D e c I b e l.
It doesn’t really sound like decibel. Decebal is deh-che-BAHL.
Too close to decibel.
Let me assure you that it doesn't sound one bit like 'disabled'. It's pronounced de-che-bahl. ('che' as in 'check')
The name sounds like decibel which isn't a bad thing, but what I don't like is how it sounds like disabled.
It reminds me of the unit of measuring volume of sounds.

I like the name though. My mother for some reason once suggested that I name my child "voinic," but that would be ridiculous so I may use this instead because it has roughly the same meaning and is used in the same place as Romanian is spoken.
Decebal was not the real name of the king (his real name was Diurpaneus). Decebal was only a nickname meaning "the brave", "the strong".
[noted -ed]
"Decebal" is a kind of construction for "he is able to kill ten" in the Dacian language (dece-, as you can see, is a old Indo-European root for "ten" like "decem" in Latin).
The second famous king of "Dacia" (the old name of Romania) was called Decebal. He was murdered by the emperor of the Roman Empire in 161 BC for his teritory.
The name Decebal is composed by two words: "Dece" with the meaning: "Daci"-(ancient tribe) and "Bal/balus" an Indo-European word meaning: "the power of".
The original name of king Decebal was Diurpaneus.

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