Dumbed down spelling of Deborah.

Deborah (three syllables) is nice and elegant and classic.

Debra is just unattractive and harsh.
This is MY name. I happen to like it. Debra spelled this way is like Barbra... as in Streisand... not Barbara. I happened to be named after Debbie Reynolds from the 50’s and spelled like Debra Paget. Both women being equally beautiful and talented I feel honored to carry this namesake. The name Deborah in the Bible being Hebrew has the meaning of honey bee. I can’t think of a better characterization than to be compared to, as the honey bee is the creator of the sweetest by product of pollenization there is. Not only do they work their hardest but they don’t bother anyone else in the process. Debra being a derivative of Deborah carrying the same meaning carries the same honor and respect just as Joshua and Jason are derivatives of Jesus. Jesus being the sweetest name I know happens to love my name for just what it is... another sweet name. It’s unique, specially chosen just for me and I’m proud of it for all of the above reasons and more.
Kind of takes out Deborah’s elegance. But either is fine I guess.
“Debra” - A quiet beauty, not to be underestimated. A lovely mother and friend.
In 2018, 55 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Debra who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 85th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens. (By contrast, for Deborah: most common age is 56; it is the 61st most common female name.)
My name is Debra, never really thought I was a Debra, my Grandmother wanted me to be Deborah and my Mom said no way. And I go by Debbie. In school, we sat in alphabetical order, so there was Debra Serpa, Debra Souza, Debra Sturba, this was in the 60's.
Anagram of bread.
The name Debra was given to 37 girls born in the US in 2015.
Debra/Deborah/Dvora not only means "honeybee" in Hebrew, the word is derived from the verb root דבﬧ "daber" meaning, 'to speak'. Appropriate both for the sound of bees and a powerful Biblical woman who did so as a calling and a career.
The name Debra is considered quite dated in the US and is rarely used for babies anymore. In 2012, 66 baby girls were given the name here.
De Bra.
I've always admired my namesake, the Biblical Deborah. She was a Judge in the Old Testament, which was tantamount to being designated as a King. Women were not held in any status during that time, so for her to hold such a status was unusual. She was also a prophetess, which means God spoke to her and all of Israel acknowledged that fact. She was a brave woman too, leading the men to war when they were afraid to do so. I cannot think of anyone who better emulates a strong woman then her and I'm honoured to be named for her.
Debra is the name of a song by Beck.
This spelling may not be as traditional as Deborah, but either way, it's better than the chavvy nickname Debbie.
A famous bearer is actress Debra Messing (born August 15, 1968). Best known as Grace Adler on the popular television situation comedy "Will & Grace", she received 5 Emmy Award nominations (winning 1), 6 Golden Globe Award nominations, and 6 SAG Award nominations (winning 1) for the role, as well as 3 Teen Choice Award nominations.
WOW, such critics! I can honestly say my parents were intelligent and I have NEVER been called "de bra"! I am very happy I have this spelling, it is pronounced differently for those who pay attention. Also, I have a "Deborah" for a friend and she wishes she had my spelling since she is always called "Du-bore-uh"
What kind of moron would think that Deborah is pronounced Du-bore-uh? I've never known anyone in my life who would be that stupid, so I can't see that as a problem with the spelling Deborah.

There's no reason to simplify Deborah into Debra, it just looks simplistic, like one can't read words that have silent letters. As it is, I like Deborah but not Debra... the problem is I dislike the nickname Debbie.
This name is not very pretty at all. I like Deborah better, but I don't think that spelling is much prettier either.
It looks incomplete to me, so I prefer Deborah. Shortened forms like this one seriously give me an impression of a lack of culture and intelligence.
Debra is a variant of Deborah, not a short form. [noted -ed]
What's wrong with Deborah? For the life of me, I don't understand why any parent would use this spelling. It looks like "de bra." Parents, if you must use this, name her Deborah. You can always pronounce it "Debra" and she'll have a much nicer spelling.
Debra Barone was the name of Raymond's wife, Ally, Michael and Geoffrey's mother, and Patricia Heation's character in very funny comedy, "Everybody Loves Raymond" which ran from 1996 to 2005.
Actresses Debra Paget and Debra Winger are famous bearers of this name.
This name is very rarely used as a masculine name, too. It just barely made the list of top 1000 boys' names in the 1950s. See the link on this name's popularity.

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