) is famous among Trekkies as a prominent writer of Star Trek novels.
It’s not a bad name. Of course, there are better options though. I somewhat like Dayton.
To everyone saying it's a bad name, it's my name and I like it.
Author of nature books, Dayton Ogden Hyde (1925-).
The name Dayton was given to 242 boys born in the US in 2016.
Sounds like "Dating"

What a ridiculous name! I don't know why anyone, besides a moron, would name a child "Dayton".
I agree with you. Naming boys Dayton is like child abuse. Same as naming a girl Areola. They will always be targets of exclusion and exploitation.
This is a town in Michigan.
I researched this name quite a bit before I gave it to my son. And all the origins I found stated that it means Illuminated Town (Day Town)/Illuminated One or David's Town. Never heard of a ditch town. I like it because it's original and unusual for a name.
This is the name of a city in Texas!
Dayton is a farming town in Minnesota (by champlin, maple grove, etc.) in the Twin Cities area.
Dayton isn't too bad of a boys name.
This is a city in Ohio.
The surname DAYTON is a variation of DEIGHTON, derived from the Danish, and originally meant the enclosure of the farm surrounded by the dike. The dike was usually used for the purpose of defense.

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