Nissie is a potential nickname for Denise.
Sounds old but I think it still could work for a little girl.
Denise Miller (played by Sally Field) is the star of Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring, a made-for-television drama film released in 1971.
Has potential to be a great middle name. I've only met one Denise and she was a pain in the ass but this name is still pretty.
Nothing much to say. Feels little bit too serious and dry. Not enough freedom. It's alright, not too bad, but not good either.
Sweet and youthful. Tough and bold.
I think the name Denisa is a great alternative to Denise. Denise is one of those names I'm okay with, but it just needs a little more sound in my opinion. Denisa pronounced "Deh-NEE-suh" not "Deh-nis-suh" or "Dennis-uh", just sounds prettier, and not so, you know, out of date, unlike Denise.
Dated and old.
Also occasionally used in Slovene:
"Song For Denise" is a 1985 song by Piano Fantasia. It was made popular by the wide Putin memes in 2020.
My name is Denise & although I didn’t really like it when I was young, I consider myself to be strong, loyal, passionate, honest & trustworthy. I am not superstitious, although I will not walk under a ladder unless I have to, but I will check nothing is above if I do. Common sense! I have no problem with black cats, or breaking mirrors as 7 years bad luck is too long to even be feasible & the number 13 considered to be unlucky for some, I consider it to be lucky for the rest of us! My friends call me Den which I love. I don’t know any other Denise’s so obviously not a very common name these days.
I always hated my name - everyone constantly misspells it even to this day. It gets spelled Dennis more often than not. I much prefer - even at the age of 57 - to go by my lifelong nickname Deni. I like the name better as I've aged, but I didn't know anyone else by that name until well into my 20s.

When I was in high school, during the study of Greek mythology, the meaning was known to be “belonging to Dionysis, the god of wine and partying” which - back then - fit me a little too well.
I like the name Denise and I've grown fond of it after so many years but it's quite difficult to find a nickname for it. The name also doesn't roll off the tongue nicely. I can't count the number of times I've accidentally been called Dennis just because of a thick accent.
A really close friend of mine is named Denisse, with two s's. Denise is really quite common, but I think the double s spelling is very well fitting for Denisse and much nicer. Denisse is an awesome person with an awesome name that I've always admired!
In 2018, 49 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Denise who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 135th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Everyone I know named Denise has had to bear the terrible dad joke, "Where's Denephew?" Don't set your kid up for a lifetime of that. If you like the name Denise, surely you can find something comparable that you'll also like. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with the name, but its peak (in the U.S.) in the 1960s means that it sounds pretty middle-aged these days, and that's always the age that people disdain when they're naming new babies. I'd expect Denise to make a comeback in 30 years or so. I also know a lot of women who have Denise as a middle name. Denise, Christine, Nicole, Marie, etc. sound good as middle names because their iambic meter goes well with the trochaic first names that most people have (in the U.S., anyway).
When I hear the name Denise, I see a blonde woman of lower class, top heavy, ugly, and not too bright. Like a gun Moll, perhaps.
Denise sounds very sweet.
This is the name of my great aunt and she is a wonderful person. Nice, friendly and funny. She's hardworking, self-sacrificing and ready to make a fool of herself if she thinks it will help you. If one person can make you hate a name, one person should be able to make you love a name also.
Denise Perrier is a French actress and model who won Miss World 1953. She now goes by "Denise Perrier Lanfranchi." Perrier was crowned Miss France World 1953 by Miss France World 1952, Nicole Drouin. She represents France in Miss World 1953 pageant. Perrier was the third person to be chosen as Miss World in 1953, representing France; the same year that France also won the Miss Universe pageant by Christiane Martel.
My name is also Denise-Lynne, only hyphenated. I was named after my mother, by my aunt (Lynne). So growing up there was big Denise and little Denise, DL and Nissie (néesee) I don't know why I chose to spell it like that, but I did.

I used to dislike my name but now I find it unique and strong. I've never heard of the name Denise being lucky, but I am also a very lucky person.

From what I can judge of Denises we are happy, smiley, and helpful.
Denise is pretty and sweet but still makes me think of a strong, intelligent woman. I'd use it as a middle name.
Denise is one of those names that dates people. I feel like during the 60's and 70's you had these Denise, Michelle, Susan, Sharon sort of names. Both of the Denise's I've known were incredibly beautiful and not a middle-aged housewife, but that's what I imagine when I hear the name--someone's mother wearing an apron.
My personal impression at this point:

I won't be using this name. In today's times when I hear Denise I see a manly figure due to it sounding like Dennis. Sort of sounds cheap I guess. Someone that oozes phony charm. Besides, it's old, used up and outdated.
My name's Denise, and middle Lynn, and I think my name's rather dull like the rest of the other users. I'm not a bad person, though I do have trust issues from past experiences of people I've met. The name Denise, from what I've found, also brings luck, if you wanna have a go at the lottery, bring a Denise with you and let her choose. My mom always gets her money back with me.
Sure my entire name is descendants of royals or nobles but I tend to fancy the name Bellamy, or Sammy.
Back to my personality. The people who say that they wouldn't trust a Denise or that we're bad people. That's just their personality, at a very young age I developed a very great conscience, when we had a child in middle school not have enough money to buy school supplies, I gave her all mine, when I see starving, dying, or stray dogs I take them home and care for them until they're better, then find them a home.
Most Denise's aren't bad people, and from what my friends from school say is that I'm a very loyal, trustworthy, and honest person.
Give Denise's a chance.
I love the way Denise sounds. Classy, sophisticated, gorgeous, feminine, sexy. I think the nickname "Niecy" is sweet and sassy. But sadly, I've met 3 women with the name Denise, all of them despicable human beings. I could never use this name and I wouldn't be able to trust someone with this name. I've never known one halfway decent Denise. Which is sad because it's such a lovely name.
A man was driving his wife, who was pregnant with twins, to the hospital. They were in quite a hurry, and they crashed. The husband later awoke in the hospital, greeted by his practical joker of a brother. "Your wife and new son and daughter are just fine, but the hospital was in such a rush I had to name the kids for you. I named the girl Denise." The man was relieved. "Thankyou, that's a lovely name. What's the boy's name?" His brother replied "Denephew."

That's what I think of when I hear this name. I don't think it's very pretty. It's not horrible, but there are much prettier names out there.
Very ugly, I'm afraid.
This is my first name and I've never been fond of it nor have I used it. If someone calls me Denise I honestly don't even respond, to me it's just a name that I have to use when I sign important documents. I also hate the nickname it gave me when I was a kid "Neecie Cole" how ridiculous.
Evangelist Denise Matthews, formally known as eighties pop singer and actress Vanity.
I like it. It's overused with the 30+ crowd, but is quite refreshing on a newborn. My mate's called Denise, and the name fits her. Makes me think of someone a little madcap, even wild, with impish humour and beautiful blue eyes (:
This is my name and I actually like it a lot. When I was younger, I wished my name were Lisa, Laura, or Patty. But now I'm happy that I have a name that is unique without being too out there. St. Denis is the name of a French martyr, who is the patron saint of France. It is also the name of the first gothic cathedral. When you visit Europe, you see many sites and streets names after St. Denis. It's a simple, elegant, and classic French name.
This is my name but is spelled Dennise, with two n's. I can't say I love my name but it's OK I guess. Whenever teachers see my name they say 'Dennise with 2 n's, that's different!' There are so many variants of the name. Denise, Dennise, Denisse (Now that looks like a typo to me, 2 s's?), Denyse (Had someone put that one on my birthday card! Sorry, I'm not Denyse, I'm Dennise!), and so on and so forth. Have not met anyone else with my exact name and spelling.
Frumpy and dated.
It's also pretty common in the Netherlands where it's pronounced duh-NEE-suh. [noted -ed]
This name is okay, but it's kind of dull. I tend to use it humorously in my writings. It also makes me think of the annoying Denise Richards. I'd rather go for the Spanish form Dionisia.
Denise is Pamela Anderson's middle name.
Denise Palmer is the main character in the novel The Good Negress by AJ Verdelle.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Denise here:
My mother's name is Denise. This name is okay I guess, not one of my faves though. I heard the meaning is goddess of wine.
While not technically a famous bearer, there is a well known, 1963 doo-wop song by Randy & and The Rainbows, "Denise".
I don't care much for this name. It's trying too hard. And it sounds hard too. Not my cup of tea at all.
There are a few spellings of this name, but I like one particular version - "Denyse" - because it looks rather unique. I mean, "Denise" seems quite overused to me because I know quite a few people called Denise.

Dear Hana, I'm sorry to hear about that particular rather horrid Denise you've encountered but hopefully that doesn't ruin your impression of the name. I actually find it quite beautiful and fitting for a gentle girl with a regal leaderlike air about her.
Also the name of one of my best friends and I love it! It's classic and has a nice meaning.
"Necie" (NEE-see) is a cute nickname for Denise.
I really like it. It has a nice ring to it. I also had a classmate in primary school who's name was Denise and my teacher used to sing that song "Denis, Denis" all day long:P.
A famous bearer is Denise Austin, who can help you lose 10 pounds with her new dancing video.
It's an awesome name, it's on my list of names for girls if I have one. My friend from Germany is also named Denise, she likes to be called Denny. She also has a twin sister named Maxine.
Denise is one of the lawyers on the TV show Boston Legal.
This is my middle name, my first name Kathryn means basically "pure" and Denise - from other sources - means "follower of Dionysos" god of wine, dance and revelry so my name means "pure alcoholic". Gee thanks mom and dad :)
Denise Richards, formerly married to Charlie Sheen, bears this lovely name.
Lisa Bonet on The Cosby Show.
In Spanish it is spelled Denisse.
This name is a person who is caring, fun and gentle.
To the person who said that Denise inspires thought of a caring, beautiful, funny person, I'd just like to say that the only Denise I've known was thrown out of school for bullying this other girl so bad she nearly killed herself, and she also looked like Shrek. Couldn't stand the girl.
Saint Denise, a Christian martyr, bore this name. It's a beautiful name.

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