Desiree; desired.
I love this name! Especially with the nickname Dede. I like middle names like:Desiree Evelyn
Desiree Jane
Desiree Grace
Desiree Marie.
I don’t get what is so appealing to people about this name?
Desiree Hope is a famous singer/songwriter! Her most popular songs are "Sorry to the Employee" and "Hurry I'm Hungry."
Desiree is a very pretty name I prefer the Desiree spelling in comparison to it being spelled by Desirae. I have never met a Desiree name before. When I think of the name Desiree I think of a blond blue eyed girl with a bright smile. This was one of the names my brother and his wife contemplated naming their daughter.
It has a certain flair to it.
Dated, okay on a 20 year old, not a baby.
I think Desiree/Desirée is such a beautiful name. It's sweet and strong, and it also has a melodically romantic vibe to it. Simply gorgeous.
When a girl is named Desir'ee, ('= accent), a lot of people will misspell and mispronounce it. One gets used to it. My family always pronounces it "DEZ-ee-ray." It can have a lot of nicknames, like Desi, Dez, Rey (if you like Star Wars) or even Z-ray (if you like super heroes.) "Z-ray" is better for a username or code name, but Desir'ee is still a really fun name.
Desiree also translates to "desired one," which hopefully any girl you have is wanted. It's not just "desire".
Desirae is a better spelling in my opinion. I don't really care for either name, but I think Desirae is easier to pronounce, and looks better.
It's alright, although I can see why someone may think it sounds trashy. I think a lot of people in the US will pronounce it as "dez-ih-REE".
Desirée is a very nice name my name is Deser’ee too and I think it’s beautiful.
My middle name is Desiree’ and my mom made sure from a young age to use the accent mark when spelling it! Oh and thanks for my even sexier first name! Love Monique.
Yea Desiree is nice but I can't imagine an old person with this name, and it makes me cringe.
I wanted my sister to be named this. When my parents said no, I used the name for my hamster.
The meaning of this name is "desire". To me giving a daughter a name that means desire is just as awful as naming your daughter Chastity. Different ends of the spectrum but equally bad.
Adorable name, great meaning. This is the only spelling I can tolerate.
Desiree sounds cute, not trashy at all.
I hate this name. It sounds like the name of a stripper.
My name is Desirèe (dez-urh-aye) I go by Desi (dez-ee) not (dess-ee). I have not met a lot of people with my name but everyone who meets me has told me it's very unique and pretty. I am not white trash or a stripper (stereotype).
An okay name, but kind of overused and immature. The spellings like Deziray or Dessirae are just trying too hard.
The name Desiree was given to 282 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Desiree are female.
Desiree is a name that I like well enough. To me, it sounds slightly strange yet also exotically beautiful. I have a cousin named this so I always associate the name with her and always will. She was originally born as Desaray but ended up getting it legally changed years back.
Desiree Cordero is a 23 year old Spanish Model. She is famous for being Miss Spain 2014.
Can't believe a lot of people think this name sounds trashy. I think it's pretty.
I personally do not like this name because it sounds trashy.
I think Desirée is a lovely name--sexy but classy. Needs the accent aigu on the first e. It doesn't strike me as trashy at all (I mean, sure, a trashy sort of person could use it, but I would probably think it inappropriate and unsuited for them.)
For some reason, I agree that this name sounds super white trash. It sounds like the parents were trying to give their kid a pretty, unique name, but failed. Other names that end in "ay", like Renee are pretty though.
Ugh. Hate this name. I've seen it spelled Dezzirae. Ew.
I know a girl named this. She's actually pretty despite for being very loud and rather popular. But anyhow this name is really pretty in my opinion. And about the "stripper connotation"- a lot of names are allegedly used on strippers and white trash alike. There are plenty of people who are classy with names like this, too.
What is there to be said about a beautiful name such as this? Such a lovely name. Timeless!
It's a very pretty name, but I agree that it is used by white trash a lot, so I also cannot use it as well. I also hate the trashy spellings like Desurae or Dezirae.
The name does have a certain appeal to it - I like the spunky "Z" sound in the middle - but I really can't imagine it on somebody over twenty.
A "famous" bearer is Desiree DeLite, a minor character in Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. Her husband often call her "Dessie".
I find this name very pretty. I have a cousin with this name.
I like this name, but it seems to be used a lot by the white trash crowd, so I wouldn't use it myself.
I know a person with this name. This name is pronounced DEZ-ur-ay or DEZ-ray.

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