It doesn't have the nicest look to it.
It's so funny to see so many young boys in UK & North America being named Declan. In Ireland, it's an old man's name. ;-)
Anthony and Declan! (Ant and Dec)
I like it! Sounds super sexy!
Declan is an Irish given name, an anglicised form of the Irish saint name Declán, also Deaglán or Déaglán. St. Declán founded a monastery in Ireland in the 5th century, and the St. Declán's stone has been credited as the site of many miracles. The name is believed to mean "man of prayer" or "full of goodness".
Anyone I know with this name is a troublemaker.
Declan McManus aka Elvis Costello!
Very handsome name.
One of my favorite boy names! I feel like it ages very well.
I really like the name Declan. I first heard it on the BBC show ‘Flatmates’ a few months ago. It’s Irish as well and I’m an eighth Irish.
I love this name! I know about it from the British singer Declan Galbraith.
Declan Rice, English/Irish defender and midfielder, promise of the Three Lions.
This is cute and classy, what a nice name!
I for one love this name.
Declan McKenna. Can't believe nobody's mentioned him yet.
Means "man of prayer" or "full of goodness".
I don't know why, but Declan sounds sinister to me.
Do you folks have the Irish pronunciation of the name? We have only heard the English one, but we're unsure which pronunciation is correct or not.
I do love the name Declan, being of half Irish decent. I just wish it hadn't become so overused like Atticus etc. Just to be part of a group of people who want to be unique by purposefully scouring what were once beautifully, unusual names. It just seems pretentious. And the group I am referring to try to pretend they are different by proclaiming that everyone else is boring. (My sister's bf, I am talking to you). But being different should not be forced. In my opinion, it just looks way too planned. If they were actually different they all wouldn't look exactly the same and use words/sayings like Handcrafted, Not So Much, cliche etc. :) Being different means not using pop culture terminology. Since I am not trying to be unique I will now say, rant over.
This was one of my favorite male names for years, because I am a huge Elvis Costello fan (born Declan Patrick McManus in 1954) and I didn't know anybody else who had that name. But in the past few years in the U.S., people seem to have caught on that it's a cool name, and now I am weary of hearing it on little boys. (And terrified that people will start to use it for girls.) It's still a great name, though.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Declan who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 2, 267th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Don't like the sound of it.
Hi, I bear the name Declan, given to me by an Irish rev father who bore the name also. It has been wonderful, wherever I go people turn with great surprise on hearing the name Declan. It's such a fine name. People always forgive me easily, no matter the fault.
Hi All, my husband and I are Indians. Our little boy is now 3 months old. Yeah, kinda have to agree with some of the comments wherein he seems to be a little mischievous trouble maker - but - he's our doll! As you all can imagine, being Indian and having a name with Irish origins means a lot of explanations to be given to people who ask us "How did you guys even think of this ". Well, it's simple. It was love at first sight when I was 2 months pregnant and we were researching names.
As soon as I came across this name reading something (I've already forgotten what it was) on the Internet a little earlier tonight, I had this intense flash of a memory of a movie (or TV show) character with the name Declan. I also remember that a main female character in the movie-- I'm thinking she was the lead-- uttered his name a lot, and I recall thinking how unusual the name was but also that I liked it. The only trouble is, I can't seem to remember the name of the show (or, indeed, anything else about it)! I've tried doing some Google searches based on what I can remember, but that hasn't led me to the show-- and the character-- 'm thinking of. I tried just doing an image search, as well, but almost all of the results show the same guy over and over again, and it's not the guy I'm thinking of. I keep thinking the guy was blonde, but I'm not 100% of that. I also must admit I remember thinking, despite myself, that the guy was rather handsome (although, if the Google image hits I got from searching for my particular fictional "Declan" are any indication, it seems they all are). The other things I believe are that he seemed to have a close relationship-- maybe a romantic relationship-- with the female character who uttered his name a lot; they may have even been the two lead characters in the show, and the show had a sci fi/fantasy theme (or at least that's very likely, because I watch a great many such shows). My guesses-- wrong-- so far were: I AM NUMBER FOUR, DIVERGENT, THE HUNGER GAMES, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, ANGEL, PUSH, and UNDERWORLD.
This is one of my favorite Irish boys name. It is like Patrick, with both having an Irish Saint as a namesake, however this one tends to be less common. I recommend this for sons.
A traditional Irish name meaning "man of prayer" or "full of goodness." St. Declan founded a monastery in Ireland, and St. Declan's Stone has purportedly been the site of many miracles.
Declan is our firstborn. I first heard of the name while in Australia. I chose it for the meanings we found- man of prayer and full of goodness. While I think all little boys can be mischievous, our Declan is a great big brother, and a very caring boy. I love that this name doesn't imply a little baby or a grown man. I think it fits any age.
I have recently changed my name from a rather annoying Rufus to Declan. I love the "solidity" of the name and it's meaning. I will have to say here that whatever the 'initial/original' root meaning may have been, if truly lost, is irrelevant. What is important is what this generation has chosen as its meaning and that is "full of goodness" & "man of prayer" both of which are awesome and spiritually sound.
My mother, acting upon a blessed inspiration, decided to name me Declan (after St. Declan, the 5th century missionary to Ireland, and Bishop of Ardmore, whose feast falls on July 24th). Declan is the anglicised form of Deaglán or Déaglán (I have seen also Déagláinn). There is another St. Declan, a 8th century Irish missionary to Germany (whose memorial is December 1st). The name in its anglicised form is usually pronounced 'Declun', or 'Decklin' in Ireland and anywhere else in the 'Anglosphere'. That ravishing French girl of your acquaintance will insist on 'DéCLAN' (rhymes with Jean), and you should simply beam at her. But be prepared - especially if you are the only person of the name in a foreign country - for confrontation with a truly bewildering variety of other well-meaning mispronunciations. My personal experience of these has included 'DIGlan', 'DAHNKlan', 'DAYklan', 'Decland', 'Decklennn' and one or two versions with a duck in them somewhere. If you use one of the Irish spellings, then may God and St. Declan help you. I have personally noticed its occurrence very gradually becoming more frequent outside Ireland (in the media) since the late 1980s, so it may now offer less of a challenge. In my case, it has been 'Dec' for short, and occasionally 'Dex' in business contexts.It appears to be correct that no meaning is known officially, but it has traditionally been said to be 'man of prayer'. This is the one I was told, and I can think of no reason to find it objectionable. Se non è vero, è ben trovato.The name Declan, in any spelling, is, of course, among the finest and best ever to have been given on this earth since the giving of names began. Bear it proudly! And God bless those mothers who have chosen it for their boys. A note of warning, though: in agreement with several good lady commentators above, I have to say little Declans may indeed be troublemakers. I can still hear my own mother, Lord rest her soul, saying "You could start a mutiny in Heaven!" Our mothers are often unsettlingly right about many things, ourselves included. I have reached the point where I can admit it: I was a very bold child, for quite a while - the kind whose mother could not take anywhere. There was trouble at the Mass, dreadful trouble at the Post Office (with a floor that made it easy to whizz over from the entrance to the enticing waste paper basket with all the discarded sticky bits from books of stamps). Trouble seemed not merely my business, but my manifest destiny! It is a wonder I didn't end up living in Carlotta... I'm really, really nice now, though.
Our youngest son is named Deklan (prounounced Deck-lan) and he is the most caring, charming young man with a great wit. While he can be mischievous- what 12-year-old isn't? The name fits him perfectly!
I love how the site tells you "Meaning & History
Anglicized form of Irish Deaglán, which is of unknown meaning. Saint Declan was a 5th-century missionary to Ireland." Yet, still, people insist on giving meanings with no supporting background. Ie: "Man of prayer" or "Full of goodness". Why not "Really good Irish guy who prays more than most."?Sometimes we must accept we can not find an answer and not just make one up. Its "OK", at least this name does trace back to the 5th century (if supplied info is correct). Just think of all those girls who find out one day that their name "Wendy" was just an updated character name from Peter Pan originally called "Windy"... Enjoy the discussionIn addition I think that "Declan" could have been as or more popular than "Dexter" for a serial killer.
I don't know where you got your information about Wendy originally being "Windy" from but I have to correct you. In actual fact, Wendy was created from the nickname fwendy meaning "friend".
I love the name Declan! It's one of my FAVE Irish male names. It's very handsome and cute! :D.
Patrick Stump, the lead singer of Fall Out Boy, has a son named Declan :)
Declan Bennett, an English singer/songwriter and an actor who plays Charlie Cotton in EastEnders.
Deklan is my son's name, it is pronounced deck-lynn.
As a person proud of her Irish heritage (even though I married a French guy from Scotland.. lol) my children and myself have Gaelic names... Mine is Tara (the hill), my daughter's middle name is Shay (fairy place) and my son's name is Declan.. Also the name of my first maternal forefather to touch American soil in 1751. We found his name along with a few other "authentic" gaelic names conducting genealogy research into both sides of my family... We have had Irish pairings since forever it seems, and every 3-4 generation there is a Declan so my time was now.. lol.. I am the only Tara and my daughter is the 3rd Shay. I think Declan is a wonderful name and even though it's not for everyone, my son's name comes with a sense of history and pride in his heritage.
I've always liked the name Declan; spelt both ways (Declan, Deklan) it's a nice boyish name but it ages well. Also makes for a nice middle name and it goes with a lot of first names.
The name Declan is Celt derived and most often pronounced deck-lan as mentioned, but I confirm that the trouble making description is rooted in the name. De: means to be removed from, and of course Clan: is family. So Declan is :removed from the family or separated from. I wouldn't think of naming a child with any negative associations. Life is hard enough without it. I'm very intriqued by the comments of trouble-maker personalities. Especially by the mother of a Declan. Very interesting.
Declan Coyne was a character on Degrassi the next generation.
Um, ew. This doesn't even sound like a name, the pronunciation is just ugly. Never heard of it before, and hope I never meet anyone with this name.
Pronounced DEK-lən in Ireland and the UK.
I don't really like Declan because of the pronunciation. Sounds like "Deck Land."
I love it because it's charming and handsome, and I think it's really cool because I'm part Irish and found I have a few ancestors called Declan! (:
Declan is a traditional Irish name, but it is also a 18th century Native Indian name (HEILTSUK nation). I named my son "Deklan" but changed the spelling to be original and unique.
Declan is a really sweet name, one of my fav boys names actually :) and I'm not even Irish. :P :)
Declan is the name of the lead male character in the just released romcom "Leap Year." I had heard of this name long before this movie and have always liked it. Nice sounding name and lovely meaning.
The name "Declan" comes from Gaelic and means "Full of goodness".
Since when do you have to be Irish to name your child Declan? That would be like saying that you cannot name your child Isabella when you are not Italian. I am not Irish at all and I adore this name. When I first read this name I figured that its pronounced DECK-lan. It surprises me that some people would pronounce it Dee-KLAN.
My son's first name is Declan. I think it's one of the most wonderful boys names I've ever heard. People who think it's a false Irish name are obviously misinformed. The name is real and centuries old. But I have to agree with it belonging to troublemakers. My Declan by far fits that description. Everyone has the right to like or dislike a name as they please, but close mindedness, I find irritating.
I'm not overly fond of this version of the name, as it's a rough English phonetic translation made a few centuries ago. Declan isn't bad, but I find the "deck" bit heavy and ugly. I think Déaglán is much nicer. Déaglán is an awesome, strong, masculine name for a boy.
I was going to be named this if I was a boy. I like it, sounds fun but professional. I also know a really cute little boy named this, he is so sweet and fun.
This name is kind of nice. It sounds like the name of an energetic boy.
It seems like a name that no matter the person's faults, they are really endearing and you'll always forgive them.
Yuck. This name is mostly used by parents who are too proud of their "Irish" heritage. Not only is the faux Irish trend ridiculous, but I can't even pronounce this name at all.
Declan is NOT faux Irish, like the ignorant person above stated. I have Irish heritage on my dad's side (I'm Canadian), and know of several ancestors with this name. I'm also familiar with the TV show Mysterious Ways and someone who looks like Adrian Pasdar is my "stereotypical" image of what a Declan should look like. I highly doubt that I will ever have children, but if I did, this would be my first choice for a boy. I simply love it.
If you are struggling with the pronunciation I worry for you. I thought you were an English speaker? Declan is Anglicised, it's pretty obvious how it's said. Oh and the faux Irish trend would involve something like the muddled Shayeleigh, Aeoedyean or O'Fallyn. Declan doesn't count. It's real.
The comment above is entirely ignorant! I believe the name is nice and simple, especially for a traditional Irish name, and is rather charming.
I don't know the proper phonetic symbols, but the name is pronounced deck-(like a deck in the back yard) lan - (like a lanyard).
Mysterious Ways is how I know this name. I liked the character of Declan, so I kind of like this name.
I loved the name Declan but I've always spelt it like "Deklan".
Declan Galbraith is a famous bearer of this name.
Love this name, but prefer the Deaglan spelling.
Declan Dunn is a character from the show Mysterious Ways. He was portrayed by Adrian Pasdar, the babe.I don't really like this name, it's too harsh.
Anglicized form of Déaglán. St. Déaglán was a 5th century Abbot and Bishop in Ireland.
In a movie named Jackal, Declan was the name of a character. This was the first time I have heard that name.
I love this name for many reasons, and plan on using it someday. I just sincerely hope that it's pronounced "DECK-lynn", and not "de-KLAN". What a cool name!
The way I've heard this said is DEC-lan.
A character on the television show "Kyle XY" is named Declan.
Love this name but I've come to associate it with little trouble makers! Lol, only for the reason that every Declan I know is one.
I don't think anyone outside of the UK will know this, but one famous bearer is pint-sized TV personality Declan Donnely, part of the duo Ant and Dec.
Cindy Lauper's son is named Declan, and it's Elvis Costello's given name.
The original Gaelic spelling of Declan was Deaglan. Deag, or Dag means good, and lan means full. So the translation of Declan is more accurately full of goodness.
Declan means: man of prayer.
No book I have ever looked at has identified the meaning of this name. Is this the only name in the world whose meaning has been lost?

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